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"City of the Dead"
It's used as a stopover point for the maintenance and refueling of vertibirds. It's my belief that such a base may have complete technical plans of the vertibirds. All I need is for someone to infiltrate the base, steal the plans, and bring them here to me.Matt

Navarro (also known as Navarro Refinery[1] and Camp Navarro[2]) is a pre-War installation, where a Poseidon Oil refinery and an Enclave military base are located, located north of San Francisco along the coastline. By 2281, Navarro was sacked and taken control of by New California Republic. Navarro can be found fifteen squares south of Arroyo.


Before the War, Navarro served as a Poseidon Oil refinery.[1] Adjacent to the oil installations, a government-funded military base was constructed, together with a satellite up-link station and maintenance and repair facilities. Over a century after the Great War, the base was used by the Enclave, who converted it into their primary mainland outpost, establishing a location for refueling and maintaining their Vertibirds. Due to the limited range of the Vertibird,[3] as well as frequent malfunctions, especially in post-War conditions, Vertibird schematics were almost always present on site for necessary repairs and maintenance, but were prone to misplacement.[4] By 2242, Navarro was still a relatively new base, without a full compliment of staff.[5] Replacements were transferred to the base from other, smaller installations on the mainland.[6][7]

While the Enclave used Navarro, it played host to a number of important figures, including two prominent Enclave scientists, Dr. Henry and Dr. Schreber. They worked together, but had radically different theories about the mutations in the wastelander population and methods of curing them. Their disagreements had dire consequences: when Henry was arguing with Schreber about the mutation problem for the five billionth time, the latter told Henry in a fit of anger that he was going to recommend Henry's transfer to another Enclave facility and reassignment to cybernetic maintenance. Henry took the threat seriously and within hours, he stole a cybernetic dog and slipped away from the Navarro facility. The Enclave, although not pleased with the doctor's attitude and avenues of research, were unhappy with his desertion (they need all the scientists they can get), which resulted in several soldiers from Navarro being punished for negligence.[Non-canon 1] Henry wasn't the only deserter: Navarro's location on the mainland made it possible for others to abandon the Enclave (for example, A. Ron Meyers).[8] The fact that soldiers were issued leave to San Francisco couldn't help the situation.[9]

In 2242, the Chosen One infiltrated the base, disguised as a new recruit. They were sloppy: Sgt. Arch Dornan caught them, but assumed that they were an actual new transfer and delivered one of the greatest and inspiring verbal smackdowns in recorded history.[10] Their mission was otherwise successful: they killed Dr Schreber, freed Xarn,[Non-canon 1] liberated K-9 (taking him to Shady Sands)[Non-canon 1] and, most importantly, retrieved the Tanker FOB[Non-canon 2] and used it to activate the tanker to travel to the oil rig. After the destruction of the oil rig, Autumn Senior was contacted by John Henry Eden, who ordered the majority of the Enclave forces to relocate eastwards, to the Capital Wasteland.[Non-canon 3] Navarro remained as a fully staffed Enclave base, including one of its premiere infantry squads, the Devil's Brigade.

A couple of years after 2246,[11] the New California Republic Sacked Navarro, stating that it posed a threat to the region.[12][13] The NCR Army was victorious and the Enclave remnants scattered to the winds.[14] Advanced technology was recovered from the base, including Vertibirds in operational condition and a mysterious package bearing markings similar to those found in the Divide. Whitely created a Duraframe eyebot prototype and referred to "Navarro scientists" in his audio logs, requesting that they continue development of the duraframe eyebot.[15] The eyebot carried on from the Divide and continued traveling to where it thought Navarro was.[16]


Navarro can be found fifteen squares south of Arroyo once the Chosen One has been tasked with retrieving the FOB or retrieving the vertibird plans for the Brotherhood, Shi or Hubologists, otherwise, it will not show on the map.


Navarro is divided into three districts.

Gas station

Fo2 Navarro Gas Station.png

Main article: Navarro gas station

The station acts as a checkpoint for the military base. The sentry's role is to turn away any undesirables and direct them through the minefield in the forest next to the station as well as receive replacement recruits from other mainland bases.

Main base

Fo2 Navarro Main Base.jpg

Main article: Navarro Main Base

The surface houses the vertibird landing pad as well as a vertibird hangar, maintenance workshop, air traffic control station, barracks, and the drill sergeant's quarters, with adjacent kennels.


Fo2 Navarro Underground.png

Main article: Navarro underground

The underground areas of the base contain the base's armory, mainframe, commander's office and the soundproofed science lab, operated by Dr. Schreber, participating in the deathclaw intelligence enhancement project.[17][18]


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  • According to one of the soldiers, personnel can be granted leave to San Francisco.[9]
  • President Richardson calls Navarro "an isolated base" and explains that Navarro is a refueling station for vertibirds that are used to gather chemicals from the Salvatores and gather FEV from the Mariposa Military Base. Both were very important for the production of the Curling Virus.
  • Dr. Charles Curling calls Navarro an outpost. He says that going to the mainland poses a contamination risk, but given the importance of his work, it would have been worth the risk.[19]
  • The background music is City of the Dead, which was originally used for Necropolis in Fallout. It is also used in Vault 15.
  • In Fallout 3, the Brandice Family, who lived across the street from Bryan Wilks in Grayditch, moved there from Navarro.[20]
  • Potential companion Arcade Gannon in Fallout: New Vegas was born in Navarro in 2246.[21][Non-canon 4]


Navarro appears only in Fallout 2 and is mentioned in Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Lonesome Road, and the Fallout Bible.

Behind the scenes



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