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Natasha Hunt is a deceased Mistress of Mystery in the Order of Mysteries, found dead in Lewisburg during the quest Initiate of Mysteries.[1]


Natasha was the chief medical officer for the Order of Mysteries.[2] In preparing the Order for winter, she would remind the girls that it was cold season and to check in with the infirmary if they felt unwell. She also reminded the group to wash their hands, drink plenty of water, and get adequate rest.[3] Despite her position, Natasha knew that she had limitations and could not save everybody, such as after Alexis Belmont suffered a major accident in the Hall of Trials and entered critical condition.[4]

Sometime between September and November 2086, Tiana Chevrel disappeared on a mission, leading Shannon and Olivia Rivers to exit Riverside Manor to investigate. In her absence, Shannon ordered Natasha to investigate leads on a raider group in Lewisburg. Neither of them knew that the raiders were aware of the Lewisburg mission and had set up an ambush in the town.[5] When Natasha arrived, she was ambushed by the raiders and ultimately killed, but only after managing to kill a number of the raiders, including their leader Kerry.[6]

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Initiate of Mysteries



Natasha Hunt appears only in Fallout 76.