The Natick Banks terminal entries are a series of entries found on two terminals in Natick Banks in Fallout 4.



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Personal LogsEdit


Personal Logs for User <Kim Wu>

The GateEdit


We had a really strange day today. We were supposed to go shop for Halloween costumes. But this morning we looked out the windows and saw people smashing the arch outside. There were lots of police there, but nobody made them stop.

Later, a bus showed up and lots of our neighbors started getting on. I saw some of the police come into our building, and Mama took us up to the roof to play. I thought that would be fun, but we had to be real quiet and stay outside for a long, long time. Mama wouldn't let us go back inside until it was really cold and dark outside. She cried when Papa finally came homIcon sic. Grownups are weird.

Moving inEdit


I don't see why we have to live at Uncle Marshall's house, but Mama says this is our home now. I liked our old apartment in Pearwood! We don't even have our own rooms here. Everyone has to spend all day in the back room, and it's smelly.

Everyone is being weird here, too. I asked when Auntie Song is going to get home but Uncle wouldn't answer, and Mama started crying. Mikey even pushed me down and tried to kick me before Papa pulled him off and sent him to sit in the corner.

Papa told me later that Auntie was going away to a camp for a while. That sounds fun to me, and I had a bunch of questions about it. Papa just told me it's not for kids, and I shouldn't bring it up anymore.

Jason's GameEdit


Papa says I'm not allowed to play downstairs with Jason any more. I want to scream. We were playing this holotape his big brother traded for at school. He said we should learn something from it.

But when Papa saw me playing it he took it out and made Jason go home. He was really mad, and made me go to my room. I can hear him on the phone with Uncle, arguing about the Red Menace game. I didn't do anything! It's not fair!!

World SeriesEdit


I hate it here. I just want to die.

The World Series started, and Boston is playing! But I can't even go upstairs to watch! Mama says there are bad people in the neighborhood today, and we shouldn't disturb them if they visit Uncle Marshall. So we're stuck in the room all day. AGAIN.

The TV upstairs is full blast, but I still can't hear what's going on. I tried to call Jason so he could tell me the score, but Mama got really mad when she saw me with the phone. She said it's silly to be worried about a stupid game!

It's BASEBALL, how can she not get it!? UGH, just kill me now.



Everything's gone crazy.

Those loud sirens came on and woke me up. They didn't turn off this time, and Uncle Marshall came running downstairs. Then we hear a HUGE BOOM!

The grownups were arguing about whether we should leave. Mama is staying here with me and Mikey. I wanted to go with Papa, but he said I have to take care of Mama and Mikey.

Papa put on a big coat and a scarf and a hat - he looked silly! He took all the money from the jar and said we had to stay put while he and Uncle Marshall went to try to buy food and water.

Scary PeopleEdit


There were people up in the house yesterday who came in while were wereIcon sic sleeping. Someone they brought with them was crying. I think there was a fight. They broke a bunch of stuff and said a lot of cuss words.

Papa and Uncle said we are going to wait until they go to sleep then try to make a run for it.

Book return terminalEdit


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