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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Frenchy, Paine and Sims, New Reno street singers.


{100}{}{You see Frenchy.}
{101}{}{You see Paine.}
{102}{}{You see Sims.}
# 0. MALE (WTG)
{150}{}{You see a ragged-looking man. He is huddled next to the trashcan fire, singing. He has a pretty good voice.}
{151}{}{You see a singer. He is huddled next to the trashcan fire, singing.}
# 1. CLICK (WTG)
{200}{}{Hey... }
{1200}{}{! Th' big hero! How can we help you? Maybe sing you something special, eh?}
{1201}{}{. Can we helpya?}
{1202}{}{. Help you wit somthin', champ?}
{203}{}{Hep you wit somthin', son?}
{204}{}{::Tips an imaginary hat.:: Hep you wit somthin', ma'am?}
{205}{}{Doo yoo no 'row row boat down stream?'}
{206}{}{Ken... ken you seng Nine BILLYun bottahs uf beer on the wall?}
{207}{}{Nooo me go now}
{208}{}{I'd be honored if you would. Thanks, guys.}
{209}{}{Here's a few bucks. Can you play something else?}
{210}{}{No, just listening, thanks.}
# 2. SURE (1)
{300}{}{All right then... you heard th' man, boys. Let's try a lil' somethin' else.}
{301}{}{All right then... you heard th' lady, boys. Let's try a lil' somethin' else.}
{303}{}{Thanks, guys.}
{402}{}{My baby ain't comin' home...}
{405}{}{My baby done me wroooong...}
{408}{}{My baby gone an' left me all aloooone...}
{500}{}{Go on}
{501}{}{Taste the pain}
{502}{}{Cum again sum otha day}
{600}{}{ Bottles of Beer on the Wall...}
{601}{}{ Bottles of Beer...}
{602}{}{Take one down...}
{603}{}{Pass it around...}
{700}{}{Row Row Row}
{701}{}{Yer Boat}
{702}{}{Gently Down the Stream}
{706}{}{Life is but a dream...}
{800}{}{We don't need another hero...}
{801}{}{We don't needta know the way home...}
{802}{}{All we need is whaz beyond...}
{900}{}{Give me}
{901}{}{A kiss to build a dream on}
{902}{}{And my imagination}
{903}{}{Will thrive upon that kiss}
{906}{}{I ask no more than this:}
{910}{}{A kiss before you leave me}
{912}{}{Will feed my hungry heart}
{913}{}{Leave me one thing before we part...}
{915}{}{When I'm alone}
{916}{}{With my fancies}
{917}{}{I'lllll be with yoooou}
{918}{}{Weaving ro-mances}
{919}{}{Making believe they're true}
{920}{}{Oh, give me your lips for just a moment}
{921}{}{And my imagination will make that moment live...}
{923}{}{Give me what you alone can give}
{925}{}{::Mouth Trumpet::}
{930}{}{I'll... be with yoooou}
{935}{}{lips for just a moment}
{937}{}{Will make that moment live}