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Nari Samir was a member of Lucy Harwick's group of ghouls, whose remains are found near Appalachia’s Southern Belle Motel.


Nari was the sister of Sara Samir. When Sara became a ghoul, Nari accompanied her to join Lucy Harwick's ghoul community at the Valley Galleria. As a non-ghoul, her presence in the group gave Lucy hope for a future where ghouls were no longer shunned and reviled because they had changed.[1]

When Duncan McKann threatened the group and they moved to the sewers beneath Dyer Chemical, as the only non-ghoul in the group, special arrangements had to be made to protect her from the radiation. Although she was not the biggest fan of the move, she was willing to do so in order to keep Sara safe.[2]

Nari was killed by Duncan McKann's hunting party when they attacked her on the way to the new hideout.[3]


Apparel Weapon Other items
Nari's holotape
Dyer Chemical ID card


Nari's backpack contains a Prototype hazmat suit as part of the "Find Nari's hazmat suit" optional objective during Tracking Unknowns.


Nari Samir appears only in Fallout 76.