I couldn't tell you, really. I'd talk to Manya if you care that much. She's lived in Megaton longer than anyone.Nathan, when asked about rumors in town

Nathan and Manya's House is an unmarked location in Megaton in the Capital Wasteland.

Nathan and Manya's house are two cobbled together bus sections to make a home for Nathan and Manya Vargas. Despite having lived in Megaton longer than anyone else, these modest homeowners share one of the smallest spaces in town. This could be due to the larger ones being built and renovated later on as the town became more stable, popular, and better established.

The door to the house has an easy lock (Lockpick 25). Picking this lock will result in a loss of Karma.


The house is in the shape of a "T" made by two parts of a bus attached together. The inside of the house is more or less threadbare, with occasional miscellaneous junk like cigarette cartons and alcohol on the shelf inside.

Notable loot


Nathan and Manya's house appears only in Fallout 3.


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