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Ohhhh! You please free Nanuk? Daisy not nice to Nanuk's "little tribal." She do bad things. Things that hurt. Nanuk now have bad rash that smell. Please free Nanuk. I need to see medicine man soon. I run now. Must find shaman, quick.

Nanuk is a male tribal who was captured by Daisy the raider in 2197.


Nanuk was held as Daisy's sex slave and was considerably scared of his captor. After the Warrior kills Daisy, Nanuk can be freed from his torment. Once he is freed, he comments on wanting to see a medicine man as soon as possible, saying that his "little tribal" has a strange infection.

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Rock Falls

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Rock Falls

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After being freed, Nanuk can be found in Bunker Alpha. He complains that the local "shaman" was as bad to him as Daisy. The tests conducted were apparently painful, so Nanuk decided he did not trust the doctor and refused to take the pills prescribed to clear up his infection. Instead, Nanuk comments on his intent to use oil and fire to cure his "little tribal".



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Nanuk appears only in Fallout Tactics.