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Negotiations is a holotape in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


The note is found in the attic of the home at Duncan & Duncan Robotics, on a long wooden crate.


James Duncan: You've truly done it this time, Jonathan. This numeric obsession of yours will be our ruin. You have reminded me multiple times it's the only house in the city with that number. But leveraging our only-- You what? Don't be a-- Fine. Skinner!

Skinner: Yes, Mr. Duncan?

James Duncan: My brother refuses to continue our discussion without his evening tea because he is a petulant child. Do fetch him some so we can be done with this.

Skinner: Mr. Duncan, I hardly mean to be rude, but where, exactly would you like me to bring this tea?

James Duncan: To my brother, you imbecile.

Skinner: Your brother? ...at the cemetery?

James Duncan: What on earth are you talking about? Go downstairs, make his tea, and bring it to the desk directly in front of you where he is seated.

Skinner: Sir... there's no one there.

James Duncan: You... you don't see him?

Skinner: No, sir.

James Duncan: Well... that simply won't do. Skinner, fetch my toolkit. You're clearly malfunctioning.

Skinner: ... very well... sir.