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This is a transcript for dialogue with Doctor Dala.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 {Mesmerized} Look at the way the tongue rolls in its mouth like some sort of... mucousy muscled worm. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Perhaps as we were ruthlessly lobotimizing it with our cutters, we filled this skinevelope with... awareness. A teddy bear with new stuffing. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 {Slight wonder} Dr. Klein... if my hypothesis is correct, this Lobotomite is the repository of the brain we sent the signal to - the skinvelope once containing it. 3
Neutral 50 {Slight wonder} If so, it's proof that there may indeed be something beyond the Crater. 4
Neutral 50 {Fascinated} Just look at it... the way it blinks. It's like a big hairless teddy bear. 5
GREETING Neutral 50 I believe those are toes, Dr. Klein. Little teddy bear toes. Penises are much larger than those tiny extremities... {corrects} Eh, not that I would know. 6
GREETING Neutral 50 {Quiet} It depends on one's own frame of reference, Doctor O. {Beat} Look at its little nose with its two orifices for ingesting oxygen. 7
GREETING Neutral 50 I agree with Borous' histrionic findings. This little Lobotomite is {emph} unusually attentive for something whose brain has been extracted. 8
KleinQuestionTopic I have other questions for you. Neutral 50 My advanced degree in Curiosity says let the Lobotomite ask, Dr. Klein. The topics might be... {emph} most curious, indeed. 9
NVDLC03DialogueDalaBigMTRandom NVDLC03DialogueDalaBigMTRandom Neutral 50 {2D Announcement} Slight chance of seed dispersal from Botanical Gardens predicted in the late evening. 10
NVDLC03DialogueDalaBigMTRandom Neutral 50 {2D Announcement - There is no standing in the green zone} There is no standing on the green pipes. If you are standing on the green pipes, please get off them at once. 11
NVDLC03DialogueDalaBigMTRandom Neutral 50 {2D Announcement} If you see Robo-Scorpions, do not attempt to fight them. They will shoot you with their robotic stingers, and then... possibly explode. 12
NVDLC03DialogueDalaBigMTRandom Neutral 50 {2D Announcement} Do not attempt to breach the Big MT force fields. Doing so could allow dangerous ideas and/or creatures having those ideas to escape. 13
NVDLC03DialogueDalaBigMTRandom Neutral 50 {2D Announcement} Are you out there, my little teddy bear Lobotomite? Dala misses you and the pitter-patter of your penis feet {emph} so much. 14
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic000 The quick Scribe jumped over the lazy Paladin? Neutral 50 Yes, yes, go on. Seeing your... lips and mouth forming the words... both revolting... and somehow... 15
Neutral 50 ...how does it feel to have the flesh roll around in your mouth like that? To control each muscle... and the tongue... 16
Neutral 50 ...like having a fish, or extremely dexterous slug, lolling and flopping in one's... mouthal cavity. 17
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic001 Looping gesture of greeting? Neutral 50 Looping, yes. It is a scientific fact that hormones drive a percentage of Lobotomites into recursive behavior patterns. 18
Neutral 50 We haven't researched this, as my colleagues care little about the behavior patterns of Lobotomites once their brains are removed. 19
Neutral 50 It is why so many are littered around the facility - like skinvelopes, discarded, after they are peeled open and the contents extracted. 20
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic002 What recursive behavior patterns are you talking about? Neutral 50 It varies, according to the number and density of Lobotomites that have infected an area. 21
Neutral 50 In 43% of observed cases, two Lobotomites left alone will fight for dominance or inject bodily fluids into each other's orifices. Unsanitary. 22
Neutral 50 I have tried to observe more cases, but subjects seem unwilling to release bodily fluids in my presence. 23
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic003 Can you tell me about Dr. Mobius? Fear 50 {Horrified} Dr. Mobius! A monstrous brain, creased with wrinkles of a thousand evils, with but one jaundiced eye with which to perceive the world! 24
Fear 50 Exiled from the Think Tank for crimes too heinous to remain in recorded memory. {Quieter} And, perhaps, differences in research methodology. 25
Fear 50 His one terrible eye forever peers at us, an eye of ever-increasing magnification. He watches from his Dome in the Forbidden Zone, spying on us all. 26
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic004 Not exactly. I have questions I need answers to. Neutral 50 {Intrigued} How randomized. Ask your... questions then. 27
Not exactly. I have questions I need answers to. Neutral 50 An interrogation. How fascinating. Please begin. 28
Not exactly. I have questions I need answers to. Neutral 50 Perhaps you are stuck in a looping gesture of verbal intercourse. 29
Not exactly. I have questions I need answers to. Neutral 50 {Remembers} Oh, and... here's a tip. That's customary, isn't it... been so long, really. 30
Not exactly. I have questions I need answers to. Neutral 50 {Post-coital shiver} B-b-bloop. Buuuuh-buh-bloop. 31
Not exactly. I have questions I need answers to. Neutral 50 {Post-coital shiver, coming down} B-b-bloop. Phew. Last little bit there. Ahhh. Hooo. 32
Neutral 50 Mmmmm. Thank you, Lobotomite. Please... you must come back for further study when I've had a rest. {Conspiratorially} I'm a little sensitive right now. 33
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic006 Who are you? What do you do here? Neutral 50 {Indulging} Why, my little bear of teddyness, I am Doctor Dala, first head chief researcher of mineralogy and medicinal sciences. 34
Neutral 50 I have 211 doctorates in both applied sciences and techniques to apply those sciences. I also possess a degree in Curiosity and Advanced Curiosity. 35
Neutral 50 That is merely schooling, however. When possible, I prefer field work and observation to holotape eidetics. It has proven useful, especially now. 36
Neutral 50 I have become the expert on humanology and Lobotomite behavior here at Big {"Mountain"} MT. {Distasteful} My research doesn't descend into {said like "pornography"} formography, it is only Science. 37
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic007 What's "formography?" Neutral 50 {Slightly distasteful} It's excessive examination of the human form to achieve psychological arousal. 38
Neutral 50 {Starts getting aroused} Disgusting. I would never succumb to such... base appetites. {More to herself} Distractions. Filthy, filthy distractions. 39
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic008 211 doctorates? How is that even possible? Neutral 50 Why, we create not only scientific marvels here at Big {"Mountain"} MT, but new sciences as well. 40
Neutral 50 Everything can be quantified, categorized, and dissected until every group can be subgrouped or partitioned. 41
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic009 First head chief researcher? Lot of titles. Neutral 50 What is a name without a title or suffix for the sake of hierarchy? It is a long-standing quantification of personality and importance. 42
Neutral 50 We could not do without it. Surely you must be aware of the gravity of such attached appellations - just as surely as you must have a title. 43
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic010 Why did you remove my brain? And... how? Neutral 50 Oh, removing it is a simple procedure. Well, except the complications it can cause to the heart and spine. 44
Neutral 50 But once the heart and spine are gone... no trouble at all. Clamp the subject down, one laser incision around the skull, crack, snip, done. 45
Neutral 50 The brain is finally free of the skinvelope, which is then kept automated for clean up duties around Big {"Mountain"} MT. Lobotomites. 46
Neutral 50 With you, however, something is definitely wrong. We've never had a Lobotomite who kept speaking after being forcibly lobotomized. 47
Neutral 50 I am relieved the pacification field is working. If it didn't, I would broadcast some concern to my colleagues about safety protocols. 48
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic011 I don't understand how the tech Klein wants will help. Neutral 50 It'll all become clear. If not, at least we will have the technology here at the Dome where all technology belongs. 49
Neutral 50 When we have all the technology, all the answers, we can share it with the world, piece by piece. All will be in order. And all will be like Big MT. 50
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic012 Can you tell me about the Big Empty? Anger 50 {Chiding} The "Big Empty?" {Beat, slightly stern} Now, that's not a proper title for this research facility. You sound like previous test subjects that came here. 51
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic013 Can you tell me about the Big Empty... uh, Big Mountain? Neutral 50 {Slightly reverent} This mountain... now crater... encompasses the sum total of knowledge of humankind. It is Big {Mountain} MT. Where all questions can be answered. 52
Neutral 50 You'll see. No matter what your questions, Big {"Mountain"} MT will provide the answers. As it has done for so many before you. 53
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic014 Previous test subjects? Neutral 50 Oh, yes. We've had other subjects visit. It's why we had to calibrate the pacification field and warm up our brainial beams and vivisectors. 54
Neutral 50 Only a short time ago, we had three minus one subjects arrive, and they ruined several experiments and even injured two of our staff. 55
Neutral 50 It is a shame their brains left with them. With you, however, we have taken precautions to insure that problem won't repeat itself. 56
Neutral 50 We've conditioned you so you can't speak of this place, discuss our secrets, or attempt to use force against us in any way. Isn't that nice? 57
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic015 This used to be a mountain? Neutral 50 Yes, Big {"Mountain"} MT was quite big indeed until the Great Static. Then the top of the mountain was used as part of a detonation experiment. 58
Neutral 50 This cleared additional space in the Crater, however, allowing us more real estate to build upon. Convenient. Efficient. 59
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic016 Questions? Like what? Neutral 50 Previous test subjects who have come here have had many questions for us. We answered them with science, fire, and termination. 60
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic018 I'm sometimes called a "Courier." Neutral 50 Oh, a mailman. A delivery man. Someone who takes parcels from place to place using their primitive feet or similar conveyance. 61
Neutral 50 You are the second one I've met in recent times. Very different specimens. 62
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic019 There was another Courier? Neutral 50 Of course. You must have met others in your travels. This one had met other couriers, too, although it sounded as if he hadn't met the correct one. 63
Neutral 50 He asked us all many questions, and then he asked a most perplexing one... we had to segment the event out of our memories for safety. 64
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic021 What was the question? Neutral 50 I do not know, nor should we try to access it. Perhaps Klein has the logs. 65
Neutral 50 My evaluation would be to let your own curiosity go. I do not think that Klein remembers the conversation as being satisfactory. 66
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic022 What happened with the visitors? Neutral 50 Ask Doctor O... and you could have asked 8 once, until he was severely damaged in the attack. We like him better this way. 67
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic023 {Dupe}It seems to me you have more... biological needs than your counterparts. Neutral 50 {DUPE} {Huff} What? Nonsense. 68
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic024 Why did you say "three minus one" subjects before? Neutral 50 Because three minus one is two. Two spoke to us, one after the other, one mean, one curious, but there was a third we didn't speak to. 69
Neutral 50 The last one is the minus one. It got traumatized, then taken to one of our medical centers for de-traumatization. A rather unsettling procedure. 70
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic025 But how am I still talking and walking around? Neutral 50 That is a good question. My theory is that the tesla coils in your brainpan are still connected to your brain somehow. 71
Neutral 50 It really could be anywhere. Brains are a lot smarter than most researchers give them credit for. 72
Neutral 50 We still have your spine and heart. If you were to somehow find your brain wherever it schlorped off to, you could humanically reduce yourself again. 73
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic027 I feel strange in here, peaceful, but on edge. Neutral 50 It is the pacification field emitters that are broadcasting into the emptiness of your skull. Without a brain, your aggression is suppressed in here. 74
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic029 It seems to me you have more... biological needs than your counterparts. Neutral 50 {Huff} What? Nonsense. 75
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic030 I can't help but notice your... fascination with the human body. Neutral 50 {DUPE} [SUCCEEDED] {Huff} What? Nonsense. 76
You seem... to... be looking at me a lot. Neutral 50 {DUPE} [FAILED] {Uneasy} Your... your... primitive eyes deceive you. 77
Neutral 50 No, no... there are no "needs" contained within my soft, soft gel. Eh... much... much... like the soft... gel of your eyes. {Firm} No, nothing here. 78
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic031 <Close eyelids, breathe deeply, then stretch languidly.> Neutral 50 {Player is doing a lap dance in front of her, basically} What... what are you doing? 79
<Close eyelids, breathe deeply, then stretch languidly.> Neutral 50 Stop it. Why... why are you making me partake in this... filthy formography? 80
<Close eyelids, breathe deeply, then stretch languidly.> Neutral 50 Enough! I am already... intrigued. You have sufficiently... percolated me. 81
Neutral 50 I don't know what it is about the biology of Lobotomites. It... it infects my thoughts. All that skin and muscle... and tissue. 82
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic034 Why don't you just give in? There's nothing wrong with looking at the human body. Neutral 50 {Dawning realization} Perhaps... perhaps there is value in what you say. I... I did so enjoy breathing once. Long ago. 83
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic035 You all are a bunch of hypocrites. Claiming superiority, but you miss being human, admit it. Neutral 50 I... I cannot deny it. The illogic of it... the betrayal of our own beliefs. I blame my curiosity. 84
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic036 I could come back any time and just breathe, if you want. Neutral 50 {Quiet} Would you? I... feel so ashamed, but... yet, so intrigued. You'll need to give me a rest in between visits, or else my gel might... run over. 85
I could come back any time and just breathe, if you want. Neutral 50 If you're ready... let me radar scan you... slowly. {SFX noise, but says the word} Wooooo. 86
Neutral 50 {She says these out loud} WooooooOOOO. Burble, burble. WOOOO. Bloop. Blooop. Bloooop. BuuuUUUURBLE. 87
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic037 I'll tell the others if you don't make it worth my while. Neutral 50 {Curious} Really? What is this... you seek to shame me in front of the others? How intriguing. 88
Neutral 50 Yes, I'll partake. This shameful feeling is quite... invigorating. How new. 89
Neutral 50 {Pleased} And... you'll keep coming back to collect your payment, correct? Yes... yes, that will be fine. 90
I'll tell the others if you don't make it worth my while. Neutral 50 {Slowly, as if she enjoys this} Here, please... take this from me with your rough, bacterial-laden hands. My stored, repressed juices as your filthy compensation. 91
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic040 I have a real teddy bear, if you want it. Neutral 50 {Player holds up a teddy bear} Whatever for? 92
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic041 Well, I thought you liked them. You keep referring to them. Neutral 50 No, I like... {emph} teddy bears. 93
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic042 Are you sure your words aren't jumbled? Neutral 50 Teddy bears come in many sizes. Your size is what intrigues me the most. Some say that teddy bears can't be living, breathing things. 94
Neutral 50 They are {emph} wrong. They are large, biological forms, breathing, heaving, snarling, coughing... mmmmm. Lobotomites are {emph} my teddy bears, oh yes. 95
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic044 Oh, I get it - you like "playing" with humans, do you? Watching them move? Blink? Neutral 50 {DUPE} [SUCCEEDED] {Huff} What? Nonsense. 96
Um... so you confuse toy bears with... humans? Neutral 50 {DUPE} [FAILED] {Uneasy} I confuse nothing of the sort. One is fluffy, the other has a drastically reduced fluffiness quotient. 97
NVDLC03DialogueDalaNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic045 You know, we've been down this road already. Moving on. Neutral 50 Very well. If you're certain of your conclusions, my little teddy bear. 98
NVDLC03DialogueKleinNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic003 How much surgery did you do on me? I feel like a badly-put-together jigsaw puzzle. Neutral 50 That is {emph} my responsibility. 99
How much surgery did you do on me? I feel like a badly-put-together jigsaw puzzle. Neutral 50 Although in truth, the Auto-Doc had done most of the work already. Quite industrious, almost cut into {emph} all my investigations. 100
Neutral 50 Once it had removed the brain and I misplaced it, other organs began to cry for direction using your nerves as telegraph wires. 101
Neutral 50 Rather than let them send their signals, I removed them as well. {Pretending to speak to organs} Shhh, little organs. Go to sleep in your tanks, Dala loves you. 102
NVDLC03DialogueKleinNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic002 Then can you help me get this done as quickly as possible? Sounds like a lot of walking. Neutral 50 The little teddy bear could always run right into the pylon perimeter on its thick, turgid feet, returning it to us quickly and erectly - {corrects self} directly. 103
NVDLC03DialogueKleinNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic003 Pylons? What pylons? Neutral 50 {Soothing} Possible memory loss will occur along with long-term nerve degradation. It is tied to not having a brain attached to your nervous system. 104
Neutral 50 But the nerve degradation is nothing to worry about - such degradation would take {emph} many lifespans to become evident. {Placating, as if "And really,"} And all biology dies. 105
Neutral 50 Such tiny inconveniences are less than the greater convenience - and conveyance. 106
Neutral 50 {Tries to interject a sense of wonder, as if explaining to a child} You see, if rendered unconscious by the pylons, you will be returned to the Sink, seemingly instantaneously by your deadened perceptions. 107
NVDLC03DialogueKleinNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic010 Uh... thanks. Neutral 50 The Sonic Emitter was specially designed to disable our own safety fields here in Big MT. When {emph} some of us lost our access passes. {Judging} Dr. O. 108
Uh... thanks. Neutral 50 {Indignant} Dr. O, you rewind that comment! 109
NVDLC03DialogueKleinNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic015 You removed my brain? Neutral 50 We removed your brain, yes. So soft. Barely wrinkled, yet so... flush with knowledge and experience. 110
You removed my brain? Neutral 50 Brain extraction technology has been standard practice at Big {Mountain} MT for an immeasurable amount of time. 111
You removed my brain? Neutral 50 This is fortunate in many respects. If your brain was anywhere in the Dome, why, you could access your aggression centers. 112
NVDLC03DialogueKleinNVDLC03DoctorKlein01Topic021 I can't let you dissect the Mojave. Or let you leave. Neutral 50 Um... it's personal. But... I would hate if its dying screams revealed any odious personal habits I... or any of us might have. 113
I can't let you dissect the Mojave. Or let you leave. Neutral 50 I cannot stand a breathing, a sweet breathing organism, breathing in, and out, to suddenly not breathe. We must keep it alive. For study. Slow study. 114
I can't let you dissect the Mojave. Or let you leave. Neutral 50 Dr. Klein, please. Let's see what its insides look like. {Beat, to herself, a little excited} Finally. 115
I can't let you dissect the Mojave. Or let you leave. Neutral 50 Dr. Klein, I must... {intentional misuse of word} intersect. Please... do not harm the Lobotomite. 116
NVDLC03DialogueKleinNVDLC03DoctorKleinLVLTopic017 < Debug Topic Node - Do Not Translate. > Neutral 50 {Correcting} Except Dr. Mobius. And the technologies that could save us, they are out of our reach. 117
< Debug Topic Node - Do Not Translate. > Neutral 50 If this Lobotomite responded, Dr. Klein, then it is clearly intelligent, perhaps even displays heretofore unknown levels of helpfulness. 118
< Debug Topic Node - Do Not Translate. > Neutral 50 Yes, but it's still aware and responsive. Look at it... it's regarding us even now, with its big teddy bear eyes. 119
Neutral 50 If we ask it politely and leave the part about the unnecessary ruthless lobotimizing out, it might be favorably disposed to us. 120
< Debug Topic Node - Do Not Translate. > Neutral 50 I assume full responsibility. I take my duties in the prodding and excision of living, breathing tissue {emph} quite seriously. 121
< Debug Topic Node - Do Not Translate. > Neutral 50 I don't believe that was Mobius' reason. His wild speculation concerning post-holocaust economic systems was quite extensive. And of high decibel. 122
< Debug Topic Node - Do Not Translate. > Neutral 50 I do not understand, yet I am intrigued by this potential display. 123
NVDLC03DialogueKleinNVDLC03DoctorKleinLVLTopic032 No? Why not? Neutral 50 {Hesitating, embarrassed} You... are equipped to retrieve the technologies with your primitive form. We are not. 124
NVDLC03DialogueKleinNVDLC03DoctorKleinLVLTopic039 The faster I can get through this, the better. Neutral 50 We feared you would be tempted to explore Big MT Crater and examine the {emph} many amazing non-mandatory research labs that lie off your designated path. 125
Neutral 50 {Chiding} The many such optional explorations are discouraged. Work hurriedly, as if you have blinders on, and leave curiosities and items of interest alone. 126
The faster I can get through this, the better. Neutral 50 {Soothing} After all, there will be plenty of time afterward to partake of the experiments once {emph} our bidding is done. 127
NVDLC03DialogueKleinNVDLC03DoctorKleinLVLTopic041 What if I take my time, explore the crater? Neutral 50 Only the magnificence of {emph} our monitors allow for true comprehension of the wonders of Big MT. Shield your jellied eyes lest they burn from your skull. 128
NVDLC03DialogueKleinNVDLC03DoctorKleinLVLTopic043 < Debug Topic Node - Gun Branch/Skill Check Storage - Do Not Translate. > Neutral 50 The Sonic Emitter should be sterilized and more than enough for you to encircle your warm hands around, cradling it gently with your finger muscles. 129
< Debug Topic Node - Gun Branch/Skill Check Storage - Do Not Translate. > Neutral 50 Dr. 8 is correct. We {emph} already have given the teddy bear a lethal sonic death ray filled with his sonic ejaculate and sterilized by my soft WooWOOing. 130
Neutral 50 Giving the teddy bear a gun would be the equivalent of following a glass of hemlock with an Abraxo chaser. Delicious and redundantly deadly. {Abraxo is Fallout's world cleanser, like powdered Draino. Yum.} 131
< Debug Topic Node - Gun Branch/Skill Check Storage - Do Not Translate. > Neutral 50 They certainly did. Batteries for my vib... {emph, correcting from "vibrator" prev.} vivisectors... would always come up short right before climax. 132
< Debug Topic Node - Gun Branch/Skill Check Storage - Do Not Translate. > Neutral 50 He's asking, yes. Dr. Klein, there are {emph} many other personalities. If you recall, you hurled them off the Sink balcony after your argument with Mobius. 133
NVDLC03DialogueKleinNVDLC03DoctorKleinLVLTopic049 If you have the gun already, I don't understand what you need. Neutral 50 I believe we need a new {emph} frequency embedded into the gun. It was designed to broadcast many sounds once charged. We just don't {emph} know the frequency. 134
If you have the gun already, I don't understand what you need. Neutral 50 {Slightly petulant} I'll do it if you two are going to be ashamed of your own technological needs. Let me give it a little sonic sterilization first... 135
Neutral 50 {makes a little sterilizing noise} wooOOOoooOOO... all right, all anti-bacterial fresh. 136
Neutral 50 Here, my little Teddy Bear. I have thoroughly removed all RobCo termlink code spew from the device. It is clean, shiny, and ready for your {slightly suggestive} hands. 137
NVDLC03DialogueKleinNVDLC03DoctorOLVLTopic001 What are these technologies? Neutral 50 ...and 8's Sonic-Soundwave-Emitter-Projecto-Gun, able to broadcast sound at lethal frequencies. {Beat, quieter} It also gives a great biogel massage. 138
NVDLC03DialogueKleinNVDLC03DoctorOLVLTopic002 I'll head out, then, and be back with these... things. Neutral 50 Wait, is it leaving? Uh, but... {trying to be professional} eh, Dr. Klein, the Lobotomite will need rest. Recuperation. Things like that. 139
Neutral 50 I volunteer {emph} my chambers so it might be stared at, my monitor radars slowly scanning its form to collect sensitive data. 140
I'll head out, then, and be back with these... things. Happy 50 It would also prevent it from going to Higgs Village and taking up residence there. With my teddy bears. And it would be nice to have it so... close. 141
NVDLC03DialogueKleinNVDLC03DoctorOLVLTopic006 You took out my brain, heart, and spine? Neutral 50 To be correct, you should say, "the Auto-Doc" took out your brain. It did all the heavy lifting. It has never worked so hard before. It was unusual. 142
Neutral 50 It worked so hard on your surgery, it destroyed its own memory. Zzt. How odd. {Encouraging} I bet your {emph} brain remembers what happened. 143
NVDLC03EndingSlideFlag03 NVDLC03EndingSlideFlag03 Neutral 50 {Narration} They stare into the what-was, eyes like pilot lights, guttering and spent, as the realities of their world continue on around them. 144
NVDLC03EndingSlideFlag08 NVDLC03EndingSlideFlag08 Neutral 50 {Narration} It can be easy to see Science as evil, technology unchecked as the source of all ills, all misfortunes. 145
NVDLC03EndingSlideThinkTank NVDLC03EndingSlideThinkTank Neutral 50 {Narration} {Think Tank alive} Dr. Klein and the Think Tank remained alive, unaware of the world outside. 146
Neutral 50 {Narration} They looped through their daily routine, none the wiser about the world beyond... although perhaps "wiser" was the wrong word. 147
Neutral 50 {Narration} The world outside belonged to the Courier, and if anyone would shape it... well, the Courier had already called dibs. 148
NVDLC03EndingSlideThinkTank Neutral 50 {Narration} {Think Tank dead} The Think Tank basement, filled with the lobotomized robotical frames of the doctors, now served as a graveyard. 149
Neutral 50 {Narration} The monitors had recorded the battle in its entirety, including the Think Tank's final shrill terrified screams, whimpers, and pleas for mercy. 150
Neutral 50 {Narration} They broadcast these humiliating last moments as a warning to anyone approaching the perimeter that other smarty-pants were not welcome. 151
Neutral 50 {Narration} The {emph} Courier was the inheritor of the Big Empty, and there was room for only {emph} one will in the halls of the Think Tank Dome. 152
NVDLC03X8Countdown09 NVDLC03X8Countdown09 Neutral 50 Nine, all will be fine.{2D} 153
RemovePacificationFieldTopLevel Is there any way to remove the pacification field in here? Neutral 50 {Genuinely curious} Why would you want such a thing? You might surrender to your hormones and commit primal aggression on me... on us... again and again. 154
Happy 50 Then I would have to return the favor, activating my vivisectors and gently lobotomizing you from behind. {Lying} Not something I would relish doing. 155
Neutral 50 No, the only way to circumvent the field is to have a brain. And we extracted that like we do all Lobotomites here. 156


HELLO Hello Neutral 50 If it isn't the fascinating little Lobotomite. 157
Hello Neutral 50 I love to hear you breathe. 158
Hello Neutral 50 {Proud} If it isn't the beautiful ping of my radar-scan picking up a heroic Lobotomite. 159


AcceptYield AcceptYield Neutral 50 If you want to attack me again, please fill out the proper forms - and wear gloves. 160
Assault Assault Neutral 50 {Chiding} This seems a rather desperate cry for attention, my little teddy bear. 161
Attack Attack Neutral 50 I'm going to rip out your stuffing, little teddy bear. 162
Attack Neutral 50 You're going on a ride on the giggle bus. 163
Attack Neutral 50 I will blast you back to 2060. 164
AvoidThreat AvoidThreat Neutral 50 There is a bomb here. 165
AvoidThreat Neutral 50 Look - a bomb converging on my position. 166
Death Death Neutral 50 I believe I'm dead or dying. No wait - I am dead. 167
Flee Flee Neutral 50 I am currently fleeing. How exciting. 168
Hit Hit Neutral 50 I cannot believe you would hit a gender-neutral entity such as myself. 169
Hit Neutral 50 This repeated hitting does not put you in a good light. 170
Hit Neutral 50 Oh, god, yes, hit me. I {emph} love it! 171
Hit Neutral 50 Unh! Treat me like a lab animal! Make me your teddy bear, pull my stuffing! 172
PowerAttack PowerAttack Neutral 50 Setting vivisectors on "full invasive." 173


AlertIdle AlertIdle Neutral 50 There is no movement I can detect. Not even a mouse. 174
CombatToLost CombatToLost Neutral 50 I believe we misplaced our test subject. 175
CombatToNormal CombatToNormal Neutral 50 {Dupe} I believe we misplaced our test subject. 176
LostIdle LostIdle Neutral 50 {Dupe} I believe we misplaced our test subject. 177
LostToCombat LostToCombat Neutral 50 I have discovered the teddy bear's hiding place. 178
NormalToCombat StartCombat Neutral 50 Firing brainial beams and my spectral array of dissection lasers. 179
StartCombatResponse StartCombatResponse Neutral 50 Beginning dissection. And vivisection. 180