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This is a transcript for dialogue with ED-E.

Topics Edit

FollowersAcknowledgeMyOrder FollowersAcknowledgeMyOrder Neutral 50 {confirmation beep} <Confirmatory beeping> {No Sound file}
FollowersHired I think we should travel together. Neutral 50 {happy beep} <Happy beeping> {No Sound file}
Let's get going.
<Follow Protocol::Reinitiate> Neutral 50 {happy beep} <Happy beeping> {No Sound file}
FollowersOverburdened FollowersOverburdened Neutral 50 {sad beep} <Strained beeping> {No Sound file}
FollowersStealthing <Stealth Protocol::Initiate> Neutral 50 {quiet beep} <Sneaky beeping> {No Sound file}
Let's talk about your tactics.
<Tactics Interface::Open> Neutral 50 {makes laser sounds} <Confirmatory beeping> {No Sound file}
I want you to change your combat style.
<Combat Interface::Open> Neutral 50 {laser sound} <Confirmatory beeping> {No Sound file}
I want you to attack enemies the moment you see them.
<Aggression Level::Aggressive> Neutral 50 {sonar beep} <Confirmatory beeping> {No Sound file}
Let's talk about something else.
<Tactics Interface::Close> Neutral 50 {confirmation beep} <Confirmatory beeping> {No Sound file}
That's all. Let's get going.
<Control Interface::Close> Neutral 50 {confirmation beep} <Confirmatory beeping> {No Sound file}
Switch to a melee weapon.
<Weapon Type::Melee> Neutral 50 {beep laugh} <Negatory beeping> {No Sound file}
I want you not to attack enemies unless I've already engaged them.
<Aggression Level::Passive> Neutral 50 {confirmation beep} <Confirmatory beeping> {No Sound file}
I want you to use ranged weapons.
<Weapon Type::Ranged> Neutral 50 {happy beep} <Confirmatory beeping> {No Sound file}
Let's talk about how close you're following me.
<Follow Distance Protocol::Open> Neutral 50 {confirmation beep} <Confirmatory beeping> {No Sound file}
Stay close to me.
<Follow Distance::Close> Neutral 50 {homing beep} <Confirmatory beeping> {No Sound file}
Your distance is good. Let's talk about something else.
<Follow Distance Protocol::Close> Neutral 50 {confirmation beep} <Confirmatory beeping> {No Sound file}
All right, you're good. Let's get out of here.
<Control Interface::Close> Neutral 50 {confirmation beep} <Confirmatory beeping> {No Sound file}
Keep your distance. Try to flank them.
<Follow Distance::Far> Neutral 50 {confirmation beep} <Confirmatory beeping> {No Sound file}
Enough about tactics.
<Tactics Interface::Close> Neutral 50 {confirmation beep} <Confirmatory beeping> {No Sound file}
Let's trade equipment.
<Storage::Open> Neutral 50 {opening sound} <Confirmatory beeping> {No Sound file}
Wait here.
<Follow Protocol::Wait> Neutral 50 {confirmation beep} <Confirmatory beeping> {No Sound file}
GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 <Grateful beeping>{NPCRobotEdESonarBeep}
GREETING Neutral 50 <Alarmed beeping> {No Sound File}
GREETING Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>
GREETING Neutral 50 { DO NOT RECORD - ED-E Audio Log Topics } {no sound file}
GREETING Neutral 50 { DO NOT RECORD - ED-E Top-Level Topics } {No sound file}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic000 {ED-E Emote Barks} Neutral 50 {DO NOT RECORD - ED-E Emote bark topics.} {No Sound file}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic002 What was that sound you played? Some kind of memory glitch? Neutral 50 <Confused beeping>{NPCRobotEdECurious}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic003 No, it wasn't your boot-up sequence, it was a recording. Something about someone called RALPHIE. Neutral 50 <Evasive beeping>{NPCRobotEdEDenied}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic005 Okay, if you don't want to tell me, just say so. Neutral 50 <Apologetic beeping>{NPCRobotEdEDenied}
{Science 35}
It could be one of those robo-viruses. You might be contagious - stay away from other computers. Neutral 50 [FAILED] <Worried beeping>{NPCRobotEdESeeking}
Probably just some old data floating around in your memory. Nothing to worry about. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEHappy}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic007 ED-E? What are you doing here? Neutral 50 <Expository beeping>{NPCRobotEdECurious}
What's an Eyebot doing here? Neutral 50 <Expository beeping>{NPCRobotEdEConfirmed}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic009 That's a recording from your development - are you saying you can override electronic security? Neutral 50 <Expository beeping>{NPCRobotEdECurious}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic010 Was that the voice of your creator? What happened to him? Neutral 50 <Expository beeping>{NPCRobotEdECurious}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic011 That's fascinating. Let's keep going. Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEGoodbyeHappy}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic012 Only panels with a dish-shaped receiver? The console in the main room had one of those, I think. Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEHappy}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic013 Well, it might be enough to get us through this silo. Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEConfirmed}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic014 Well, I'm sure he's fine. Wherever he is. Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEHappy}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic015 Maybe you'll see him again someday. Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdELaugh}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic017 It sounds like Dr. Whitley really cared about you. Neutral 50 <Sad beeping>{NPCRobotEdESad}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic018 Dr. Grant sounds like a war crime waiting to happen. Neutral 50 <Angry beeping>{NPCRobotEdEAnger}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic019 That's a terrible story, ED-E, but we should get moving. Neutral 50 <Sad beeping>{NPCRobotEdEGoodbyeSad}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic020 Who the hell is "General Winters?" The recording mentioned a Colonel Autumn. Neutral 50 <Lonely beeping>{NPCRobotEdESad}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic021 RALPHIE who? You're still not making sense, ED-E. Neutral 50 <Evasive beeping>{NPCRobotEdEDenied}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic022 You don't have to tell me. I would have beat the crap out of her. Neutral 50 <Satisfied beeping>{NPCRobotEdETriumphant}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic023 Wow, do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Neutral 50 <Embarassed beeping>{NPCRobotEdEHomingBeep}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic024 Sounds like Dr. Whitley was a bit of a rogue element. Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEHydaulicDoor}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic025 Do you record everything that's said around you? Neutral 50 <Sly beeping>{NPCRobotEdEFail}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic026 I guess Whitley found a way to keep you from being scrapped. Let's keep going. Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEGoodbyeHappy}
{Survival 55}
So you're trying to get all the way to Navarro? Isn't that in NCR territory? Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] <Scared beeping>{NPCRobotEdESeeking}
Oh... right. Navarro. That... sure is far? From where you started? Neutral 50 [FAILED] <Expository beeping>{NPCRobotEdECurious}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic028 Whitley turned you loose all on your own? That must have been scary. Neutral 50 <Sad beeping>{NPCRobotEdESad}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic029 Come on, we need to keep going. Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEGoodbyeHappy}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic030 What was that? Neutral 50 <Pained beeping>{NPCRobotEdEAlertLowHealth}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic031 That sounded bad. Neutral 50 <Scared beeping>{NPCRobotEdESeeking}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic032 No time to talk - I don't like the look of this place, we should keep moving. Neutral 50 <Scared beeping>{NPCRobotEdEGoodbyeSad}
Thanks, ED-E. Let's keep going. Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEGoodbyeHappy}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic033 Where did this happen? Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEHappy}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic034 Sounds like that kid was pretty fond of you. Why did you leave? Neutral 50 <Wistful beeping>{NPCRobotEdESad}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic035 Come on, ED-E, let's go. Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEGoodbyeHappy}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic036 Are you... are you saying you can stop this missile? Neutral 50 <Confirmatory beeping>{NPCRobotEdEConfirmed}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic037 No, ED-E, I won't let you sacrifice yourself like this. There has to be another way! Neutral 50 <Sad beeping>{NPCRobotEdEDenied}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic039 Yeah, I'm beginning to see where you get it from. Neutral 50 <Proud beeping>{NPCRobotEdETriumphant}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic040 He should have obeyed orders. Without respect for the chain of command, the whole unit falls apart. Neutral 50 <Sad beeping>{NPCRobotEdESad}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic041 I think I would have liked him. Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEHappy}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic043 Really? Well, I'd better be careful what I say to you, huh? Neutral 50 <Reassuring beeping>{NPCRobotEdEHappy}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic044 No, ED-E, I don't want to hear your recordings of "human mating calls." That's just... wrong. Neutral 50 <Coy beeping>{NPCRobotEdELaugh}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic045 Yes, ED-E, I'm sure you didn't make the entire trip in one go. It's still impressive. Neutral 50 <Proud beeping>{NPCRobotEdETriumphant}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic046 I'm amazed you didn't break down somewhere along the way. Neutral 50 <Sad beeping>{NPCRobotEdESeeking}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic047 It sounds like it wasn't easy for him, either. Neutral 50 <Sad beeping>{NPCRobotEdESad}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic048 I bet Whitley would be proud of you for making it this far. Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEConfirmed}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic049 Raiders, huh? Amateurs. I'd have tracked you down and salvaged you for scrap. Neutral 50 <Scared beeping>{NPCRobotEdESeeking}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic050 You're lucky you got away from them. They would have sold you for scrap in a heartbeat. Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEHappy}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic051 No wonder you didn't make it all the way to Navarro. Neutral 50 <Sad beeping>{NPCRobotEdESad}
{Repair 50}
Sounds like they blew out your primary stabilizing jets. I can't believe you kept going after that. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEHappy}
That bullet probably did something bad. Neutral 50 [FAILED] <Sad beeping>{NPCRobotEdEHomingBeep}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic053 You gave that up to continue Whitley's mission? Neutral 50 <Proud beeping>{NPCRobotEdETriumphant}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic054 Was it worth it? You still haven't made it to Navarro yet. Neutral 50 <Determined beeping>{NPCRobotEdEHydaulicDoor}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic055 Illinois? So that's where you got that plate. The other you, I mean. Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEConfirmed}
Illin-what? Come on, you're making that name up. Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdELaugh}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic056 What's a Chicago? Neutral 50 <Expository beeping>{NPCRobotEdECurious}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic057 But the log said that this kind of encryption would kill you! Neutral 50 <Sad beeping>{NPCRobotEdESonarBeep}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic058 It looks like I can still choose the missile's actual target. Maybe we can work with that. Neutral 50 <Negatory beeping>{NPCRobotEdEFail}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic059 Are you sure this is the only way to stop the missile from launching? Neutral 50 <Confirmatory beeping>{NPCRobotEdEConfirmed}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic060 If... if you're really sure you want this, okay. Go ahead and stop the missile. And... goodbye. Neutral 50 <Determined beeping>{NPCRobotEdEAnger}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic061 I don't care! I'll just change the missile's target myself. I never liked the NCR anyways. Neutral 50 <Resigned beeping>{NPCRobotEdEDenied}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic063 {ED-E Sacrifice bark} Neutral 50 {Full-length version of the RALPHIE the Robot theme song} <Dramatic music>{MUSNVJingleJangleJingle}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic065 Slow down, slow down - what do you mean you're not the ED-E I know? Neutral 50 <Explanatory beeping>{NPCRobotEdEConfirmed}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic066 You're a copy? Made by the military bases in the Divide? Weird. Neutral 50 <Declarative beeping>{NPCRobotEdEConfirmed}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic067 This silo must have some pretty advanced engineering facilities to remote-scan you and build copies. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] <Confirmatory beeping>{NPCRobotEdEConfirmed}
So you're some kind of... robot clone? Neutral 50 [FAILED] <Negatory beeping>{NPCRobotEdEFail}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic069 Never mind. Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEHappy}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic070 Whitley was really protective of his Eyebots, huh? Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEHappy}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic071 I can't believe they'd approve that. I've met enough robots to know they're more than just machines. Neutral 50 <Pained beeping>{NPCRobotEdEAlertLowHealth}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic072 Let's press on. We've got a lot of ground to cover. Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEGoodbyeHappy}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic073 He sounds more like a father than an inventor in these logs. Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEConfirmed}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic074 He must have tried to change things. He doesn't seem like the type to let that slide. Neutral 50 <Wistful beeping>{NPCRobotEdEDenied}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic075 I can see why you left that place, then. Neutral 50 <Wistful beeping>{NPCRobotEdEFail}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic076 I hope those bastards got what was coming to them. Neutral 50 <Sad beeping>{NPCRobotEdESad}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic077 I'd like to make some ammo. Can you help me? Neutral 50 <Confirmatory beeping>{NPCRobotEdEConfirmed}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic078 Can you repair my weapon? Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEHappy}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic080 I need some Microfusion Cells. Can you make some? Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEHappy}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic081 I'm running low on Small Energy Cells. Can you make me more? Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEHappy}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic082 Let me access your multitools. I want to make something. Neutral 50 <Confirmatory beeping>{NPCRobotEdEConfirmed}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic084 Great. Maybe you'll actually be useful to me, then. Neutral 50 <Hopeful beeping>{NPCRobotEdEConfirmed}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic085 {ED-E Audio Log 8 - RALPHIE} Neutral 50 {This should sound a little bit like ED-E's beeping, but not identical} <Frightened beeping>{{NPCRobotEdESeeking}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic086 Suddenly a lot of things make more sense. Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEHappy}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic087 Is that what you're doing? Trying to find your way home? Neutral 50 <Wistful beeping>{NPCRobotEdESad}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic088 Come on, ED-E. We've got to fly far and fly fast if we want to get to the end of the Divide. Neutral 50 <Determined beeping>{NPCRobotEdEAnger}
Come on, ED-E. Time to move on. Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEGoodbyeHappy}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic089 Yes, ED-E, I'm sure RALPHIE the Robot would be very proud of you. Neutral 50 <Ecstatic beeping>{NPCRobotEdETriumphant}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic090 I'll do whatever I can to help you get home - after we deal with things here. Neutral 50 <Hopeful beeping>{NPCRobotEdEConfirmed}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic091 Don't worry, I won't let any mean old generals get you. Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdELaugh}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic092 Sometimes I feel the same way. Why do you think I became a courier? Neutral 50 <Melancholy beeping>{NPCRobotEdESonarBeep}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic093 What the hell happened? You just ran off on me. Neutral 50 <Apologetic beeping>{NPCRobotEdEGoodbyeSad}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic094 Are you okay? Neutral 50 <Confirmatory beeping>{NPCRobotEdEConfirmed}
{Science 60}
Must have been an override function piggybacked on that broadcast. That's what pulled you here. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] <Sad beeping>{NPCRobotEdEGoodbyeSad}
You just heard that signal and flew off. Are you catching the robot crazies or something? Neutral 50 [FAILED] <Worried beeping>{NPCRobotEdESeeking}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic096 Come on. We're ending this. Right now. Neutral 50 <Determined beeping>{NPCRobotEdEAnger}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic100 What happened? You just took off like you finally found home. Neutral 50 <Sad beeping>{NPCRobotEdEHomingBeep}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic101 Of course I came after you. I wasn't going to leave you behind. Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEHappy}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic102 An override frequency? So, what, Ulysses just... called you here? Neutral 50 <Confused beeping>{NPCRobotEdEHydaulicDoor}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic103 But why would he do that? It wasn't to lure me here, Ulysses already knew I was coming. Neutral 50 <Worried beeping>{NPCRobotEdESeeking}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic104 I'd like you to replay one of those audio logs. Neutral 50 <Inquisitive beeping>{NPCRobotEdECurious}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic113 Yeah, he's probably dead. Guess that means I own you now. Neutral 50 <Sad beeping>{NPCRobotEdESad}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic114 You'd better level with me, trashcan, or I might stuff you back in that pod. Neutral 50 <Apologetic beeping>{NPCRobotEdEDenied}
{Guns 50}
That was a .308 round. Probably hand-loaded - that would have destroyed most robots your size. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] <Pleased beeping>{NPCRobotEdETriumphant}
I thought all robots were bulletproof. Neutral 50 [FAILED] <Confused beeping>{NPCRobotEdELaugh}
{Explosives 35}
You know, if you strip out the plasma relays on those energy cells, you could make flamer fuel. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEConfirmed}
Could you maybe make some energy cells that catch fire instead? Neutral 50 [FAILED] <Confused beeping>{NPCRobotEdELaugh}
{Explosives 65}
Remove the safety catches on those Microfusion Cells and you could turn them into satchel charges. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEConfirmed}
I want something that goes boom. Can you do that? Neutral 50 [FAILED] <Confused beeping>{NPCRobotEdELaugh}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic136 Can you make me some flamer fuel instead of energy cells? Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEHappy}
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic137 I don't need energy cells right now - I'd like some satchel charges, ED-E. Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEHappy}
{Repair 35}
If you switched to the 3/8 wrench and the smaller drill, those weapon repairs would be easier. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEConfirmed}
Wow, you're way better at fixing weapons than me! Neutral 50 [FAILED] <Confused beeping>{NPCRobotEdELaugh}
{Repair 65}
If you drop the power output by .24, you'll be able to make more energy ammo with no quality loss. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEConfirmed}
Wow, you're way better at fixing weapons than me! Neutral 50 [FAILED] <Confused beeping>{NPCRobotEdELaugh}
{Repair 25}
That's an impressive multitool suite you've got. I bet I could make all sorts of stuff with that. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEHappy}
You look like a toolbox. Can you help me make stuff? Neutral 50 [FAILED] <Happy beeping>{No sound file}
{Guns 25}
Hey, is that an ArmCo Portable Reloading Bench built into you? That'll be handy. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEHappy}
Do you do anything with bullets? Like, maybe help people make them? Neutral 50 [FAILED] <Happy beeping>{No sound file}
NVDLC04EDEAudioLog006 {ED-E Audio Log 6} Neutral 50 {Audio from cinematic portion of the FNV E3 trailer} <Music, followed by gunshots.>{No sound file}
NVDLC04EDEExcited {Excited ED-E} Neutral 50 <Excited beeping>{NPCRobotEdECurious}
{Excited ED-E} Neutral 50 <Excited beeping>{NPCRobotEdEHydaulicDoor}
{Excited ED-E} Neutral 50 <Excited beeping>{NPCRobotEdELaugh}
NVDLC04EDEHappy {Happy ED-E} Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEHappy}
{Happy ED-E} Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEGoodbyeHappy}
{Happy ED-E} Neutral 50 <Happy beeping>{NPCRobotEdEConfirmed}
NVDLC04EDESad {Sad ED-E} Neutral 50 <Sad beeping>{NPCRobotEdESad}
{Sad ED-E} Neutral 50 <Sad beeping>{NPCRobotEdEHomingBeep}
{Sad ED-E} Neutral 50 <Sad beeping>{NPCRobotEdESonarBeep}
NVDLC04EDEScared {Scared ED-E} Neutral 50 <Scared beeping>{NPCRobotEdESeeking}
{Scared ED-E} Neutral 50 <Scared beeping>{NPCRobotEdEDenied}
{Scared ED-E} Neutral 50 <Scared beeping>{NPCRobotEdEAnger}
NVDLC04EDEUlyssesTopic001 {Ulysses Cut-In 1} Neutral 50 < Storage Node. Do not translate. >{No sound file}
{Ulysses Cut-In 1} Neutral 50 < Storage Node. Do not translate. >{No sound file}
NVDLC04EDEUlyssesTopic002 {Ulysses Cut-In 2} Neutral 50 < Storage Node for Skill Checks. Do not Translate. > {No sound file}
NVDLC04EndingSlideEDELeftBehind NVDLC04EndingSlideEDELeftBehind Neutral 50 {Narration} ED-E, the version given life by the machines of the Divide, remained frozen in the military installation where Ulysses had summoned him.
Neutral 50 {Narration} The robot's last coded transmission back to his counterpart in the Mojave told of upgrades, unlocked memories... then silence.
Neutral 50 {Narration} Not long after the Courier left the facility, the Eyebot's data banks were wiped, and it was disassembled as rapidly as it had been constructed.
NVDLC04EndingSlideEDESacrificed01 NVDLC04EndingSlideEDESacrificed01 Neutral 50 {Narration} When ED-E's circuits burned in the fires of the Divide, there was one small part that held on until the end.
Neutral 50 {Narration} It was the fragment that held the Old World memories and the words of his creator in his last moments.
NVDLC04EndingSlideEDESacrificed02 NVDLC04EndingSlideEDESacrificed02 Neutral 50 {Narration} As his last gesture, he sent one last signal to his counterpart in the Mojave, passing along what the Courier had taught him in the Divide.
Neutral 50 {Narration} There was the chance... always, that ED-E's journey would continue, perhaps carried by another Eyebot in the Mojave...
Neutral 50 {Narration} ...the one from which the ED-E from the Divide had been shaped.
Neutral 50 {Narration} For now, the Courier knew ED-E's history and could carry it, even if the Eyebot had forgotten.
NVDLC04EndingSlideEDESaved01 NVDLC04EndingEDESaved01 Neutral 50 {Narration} ED-E, given second life by the machines of the Divide, freed by the Courier, continued his quest west, to Navarro...
Neutral 50 {Narration} ...or what remained of what the Eyebot considered "home." Whether he found his homeland or not, his road is unknown.
Neutral 50 {Narration} It may be the journey meant more than the destination - just as his counterpart in the Mojave had learned.
NVDLC04EndingSlideEDESaved02 NVDLC04EndingSlideEDESaved02 Neutral 50 {Narration} Before leaving, he sent a coded signal to his original in the Mojave, passing along what the Courier had taught him in the Divide.
Neutral 50 {Narration} With that last farewell, he set off, carrying the song of Old World hope with him, which had given him strength and purpose on his journey.
Neutral 50 {Narration} {Downnote} And no matter what, he knew there would be a second home to return to, Navarro or not - and that his creator would be proud.

Conversation Edit

GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 {confirmation beep} <Happy beeping>

Combat Edit

AcceptYield AcceptYield Neutral 50 <Triumphant beeping>
Assault Assault Neutral 50 <Aggressive music>
Attack Attack Neutral 50 <Violent music>
AvoidThreat AvoidThreat Neutral 50 <Warning beeping>
Death Death Neutral 50 {ED-E Death Sound}
Flee Flee Neutral 50 <Scared beeping>
Hit Hit Neutral 50 <Combat beeping>

Detection Edit

AlertIdle AlertIdle Neutral 50 <Curious beeping>
AlertToCombat AlertToCombat Neutral 50 <Alert music>
AlertToNormal AlertToNormal Neutral 50 <Frustrated beeping>
CombatToLost CombatToLost Neutral 50 <Scanning beeping>
CombatToNormal CombatToNormal Neutral 50 <Triumphant beeping>
LostIdle LostIdle Neutral 50 <Seeking beeping>
LostToCombat LostToCombat Neutral 50 <Alert music>
LostToNormal LostToNormal Neutral 50 <Frustrated beeping>
NormalToAlert NormalToAlert Neutral 50 <Warning beeping>
NormalToCombat StartCombat Neutral 50 <Combat music>
StartCombatResponse StartCombatResponse Neutral 50 <Combat beeping>
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