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Natick is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Natick was a highly industrial town, with factories, shops, and a large power station. The town was home to Marshall Wu and his family, who were Chinese-Americans hiding from being brought to internment camps during the Resource Wars.[1]

After the Great War, the Natick ruins became infested with raiders and super mutants, as well as radscorpions and deathclaws due to its proximity to the Glowing Sea. A portion of the Natick ruins have also collapsed into Lake Cochituate.


Natick is divided into several locations, including Natick Banks, Natick Police Department, Poseidon Reservoir and Roadside Pines motel. To the west of the town are a variety of factories, where there is a large concentration of deathclaws (up to eight), as well as a super mutant behemoth near the western map boundary, often fighting the deathclaws. South of the town lies the Glowing Sea, with a checkpoint manned by the faction that the Sole Survivor chooses to side with.


Natick appears only in Fallout 4.



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