Nahant is a town and a part of the Commonwealth in 2287.


Nahant was always a small coastal town. English Puritans settled the lands in the 1630s, and it slowly became a tourist destination in the 19th century. Sometime after the divergence, the Nahant Oceanological Society was founded, and the illustrious Croup family erected a mansion on the northern cliffs.


Nahant is located on a small peninsula to the northeast of the Commonwealth, surrounded by ocean with only one major line of entry, a thin land bridge from the northwest of the landmass.

Immediately after entering there is a Red Rocket Station and a small street containing the Nahant Sheriff's Department. Part of a large port in the southwest, Nahant Wharf, had been converted into Libertalia by remnants of the Commonwealth Minutemen but they eventually took to being a group of raiders.

The rest of Nahant consists of an old upper-class residential neighborhood, featuring Nahant Chapel, Nahant Oceanological Society, Nahant Bar and Restaurant and a potential settlement, Croup Manor.

Notable lootEdit

Wasteland Survival Guide issue #6 - In the Nahant Oceanological Society's small house, in the room with a weapons workbench inside the house, on a desk near a typewriter and a TV.


  • Outside of Libertalia, there is not a single bed, mattress or sleeping bag on the peninsula. A Survival mode player character will not be able to rest on Nahant before taking control of the Croup Manor and crafting a bed.
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Nahant appears only in Fallout 4.


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