If you can gather more for me, I would certainly love to have them. I'm certain Marigold's tunnels are rife with the original brood.Weston Lesko

Nectar Collecting for Fun and Profit is an unmarked and repeatable Fallout 3 quest.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Unmarked Quest: Nectar Collecting for Fun and Profit
Talk to Doctor Lesko.
Find some fire ant nectar.
Bring the ant nectar to Doctor Lesko.
Reward: 40 caps for each fire ant nectar sample

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Doctor Lesko in Grayditch will ask you to gather fire ant nectar (he won't take regular ant nectar). Lesko is initially located in his underground lab in Marigold station; he will eventually move back to his shack after you complete Those!

Fire ant locationsEdit

Initially, fire ants can be found in the settlement of Grayditch and the Marigold Metro tunnels located beneath it. However, when killed, the fire ants do not respawn, limiting the number of opportunities to gain fire ant nectar. After Those!, any remaining ants above ground in Grayditch will disappear, even if they had not been killed. Any fire ants normally found in the Marigold Metro tunnels that were not killed during Those!, will continue to be present in the tunnels until killed.

The base percentage chance of the nectar being dropped by workers is 40%; for soldiers and warriors, 70%. These percentages are influenced by the player's Luck.


Lesko pays 40 caps per sample.


  • You must have some fire ant nectar on you when you talk to Lesko in order for the quest to start.
  • Due to the limited quantity of fire ants, fire ant nectar is effectively a rare item.
  • Given the relatively small amount of caps offered by Doctor Lesko for fire ant nectar, it may be more worthwhile to keep any nectar recovered, especially for characters with a low Agility score, as the nectar provides a +4 bonus.


  • PCIcon pc Playstation 3Icon ps3 Lesko will remain in the Metro Station caves with the ant queen. Because the queen attacks you on sight Lesko will begin "fleeing", unless you kill the ant queen, but the speaking options will be limited and an option about fire ant nectar will never appear. [verified]
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