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Navarro underground is a part of Navarro.


The area is comprised of a complex series of tunnels and offices where the Navarro base's higher command is located.

To the northwest is the armory where the quartermaster can be found. In the middle of the complex is Dr. Schreber's lab, the Navarro base commander's office, and the deathclaw prison. A lab isolated from the rest of the underground complex is located east of the deathclaw prison.

A few elevators across the complex allow the Chosen One to enter or leave from the base above ground. There are two access tunnels to the southwest and east that can be entered from hidden entrances at the Navarro gas station, although the southwest tunnel is blocked by the deathclaw prison and can't be entered without a blue pass key.

Notable loot

Loot in the Underground


Navarro underground appears only in Fallout 2.