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Naked Creek is a location in the Skyline Valley region of Appalachia.


Members of the Blue Ridge Caravan Company who had been sent south to re-establish trade routes in the Shenandoah region set up camp at this natural formation. It is a dry, rocky area with docks connecting to a creek and river-bound island nearby. The caravanners were under the direction of Marley, a protege of Joanna Mayfield, the latter of whom promised to be in touch soon while leaving Marley to run operations.[1]

By the third day of making camp, the Blue Ridge scouts began to believe they were being followed by something ever since they had crossed into Skyline Valley. However, they continued to survive, hunting pheasants for food.[2] However, conditions worsened over the next three days, as two employees, Judy and Joel, disappeared in the night, and a brahmin was torn to shreds by whatever was hunting them. Upon realizing the danger, another caravanner, Dennis, panicked and attempted to run out of the camp, but was later found dead up the road. His body was buried on the island in the creek nearby. Afterwards, the surviving scouts planned to tear down the camp and head back north, considering the area too risky.[3]

The mysterious creature stalking the caravanners soon revealed itself to be a Blue Devil. The cryptid launched an all-out attack on the camp before they could depart, killing everyone who was left. At least one guard at the camp declared their hatred for Vinny Costa before dying underneath the docks.[4] Since the slaughter of the Blue Ridge employees, thrashers have taken up residence in the camp, but the Blue Devil can still be summoned.


Naked Creek is situated near the western river in Skyline Valley, due northwest of the Big Meadows gas well. One point of access is along the road north of the unmarked ice cream stand, where a trail to the west just off the road leads into Naked Creek. This entrance is littered with various consumables trailing into the camp. The player is flanked on both sides by elevated rock formations, creating a small valley of sorts before entering into the camp.

Three thrashers spawn inside of the camp, alongside three friendly pheasants. Four Blue Ridge guard corpses are found on the premises, alongside a host of broken eggs. The center of the camp features a raised tarp, a black smoky campfire (around which are many overturned improvised seats, such as Blue Ridge containers, and a playable acoustic guitar), and a table for cutting meat.

At the southern side of the rocks is a pile of rubble, alongside dozens of spilled crates. The scene here is especially bloody with some skeletal remains alongside a Blue Ridge guard and two rotting brahmin bodies. The rocks to the north provide a bit more of an overhang, creating a sheltered, shaded cave-like area. A wooden bridge connects the southern and northern ends of the valley's short cliffs. Some netting hangs over the northern side, and various containers can be found underneath the rocks there, alongside Blue Ridge truck beds, more crates, barrels, and eggs, as well as a cooking station.

At the end of the camp, the trail continues at a fork. The path to the south, marked by the big wooden arch, eventually leads to Old Crimora Mines. The path to the northwest winds up along the river, eventually reaching Grindstone Arch. In between the two paths, there is a fishing dock overlooking the river. Across from it is an island that temporarily splits the river in two before joining back again. Some firecaps can be found on this island near the grave of Dennis. Three more thrashers may attack from the west, on the way to Research Site Saxony, while two more may be found up the creek to the northwest.

While exploring Naked Creek, a lightning strike may occur in the vicinity, followed by the noises of communication equipment (also heard during Event: Safe and Sound). This is produced from the ham radio connected to a small communications dish on the rocks above the northern cave. While the event may not always trigger, if it does, the surge of activity summons the Blue Devil that killed the camp's inhabitants. It will be a crowned boss enemy.[5]

Notable loot[]

  • Southern route - Note, on a crate near a dead Blue Ridge guard on the path into the camp.
  • Being watched - Note, on an overturned Blue Ridge Caravan cart to the right from the path into the camp center.
  • Getting worse - Note, on a crate next to a lantern in the campsite, near a dead Blue Ridge guard surrounded by cracked eggs.
  • All dead - Note, found in the hand of a dead Blue Ridge guard underneath the riverside pier.


Naked Creek appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.

Behind the scenes[]

In the real world, Naked Creek is the name of both an overlook and waterfall trail in the Shenandoah National Park.



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