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Nahant is a town and a part of the Commonwealth in 2287.


Nahant was always a small coastal town. English Puritans settled the lands in the 1630s, and it slowly became a tourist destination in the 19th century. Before the Great War, the Nahant Oceanological Society was founded, and the illustrious Croup family erected a mansion on the northern cliffs.[1]


Nahant is located on a small peninsula to the northeast of the Commonwealth, surrounded by ocean with only one major line of entry, a thin land bridge from the northwest of the landmass.

Immediately after entering, there is a Red Rocket station and a small street containing the Nahant Sheriff's Department. Part of a large port in the southwest, Nahant Wharf, had been converted into Libertalia by remnants of the Commonwealth Minutemen who have since devolved into a group of raiders.

The rest of Nahant consists of an old upper-class residential neighborhood, featuring Nahant Chapel, Nahant Oceanological Society, Nahant Bar and Restaurant and a potential settlement, Croup Manor.

Notable loot

  • Wasteland Survival Guide issue #6 - In the Nahant Oceanological Society's small house, in the room with a weapons workbench inside the house, on a desk near a typewriter and a TV.
  • Power armor suit - As one enters Nahant by the bridge, there will be a small pier on the left accessible by a single plank bridge. On the southeast corner, there will be a open shipping crate. The leveled power armor is inside the shipping crate, secured by a lock.


  • Outside of Libertalia, there is not a single bed, mattress or sleeping bag on the peninsula. A Survival mode player character will not be able to rest on Nahant before taking control of the Croup Manor and crafting a bed.


Nahant appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

Nahant is based on the real-world location of Nahant, Massachusetts.



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    Those hoping to vacation on the eastern shores of the Commonwealth would do well to pack a copious supply of ammunition and have trained long and hard for this outing, as the threat level of the roaming miscreants in this zone is deemed “most dangerous.” The township of Revere has been razed by Raiders. Nahant offers quiet walks interspersed with carnage, courtesy of ferals. Up north, Salem long continues its reputation for horror. Farther inland, toward East Boston and the airport, the ferociousness of your foes lessens just a little. The Brotherhood of Steel's imminent arrival at the airport should provide a brief respite should you agree to ally with them. Finally, those brave to dip their toes in the ocean may find one or two surprises under the waves."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map)