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The National Guard training yard is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


This training yard was used by the 101st Field Artillery Regiment, 1st Battalion.[1] The facility was expanded in 2077 to include sizable barracks, administrative and recruitment offices, an obstacle course, an armory with power armor maintenance facilities, and even its own dedicated plutonium well for energy independence.[Non-game 1]

The Great War strongly affected the facility, following the arrival of refugees from the greater Boston area. The military attempted to impose a semblance of order, setting up checkpoints and strongpoints to contain the terrified civilians that swarmed the facilities.[2] However, the efforts proved in vain, as the soldiers were unable to control the crowd, which rushed the building and violence ensued, culminating in the tipping of an evacuation Vertibird parked on the helipad. As the crowds dispersed and the wasteland crept in, automated turrets and mines protected the facility and mostly consolidated the feral ghouls, even two centuries after the war.[3]

In 2284,[4] after being ambushed by unknown assailants in a ruined clinic and losing the rest of their squad, the three survivors of Recon Squad Artemis took refuge in the facility.[5] Paladin Brandis and Scribe Faris left to go to the Revere satellite array, leaving Knight Tara Astlin alone to defend the position. However, she was attacked and killed by the feral ghouls that resided in the facility.[6]


The National Guard training yard is a multi-building compound that served as a training facility and armory for the Massachusetts National Guard before the war. There are few accessible buildings, and the facility is filled with feral ghouls and turrets.

Recruitment office

The building has two floors. On the ground floor, there is an entrance hall, bathroom, main room, and an office. Inside of the office is the body of Brotherhood of Steel soldier Knight Tara Astlin. Finding her continues the quest The Lost Patrol. To the right of the main room is a locked door leading to the National Guard training yard, which needs to be accessed to continue the quest Ghoul Problem. The door can be opened with the Expert-level terminal next to it.

The upper floor has four rooms. All of the rooms' floors have fallen out except for the room across the stairs, making it hard to access each room. The room across the stairs contains the password to access the terminal below.


This building is entered from the recruitment office. The main part of the bottom floor is inaccessible from this entrance. Stairs lead to the upper floor. There are two rooms on the left and a room with beds to the right. In the first room to the left is a terminal that unlocks the door to the armory building. The terminal can be hacked or accessed using the password found on the upper floor in the recruitment office. In the second room on the left is a Stealth Boy on one of the shelves. Next to the room with beds is a bathroom with half of the floor missing.

The bottom floor is reached by jumping down from the room with beds or the bathroom. In the cafeteria is a U.S. Covert Operations Manual on the table with the blue cooler. Next to this room is a bathroom. A hole in the wall leads out from the bedroom to a small hallway. Next to it is a room with file cabinets. To the right of the hole is the exit (main entrance to the barracks). On the other side of the exit is a terminal that unlocks another door.


The armory is located directly behind the barracks and the recruitment office. The armory can be unlocked from a terminal inside the barracks or by picking a Master level lock. The armory consists of three small rooms. The first room has four laser tripwires, which activate a machine gun turret and a Protectron when tripped. To the rear of the first is another room which contains a weapons workbench and an armor workbench as well as a feral ghoul, who is lying on the ground. This room also contains a green trunk that contains random ammo and weapons.

To the right of the first room, and behind the locked security door, is the power armor storage room. The terminal can be accessed with the National Guard officer's password which is located on the second floor of the recruitment office. The room contains a leveled feral ghoul, as well as the power armor frame and assorted ammo and junk. The action of unlocking the room with the power armor frame will also open the small building behind the armory building, activating and releasing the sentry bot inside.

Notable loot

  • U.S. Covert Operations Manual issue #8 - On a table in the cafeteria of the barracks, near a cooler.
  • Stealth Boy - On the second floor of the barracks. At the top of the stairs, go straight to the end of the hallway and enter the room with a large hole in the floor on the left. The Stealth Boy is on the shelf to the left of the yellow wooden crate.
  • Two power armor suits:
    • On the western outskirts of the yard is a pile of large shipping crates. Inside one of them is a leveled full suit of power armor behind an Expert-locked security gate.
    • Inside the armory, behind the terminal-locked door, with one to five power armor pieces.
  • Two Vault-Tec lunchboxes:
    • One in the curved desk at the far end of the first floor of the recruitment building.
    • One inside the armory in the power armor room on the far left wall, on top of the cabinet, near a toolbox.
  • Flight helmet - Next to a sleeping bag in the southwest corner of the first floor of the recruitment office.
  • National Guard officer's password - In the desk in the western room on the second floor of the recruitment office. The password grants access to the terminal that controls the door to the barracks. It also gives access to the armory management terminal in the barracks and power armor storage terminal in the armory.

Related quests

  • The Silver Shroud: Someone named Kent Connolly is calling all Silver Shroud fans for an "urgent mission." If the player character wants to help him with his request, they can head to the Memory Den.
  • The Lost Patrol: Three years ago, the last Brotherhood recon team sent to the Commonwealth went missing. The Sole Survivor is asked to search for their remains.
  • Ghoul Problem: Settlers have asked the player character for help in taking care of some feral ghouls that have been terrorizing a nearby location.
  • Traffic Jam: Trade in Bunker Hill is not flowing quite the way it should because there is a horde of feral ghouls here. Deb asks the Sole Survivor to deal with them in exchange for caps.
  • Randolph Safehouse: The Railroad agent Mister Tims will leave dead drops in the form of six holotapes for the Sole Survivor, containing information about possible hazards to the Railroad's escort and escape of synths out of the Commonwealth. They can assist in these efforts by clearing out the location of hostiles.
  • Quartermastery: Scribe Haylen has identified the location of a piece of technology she wishes to retrieve and catalog. She asks the Sole Survivor for help in bringing back the technology in one piece.
  • Cleansing the Commonwealth: Knight Rhys gives the Sole Survivor an assignment to clear the location of what he calls "abominations" to further the aims of the Brotherhood of Steel.
  • Leading by Example: Lancer Captain Kells requests the Sole Survivor's help in training a Brotherhood squire by allowing him to accompany them on a mission.
  • Pest Control: Dr. Binet of the Institute's Robotics division asks the Sole Survivor to eliminate some feral ghouls that are causing problems for a synth scavenger team.


  • In the main building of the yard there's a large number of ghouls and a glowing one.
  • Around the main building there are a few sentry turrets; upon picking the Master leveled lock or hacking the storage terminal to the armory a sentry bot will come out and attack.
  • This is a common site for radiant quests, mostly ghoul hunting quests.
  • Behind the training yard to the north is a military obstacle course. Inside one of the corrugated metal pipes is a duffel bag containing random weapons and ammo.
  • The sentry bot, when activated, is "teleported" to a different location with a direct line of sight to the armory door rather than moving normally from its compartment - so e.g. placing a pile of mines right outside its compartment will not produce the desired effect.
  • The sentry bot can be killed while still inside its building outside the armory by using console commands, or by damaging it enough through the door that it changes position enough for one to reach to hack it and have it self-destruct with the Robotics Expert perk. However, even if the sentry bot is killed before entering the power armor room, it will respawn.


The National Guard training yard appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

  • The National Guard training yard is based on the real-world Camp Edwards, which is the Massachusetts National Guard training installation to which the real-world 101st Field Artillery Regiment is assigned.
  • The sign in front of the building reads that the training yard hosted the 1st battalion, 101st Field Artillery Regiment. It is a real-life unit of the Massachusetts Army National Guard.


  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Some of the feral ghouls inside of the buildings may be inexplicably non-hostile, even without rank 3 of the Ghoulish perk.[verified]
  • Playstation 4Playstation 4 The feral ghouls present in the barracks during the quest Ghoul Problem, may not awaken when inside the building. In fact, most of them will be wandering around neutrally while others will be inanimate on the ground. If one is pointed at or shot, they will attack, although none of the others will also attack the player. [verified]
  • Playstation 4Playstation 4 When exiting the barracks through the gated area requiring a terminal to leave, feral ghouls from the outside may be able to glitch through the walls, attacking the player. This will then incite the turrets to also attack if not already taken out. This makes it impossible to leave through the terminal as the turrets will continue to shoot the player. Ghouls may also pass through the walls in the hallway located in the yard that is accessed when moving between the recruitment hall and barracks.[verified]
    • Fix: The player can kill the turrets and ghouls then be able to leave, and VATS is the only way to target the glitched feral ghouls through walls, killing them.



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    Paladin Danse: "No, far from it. I've been meaning to speak with you about that. The last squad went in three years ago. They never reported back. Officially, they're missing, presumed dead."
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