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Help Beckett escape from the Blood Eagles.

Ally: Narrow Escape is an ally quest for Beckett in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


Upon entering the Ash Heap, a radio transmission will come in, directing the player character to the Rollins labor camp, which has now been fortified into a hideout for the Blood Eagles. Entering the large crane will reveal Beckett, locked up in the Blood Eagles jail. He asks for the player character to help release him before the Blood Eagles kill him, directing them to find the keys to the cell. The keys are located on the top floor of the homemade structure next to the crane in a trunk (the keys are not seen in the trunk until after speaking with Beckett, so when in the cell one may have to climb in the bench to get close enough to talk with him). The keys are booby-trapped, triggering the camp's alarm system when they are retrieved, if a player character is keen enough to notice the wire running from the trunk to the alarm tower. After dealing with any Blood Eagles that attack, including a couple of legendary ones, one will be able to enter the crane again to free Beckett from his imprisonment.

Grateful, he asks the player character to travel to another Blood Eagles hideout, the Sludge Works, to retrieve his belongings. When asked about where he will go now, he explains that his old digs were burned down by the Blood Eagles. The player character can then offer to take him in at their C.A.M.P.. The player character may choose to extort Beckett first for some free 50 caps with no consequences, which he says were hidden inside his shoe. He requests that something he can recognize be placed at the C.A.M.P., so he knows where to find it. After that, he parts ways with the player character to go into hiding until they complete his request.

One can then head over to the Sludge Works, deal with any Blood Eagles that are there and retrieve Beckett's gear at the back of the camp. Sneaking around the shoreline of the polluted lake can also bypass the Blood Eagles and make it easier to recover Beckett's gear without engaging too many of the Blood Eagles or their leader, who wields a potentially heavy automatic weapon, such as a Gatling plasma or a 50 cal machine gun.

Upon return to C.A.M.P., one can build Beckett's bar which will result in Beckett arriving soon after. This completes the quest and Beckett becomes an ally as long as his bar is still a part of the player character's C.A.M.P. He will then provide quests to complete his story and unlock the achievement for completion.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Find BeckettAfter hearing a nasty broadcast from Rollins Labor Camp, I've decided to rescue someone named "Beckett" from the Blood Eagles.
? Locate the keys to Beckett's jail cellTurns out Beckett was a Blood Eagle who left the gang and was subsequently recaptured. I need to retrieve a key to spring him from his cell.
? Speak with BeckettI've released Beckett from his captivity at the hands of the Blood Eagles. I should talk to him and discover our next move.
? Retrieve Beckett's BelongingsWhile Beckett's busy distracting the Blood Eagles, he's asked me to retrieve his belongings from the Sludge Works.
?Quest finishedBuild Beckett's Bar at your C.A.M.P.Beckett has asked me to utilize his plans to construct a bar at my C.A.M.P.


As of patch, Beckett will not appear in the Rollins labor camp when the quest is not active.