Nancy Kroydon was the Presiding Officers of National Catastrophe Relief Auxiliary - Response Unit MD-478 before, during and after the Great War.


According to the logs found on a terminal in the abanoned evacuation center at the Germantown Police HQ, Nancy and her unit was deployed to the area on evacuation detail before the bombs fell. In the weeks following, (or months, the passage of time shown is not very accurate) Nancy and her unit struggled to treat the many radiation poisoning victims. At least two nurses under Nancy's command deserted to try and get into a Vault or find out if their families had survived. A detachment of the National Guard were deployed to Germantown to maintain order, but they eventually died or deserted, leaving Nancy and her unit on their own. As patients continued to die and even more became sick, Nancy started losing her hair and skin and eventually died an unknown period of time following the war.[1]


Logs of Nancy Kroydon appear in Fallout 3.


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