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This is a transcript for dialogue with Doctor Borous.

Topics[edit | edit source]

BorousQuestionTopic I had other questions. Neutral 50 -Submit your questions! I shall respond - with deadly ANSWERS.- 1
GREETING GREETING Fear 50 -Our efforts have turned against us! In playing GOD, we created a MONSTER!- 2
GREETING Fear 50 -It's a LOBOTOMITE. Here! In the DOME!- 3
GREETING Fear 50 -Dr. Klein! A TRANSMISSION from the FORBIDDEN Zone! Coming right at US!- 4
GREETING Fear 50 -Dr. Klein! Look at it, its head movements, the primitive jelly eye-monitors!- 5
NVDLC03BorousX8Cave01 NVDLC03BorousX8Cave01 Neutral 50 -{Warning to dog} Now... let the intruder have the Sonic Emitter schematics. Klein wants it, all right, boy? Let the intruder dig it up wherever you buried it.-{2D} 6
NVDLC03BorousX8Cave02 NVDLC03BorousX8Cave02 Neutral 50 -Gabe, down! Down, boy! Stop it!-{2D} 7
NVDLC03BorousX8School01 NVDLC03BorousX8School01 Neutral 50 -Attention students. This is the pre-recorded voice of your pre-recorded principal. Doctor Principal BOROUS!-{2D} 8
NVDLC03BorousX8School01 Neutral 50 -You may know me as the Head Chief First Researcher of Labs Z-9 and Z-14.-{2D} 9
NVDLC03BorousX8School01 Neutral 50 -There I fought valiantly to preserve rattlesnake DNA, and put it right where it belongs, in the husk of {emph} another feared predator.-{2d} 10
NVDLC03BorousX8School01 Neutral 50 -{Strangely matter-of-fact about this} Oh, and the tarantula hawk. Can't splice enough, I always say, especially if you can make a magnificent Cazador!-{2D} 11
NVDLC03BorousX8School01 Neutral 50 -Enough about ME. {Gets reprimandy} It has come to my attention that many of you SEEMINGLY innocent children have been subverted by Red Propaganda.-{2D} 12
NVDLC03BorousX8School01 Neutral 50 -This is a MOST serious matter requiring the MOST serious of detentions.-{2D} 13
NVDLC03BorousX8School01 Neutral 50 -Can you spell detention? I'll tell you how I spell it: DEATHtention. Commie-pinko-traitors, ALL.-{2D} 14
NVDLC03BorousX8School01 Neutral 50 -Now, I will send vicious cybernetic cyborg dogs through the corridors to weed all you traitors out.-{2D} 15
NVDLC03BorousX8School01 Neutral 50 -They will sniff out which among you have chosen the commie path.-{2D} 16
NVDLC03BorousX8School01 Neutral 50 {Grumbling} -Especially YOU, Betsy Bright, who turned me down for the high school dance so you could smoke with RICHIE MARCUS.-{2D} 17
NVDLC03BorousX8School01 Neutral 50 -Hall Monitors will also be vigilant. Step outside during class, and they'll make sure you make a speedy jump back to your desk.-{2D} 18
NVDLC03BorousX8School01 Neutral 50 -Hold your urine and wait for the PROPER bathroom breaktime.-{2D} 19
NVDLC03BorousX8School03}} NVDLC03BorousX8School03 Neutral 50 -You are in the LIBRARY. Be quiet here and filled with SHHHHH.-{2D} 20
NVDLC03BorousX8School04 NVDLC03BorousX8School04 Neutral 50 -Down at the end of the hall is BALL storage. For jocks who like BALLS, like RICHIE MARCUS. Do you hear me, Betsy? RICHIE likes BALLS.-{2D} 21
NVDLC03BorousX8School05 NVDLC03BorousX8School05 Neutral 50 -I am lord of this institution. Where once, long ago, I was a student here. Now, I am its OMNIPOTENT GOD-PRINCIPAL.-{2D} 22
NVDLC03BorousX8School05 Neutral 50 -As I soon will be LORD of Big {"Mountain"} MT. DOO DE DOO. Do you hear that? It is my trumpet of victoryness!-{2D} 23
NVDLC03BorousX8School06 NVDLC03BorousX8School06 Neutral 50 -Please place all filthy propaganda books in the incinerator chute in the Sink, especially those with funny pictures of me in them.-{2D} 24
NVDLC03BorousX8School07 NVDLC03BorousX8School07 Neutral 50 -Today the cafeteria will be serving... nothing, because I didn't build one.-{2D} 25
NVDLC03BorousX8School07 Neutral 50 -No cafeteria. No bathrooms. No swirlies. No chocolate pudding left in the chairs of brilliant minds. What are you going to do now RICHIE MARCUS?-{2D} 26
NVDLC03BorousX8School08 NVDLC03BorousX8School08 Neutral 50 -School is a sacred trust. Even though I am a long-ago graduate of this hated facility...-{2D} 27
NVDLC03BorousX8School08 Neutral 50 I see its worth, and see it was corrupted by fraternities, and... GIRLS. Yuck!-{2D} 28
NVDLC03BorousX8Tunnel01 NVDLC03BorousX8Tunnel01 Neutral 50 -Oh my, you got to the Residential Test! This is really Borous, by the way, hello again. {Impressed} None of us thought you would get this far.{2D} 29
NVDLC03BorousX8Tunnel02 NVDLC03BorousX8Tunnel02 Neutral 50 -{Thinking} The Residential Test. Wasn't that shut down for some reason?-{2D} 30
NVDLC03BorousX8Tunnel03 NVDLC03BorousX8Tunnel03 Neutral 50 -Ohhhhh yes, my PET, Gabe. {Chuckles} I'd forgotten about the old boy and the COUNTLESS experiments I'd done on him back at Higgs.-{2D} 31
NVDLC03BorousX8Tunnel03 Neutral 50 -{Eager} Gaaabe? Gabe, you're about to have your FAVORITE treat - a VISITOR. Won't that be nice? DON'T eat the visitor, boy. {Quieter} Don't. Please.-{2D} 32
NVDLC03BorousX8Tunnel04 NVDLC03BorousX8Tunnel04 Neutral 50 -Gabe would bark and snarl and bite whenever ANYONE came to visit.-{2D} 33
NVDLC03BorousX8Tunnel04 Neutral 50 -That's why I replaced his legs with spare parts and fed him a steady diet of Psycho-laced dog chow.-{2D} 34
NVDLC03BorousX8Tunnel05 NVDLC03BorousX8Tunnel05 Neutral 50 -Gaaabe! I am sorry I put your brain in a bowl, boy. Oohhh, who's a good boy. YOU are!-{2D} 35
NVDLC03DialogueBorousBigMTRandom NVDLC03DialogueBorousBigMTRandom Neutral 50 {2D Announcement} -The Cazador Preserve and the Nightstalker Splicing facilities are strangely quiet. TOO quiet.- 36
NVDLC03DialogueBorousBigMTRandom Neutral 50 {2D Announcement} -X-8 and X-13 and X-2 are your DESTINATION, non-Lobotomite. Can you HEAR us?! You MUST hurry!- 37
NVDLC03DialogueBorousBigMTRandom Neutral 50 {2D Announcement} -What TERRORS does Big {Mountain} MT hold for the intrepid seeker?! {beat, quieter} Really. Does anyone know? I'm at a loss.- 38
NVDLC03DialogueBorousBigMTRandom Neutral 50 {2D Announcement} -BEWARE Dr. Mobius' army! His Robo-Scorpions crawl everywhere, in SEARCH of intelligence to devour and stupify!- 39
NVDLC03DialogueBorousBigMTRandom Neutral 50 {2D Announcement} -Anyone who can understand these messages - YOU DO NOT BELONG HERE! We will FIND you!- 40
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic000 Animal? Did you just call me an animal? Neutral 50 -Yes, animal. Hormones, pores, GLANDS, all wrapped up in SKIN. Who knows what terrifying secrets lie beneath your EPIDERMIS?- 41
Neutral 50 -Scalpels shall tell us your secrets, even if we must cut DEEP for such knowledge. {Beat, slight pride} I was head of my Biology class at American High, you know.- 42
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic001 Do you always get this dramatic? Disgust 50 -DRAMA? There is no DRAMA in Science! As I learned in High School, Science! is an intellectual pursuit DEVOID of bestial emotions.- 43
Neutral 50 -Unless, of course, you are a Communist. {Under his breath} Like Betsy Bright, who "sat" "next" to me in math. And her smoking confederate, Richie Marcus.- 44
Neutral 50 -As I learned in my High School, American High, AHS, "Drama" is for movies, things of FICTION. Here, in the Think Tank, the ONLY star is... SCIENCE!- 45
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic002 Calm down. I just had some questions. Neutral 50 -Just as I feared! Questions, quizzes, just as there were in American High School! And if there are NO answers, how will the Think Tank graduate?- 46
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic003 Who are you - what do you do here? Neutral 50 -BEFORE you is the brain of Dr. Borous. Head of Animalogy, Beastology, and DNA-Scrambling technology here at Big {"Mountain"} MT.- 47
Neutral 50 -I lay the bones and hearts of animals bare beneath my searing gaze. Especially the dogs. I did so love dogs once. {Thinking, happy} Especially Gabe, that rascal.- 48
Neutral 50 -But there are MANY animals to shape. Industrious Cazadores, the happy-go-lucky Nightstalkers... they are my living, breathing DNA test tubes.- 49
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic004 Why have you leveled this place? Neutral 50 -It was not our first choice of testing grounds. BUT... we no longer have the luxuries of our TEST CITIES.- 50
Neutral 50 -Then, we LOST the MOUNTAIN! After the explosion, we couldn't find it anymore. So the Crater became our testing grounds. For SCIENCE!- 51
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic005 I want to know more about Mobius and the Forbidden Zone. Fear 50 -The malignant tumor that is Mobius plagues us ALL. His hunger for power, INSATIABLE.- 52
Fear 50 -From his LAIR in the FORBIDDEN ZONE, his terrifying ROBO-SCORPION army clicks and whirs across the crater of Big MT. EVER-seeking. EVER-stinging.- 53
Anger 50 -He must be STOPPED. Or all of Big {Mountain} MT... shall be DESTROYED.- 54
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic006 Why does Klein want these particular technologies? Anger 50 -There is LOGIC and purpose in it. If these technologies are needed to pierce the FORBIDDEN ZONE... so be IT.- 55
Neutral 50 -Science! is powerful, and in the right hands... OUR hands... if we had hands, we would be nigh-unstoppable!- 56
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic007 Can you tell me about the Big Empty? Neutral 50 -That castrated nickname of our facility is NOT its true name. The true name is: BIG {Mountain} MT. Where are your manners?- 57
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic008 Can you tell me about the Big Em... uh, Big Mountain? Neutral 50 -It is our HOME. THREATENED by the horrors of Mobius.- 58
Sad 50 -All we wish to do is continue our research, layer upon layer, above and beneath the floor of the Crater until we have our answers.- 59
Neutral 50 -But NO! Mobius will not let us rest. Scaring us with his scary robots with their laser tails and blowing up all the time.- 60
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic009 You are responsible for Cazadores? Neutral 50 -Indeed. Docile. Curious. Safe. Sterile. They are contained here at Big {"Mountain"} MT to preserve DNA and for observation.- 61
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic011 All right... when did you create Cazadores? Neutral 50 -In... two thousand... let's see, carry the three... then count backwards from the Great Static... or beyond?- 62
Neutral 50 -There were the tarantula debates... and something about hawks, which made it around... eh, 2003? May? Tuesday. It was definitely Tuesday.- 63
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic012 Contained at Big Mountain? Those things are all over the Mojave! Neutral 50 -No, such creatures are found only here, for research purposes. They would no more be capable of escape than breeding.- 64
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic013 What makes you think they haven't escaped? Neutral 50 -Because Big {Mountain} MT's safety measures are far more sophisticated than their primitive animal instincts. WE are their lords and masters.- 65
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic014 I don't think they're sterile, they breed, all right. Neutral 50 -I cannot expect a LOBOTOMITE to understand the careful surgical castrating procedures used in their creation.- 66
Neutral 50 -Perhaps a demonstration of my castrating POWER would settle your doubts.- 67
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic015 No, that's all right, trust me. Sad 50 -Oh, that's too bad. Perhaps we can perform a sterility castration some other time, then.- 68
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic016 Go ahead, you might make me more fertile or impregnate me. Disgust 50 -Impregnate YOU? What, do you want to make me VOMIT inside my tank?- 69
Disgust 50 -The mere NOTION makes the edges of my biomed gel crystallize into asymmetrical patterns.- 70
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic017 So Nightstalkers were created for what purpose, then? Neutral 50 -To preserve coyote... no, no, wait. The snake DNA was important because... the snakes with the rattles were dying out, and...- 71
Neutral 50 -Or maybe it was a bet from Calis in X-8? He had some mountain lion... eagle... condor... idea. "Bet you can't breed this," he said. Showed HIM.- 72
Neutral 50 -Then it... spliced itself into a coyote...-y, snake thing. Which was eventually successful. {Smug} Kept that DNA where it belonged - spliced.- 73
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic018 Give me a single, concrete fact. One. Fact. Neutral 50 -Why are we even DEBATING this?- 74
Neutral 50 -What YOU ask is of NULL importance! MOBIUS besieges us, there are more important things to worry about than DATA and FACTS!- 75
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic021 Test cities? Neutral 50 -YES. In the past... individuals would come to us. Pay for technology. And if their town, community, or city was jusssst right...- 76
Neutral 50 -We could USE that city as a controlled experiment. Vault-Tec was MUCH better at it, of course, we had to make do. Get permission. Sometimes.- 77
Neutral 50 -{Mulling this over} If only we could have used Commie cities... but capturing whole cities was HARD! So we captured enough Commies to make cities of our OWN!- 78
Neutral 50 -So we had a group of Chinese prisoners to experiment on... those were the days... but the true test was SCIENCE on unsuspecting AMERICANS.- 79
Neutral 50 -Whether it was holograms, NEW Auto-Docs, toxins, vending machines... we wound them up, let them go into TINY ISOLATED TOWNS. Then... we OBSERVED!- 80
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic022 What was this explosion? Neutral 50 -BOOM! Yes. Quite unexpected. And embarrassing. All better now after the landscaping, though. MUCH more pleasing to our monitors.- 81
Neutral 50 -And the Crater helps keep everything inside. Because it is BOWL shaped.- 82
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic023 Is this Gabe's bowl? Your dog from X-8, Gabe? Surprise 50 -WHAT? {Dawning recognition as sees old dog bowl} Why... yes, it is. I used to leave it outside his dog house, chock-full of chems. Before the cybernetic modifications, of course.- 83
Surprise 50 -{Thinking back, fondly, then starts to gets confused as the emotion hits him} And... no matter how chemmed the food, he would always eat it. And his tail, would wag... even...even while I... I...- 84
Neutral 50 -{Curious, sadness is starting to hit} You know, I am having the most perplexing feeling squiggling through my biogel. I can't quite... pin it down.- 85
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic024 Tell me about this "Radar Fence" around the Crater. Neutral 50 -The RADAR FENCE protects us all! If evidence is correct, the one who built it - is ME!- 86
Neutral 50 -It keeps anything with a disembodied brain INSIDE - like US - and anything without a brain... also INSIDE!- 87
Neutral 50 -It is the ULTIMATE DEFENSE against Communist aggression. There'll be no infectious ideas on MY watch!- 88
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic025 That fence doesn't make much sense to me. Neutral 50 -It makes PERFECT sense. Who are you to question the MIGHTY RADAR FENCE.- 89
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic026 So I get my brain back, I can leave. Neutral 50 -WHAT? Why would you do either of those things? That is MADNESS.- 90
Neutral 50 -There is NOTHING outside Big {Mountain} MT. {Slightly uneasy} Eh, we're pretty sure. Eh, we would know.- 91
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic027 Wait a minute - that means you're trapped here? Neutral 50 -TRAPPED? NONSENSE, we are SECURE here. From evil philosophies.- 92
Wait a minute - that means you're trapped here? Neutral 50 -Ever since my anxiety-filled days of powerlessness and being bullied in American High School, I have dreamed of such security as the FENCE.- 93
Neutral 50 -That, and giant cybernetic dogs that would ruthlessly patrol and kill anyone who wasn't my friend. Like RICHIE MARCUS. And BETSY BRIGHT.- 94
Neutral 50 -{Grumbling} Who's laughing NOW, Betsy? I hope you and Richie are HAPPY, smoking in your radioactive coffins. I'm GLAD you never came to my birthday party.- 95
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic028 Don't you want to leave here? Neutral 50 -NO! Beyond... is DEATH, despite mounting evidence to the contrary!- 96
Neutral 50 -No matter where these strange humans wander in from with their IDEAS and new BRAINS, there is NOTHING beyond BIG {Mountain} MT.- 97
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic030 Evidence to the contrary? Neutral 50 -ENOUGH! Stop filling my precious brain cell units with irrelevant data!- 98
Neutral 50 -You sound like the OTHER visitors. Making WILD claims of a WORLD beyond, where there is a WAR beyond WAR. It is UNPROVEN! And UNTHINKABLE!- 99
Neutral 50 -Bother the OTHER DOCTORS with your crackpot theories, I have NO TIME! NONE of us do.- 100
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic032 Does this dog bowl look familiar? Surprise 50 -WHAT? {Dawning recognition as sees old dog bowl} Oh... something familiar about it, yes. Is it... a Cazador skull? Always were bowl-shaped. Or were those the Bowlians we made?- 101
Surprise 50 -I confess, I am stumped. If you were to draw some other connection between that bowl and a research facility in Big MT, I may be of more help.- 102
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic033 Sounds like Gabe really loved you. Sad 50 [SUCCEEDED] -{Slowly, taking it in} Why... yes. Gabe.- 103
Um... maybe it's like a memory or something? Happy 50 [FAILED] -Oh, well it is of NO CONSEQUENCE. Gabe gave himself for Science! As we all have!- 104
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic034 Well, it seems to me it belongs to a friend of yours. Neutral 50 -{DUPE: Slowly, taking it in} Why... yes. Gabe.- 105
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic035 Blindly operate on any poor animals recently? Neutral 50 -Why, YES. Although the term is RESEARCH. Thank you.- 106
Neutral 50 -Look at THESE. They seem to be found inside some of the specimens here at Big MT.- 107
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic036 < Test Node: Do Not Translate > Sad 50 -{Slowly, slightly getting sad} No matter how awful my day had been, he... he was always waiting there. How odd. My gel is de-coagulating.- 108
Neutral 50 -And when I would talk to him about Betsy - and how Marcus would beat on me and call me Smarty Sissy Pants, he'd just sit there, head on my knee.- 109
Sad 50 -And...- 110
Sad 50 -...- 111
Neutral 50 -If you don't mind, I'll take that bowl. Just... need to remove it. Put it away. Somewhere out of radar range.- 112
Sad 50 -For some reason, its similarity to the Crater-shape of Big MT is starting to fill up all available cognitive spaces.- 113
Sad 50 -That, combined with my own overwhelming feeling of having done something terrible... the two are hitting me with... unexpected force.- 114
< Test Node: Do Not Translate > Neutral 50 -I notice these results more and more now that I know to look for them. Come back anytime, and I'll show you what ELSE I've discovered.- 115
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic037 It sounds to me like you hurt someone who loved you very much. Neutral 50 -As odd as it is, I believe that is the conclusion. And... I wonder why it didn't hit me before, until I saw that memory in your hands.- 116
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic038 It's nothing to be ashamed of. Gabe knew his place - as a specimen. Neutral 50 -Thank you. If you don't mind, I need a moment. To collect myself. Sort it out. Re-orient my... sense of self.- 117
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic039 Hope you think on what you've done. Neutral 50 -I can't seem to... not think about it. How odd.- 118
Hope you think on what you've done. Neutral 50 -This sensation is unpleasant, I don't care for it. I don't care for this place, either. And... I feel... as if we've forgotten something.- 119
Neutral 50 -Still... it... is NO MATTER. Crush the feeling down. Crush it down, push it into the loop, the... hmmm. YES. Forgotten. Almost. Yes?- 120
Neutral 50 -I do not need to remember ANY MORE. Not today.- 121
Hope you think on what you've done. Neutral 50 -But you're correct, of course. Gabe knew his place. Whether in the dog house - or in the lab. He was obedient.- 122
Neutral 50 -And, what's a little loss when... so much is to be GAINED? Science. Yes. Science is our goal. Not emotional attachments. No!- 123
NVDLC03DialogueBorousNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic040 Helped any animals discover their genetic potential recently? Neutral 50 -INDEED. After the memory you accessed about Gabe, I've been looking for ways to help nurture life.- 124
Neutral 50 -Look at THESE. Aren't they quite look-worthy? All dripping with the residue of creation. Wondrous.- 125
NVDLC03DialogueKleinNVDLC03DoctorBorousLVLTopic003 How much surgery did you do on me? I feel like a badly-put-together jigsaw puzzle. Fear 50 -First, was the HEART!- 126
How much surgery did you do on me? I feel like a badly-put-together jigsaw puzzle. Neutral 50 -Wait, I mean... SECOND was the heart. Brain was first. THIRD... was the SPINE.- 127
NVDLC03DialogueKleinNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic003 Pylons? What pylons? Surprise 50 -The mighty radar fence protects us ALL! Get too close to the blinking posts, and the proximity warning shall be your... WARNING you are too close!- 128
NVDLC03DialogueKleinNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic010 Uh... thanks. Fear 50 -Force fields prevent us from moving! FORward or BACKward!- 129
NVDLC03DialogueKleinNVDLC03DoctorDalaLVLTopic015 You removed my brain? Fear 50 -Once the brain was out, then came the COILS. The TESLA coils... the coils of NIKOLA Tesla.- 130
You removed my brain? Fear 50 -The TESLA COILS! In its HEAD!- 131
You removed my brain? Fear 50 -{To himself, reminding him of days he got beat up} Reminds me of my days in American High. {Grumbling} And Richie Marcus.- 132
NVDLC03DialogueKleinNVDLC03DoctorKlein01Topic021 I can't let you dissect the Mojave. Or let you leave. Fear 50 -{Quiet, sad - actually leveling out} I, for one, cannot bear to let this continue.- 133
Neutral 50 -I don't see what is to be gained by throwing another body into our labs... especially one that has done us a service, gone where we feared to go.- 134
Neutral 50 -This Lobotomite doesn't deserve our knives. It deserves our respect. We should care for it. Feed it. Nurture it - give it the life Gabe never had.- 135
I can't let you dissect the Mojave. Or let you leave. Fear 50 -{Matter-of-fact} If I may, I feel as if I must be the voice of reason here.- 136
Neutral 50 -This Lobotomite is much like us, regarding even animals and pets as nothing more than avenues to promote Science! There is good here.- 137
Neutral 50 -Instead of ending its life on the table, we should prolong its suffering, in the name of Science. Like good old Gabe, the FINEST of lab specimens.- 138
NVDLC03DialogueKleinNVDLC03DoctorKleinLVLTopic015 <Debug Topic Node - Do Not Translate. > Fear 50 -Dr. Klein, WAIT! I... I don't believe those gestures were random. Random AT ALL.- 139
<Debug Topic Node - Do Not Translate. > Fear 50 -It's been following our conversation! The Lobotomite... understands us!- 140
NVDLC03DialogueKleinNVDLC03DoctorKleinLVLTopic017 < Debug Topic Node - Do Not Translate. > Fear 50 -The FORBIDDEN ZONE, where no brain has EVER entered! Nor ever RETURNED.- 141
< Debug Topic Node - Do Not Translate. > Fear 50 -But what of its brain? We scooped that out! We don't even know where we left it! And for putting it back in... none of us have the knowledge!- 142
NVDLC03DialogueKleinNVDLC03DoctorKleinLVLTopic039 The faster I can get through this, the better. Surprise 50 -So many sciences and developments! Pass them by! Let impatience and the desire to simply finish, to end it all, quickly and carelessly guide you!- 143
NVDLC03DialogueKleinNVDLC03DoctorKleinLVLTopic041 What if I take my time, explore the crater? Surprise 50 -There are things here no Lobotomite was MEANT to see, things that would ASTOUND! And possibly terrify. TERRIFY!- 144
NVDLC03DialogueKleinNVDLC03DoctorKleinLVLTopic043 < Debug Topic Node - Gun Branch/Skill Check Storage - Do Not Translate. > Fear 50 -A GUN! Are you MAD?! We can't give it a GUN! GUNS kill, leave big open holes in you that are like sores but WORSE.- 145
< Debug Topic Node - Gun Branch/Skill Check Storage - Do Not Translate. > Fear 50 -{Repeating himself} Are you MAD?! We can't give it a GUN! GUNS...- 146
Neutral 50 -{Calms down, is actually more calm throughout this line} ...wait, I said that already. Yes, I have THE Cyberdog Gun. With the little floppy metal ears and the curious nose sensor. Here.- 147
< Debug Topic Node - Gun Branch/Skill Check Storage - Do Not Translate. > Neutral 50 -Top shelf ammunition. Let's see... hollow point, that's worthless but tasty... oh, and here's some Jay-F-Pee. {Beat} As if bullets need jackets.{Hmph} - 148
Neutral 50 -The JFP might make it ill and poop a lot, but when you're hungry, you're hungry.- 149
NVDLC03DialogueKleinNVDLC03DoctorKleinLVLTopic049 If you have the gun already, I don't understand what you need. Fear 50 -And it is LOST in X-8! Just as X-8 is forever lost to us! The sadness of my high-school days! The sadness of my YOUTH, MY youth! LOST!- 150
NVDLC03DialogueKleinNVDLC03DoctorOLVLTopic001 What are these technologies? Fear 50 -The psycho-analytic cardiac-dampening sneaky stealth suit, a suit like NOTHING this world has ever heard, seen, or could EVER see!- 151
NVDLC03DialogueKleinNVDLC03DoctorOLVLTopic002 I'll head out, then, and be back with these... things. Surprise 50 -NO! That would put it too CLOSE to us! It could press BUTTONS, turn lights ON and OFF, and worse, let OTHER Lobotomites in!- 152
NVDLC03DialogueKleinNVDLC03DoctorOLVLTopic004 This can only work on fields here in the crater? Fear 50 -It is LOST! All questions lead to this conclusion! The blue fields within Big MT shall be fielded with force... FOREVER.- 153
NVDLC03DialogueKleinNVDLC03DoctorOLVLTopic006 You took out my brain, heart, and spine? Fear 50 -If so, it was FLUSHED all the way to MOBIUS! Fwooooooosh! {Beat, matter-of-fact} That... is the sound of FLUSHING.- 154
NVDLC03EndingSlideX8 NVDLC03EndingSlideX8 Neutral 50 {Narration} {X-8 not repeated} As the Courier made his way through the X-8 facility, the computers analyzed the test subject's movements. 155
Neutral 50 {Narration} They eventually created new Cyberdogs to root out Commie traitors from the Wasteland... {more to himself} traitors like Betsy Bright... Richie Marcus... 156
Neutral 50 {Narration} ...although they couldn't seem to find any Commies, so they turned on themselves, howling sonic barks that echoed miles across the landscape. 157
NVDLC03EndingSlideX8 Neutral 50 {Narration} {X-8 was repeated} As the Courier ran through the X-8 facility multiple times, the computers analyzed the test subject's movements. 158
Neutral 50 {Narration} Rather than performing a superficial observation, they realized the subject barely knew what Communism was - or even what a high school was. 159
Neutral 50 {Narration} This confused them for a time, until the facility finally realized that its research had... {surprised} succeeded. 160
Neutral 50 {Narration} So it let its Cyberdogs out into the wastes to help protect small communities from physical aggression rather than communist propaganda. 161
NVDLC03X8Countdown06 NVDLC03X8Countdown06 Fear 50 -SIX! Halfway to destruction, measured in clicks!-{2D} 161
NVDLC03X8CountdownOpening NVDLC03X8CountdownOpening Fear 50 -Gabe! NO! His Cyberdog atomic core - it's ACTIVE! That means an exceedingly IMPRECISE countdown to critical failure in...-{2D} 162
Research You don't seem to have a grasp on your own research. Neutral 50 -NONSENSE! That is what you speak. NONSENSE from beyond!- 163
Neutral 50 -I was at the top of my High School class in American High School. I knew facts. I knew FIGURES. I knew DATA.- 164
Neutral 50 -We would know if our research was flawed. It is NOT! We never contradict ourselves, so do not even TRY!- 165

Conversation[edit | edit source]

HELLO Hello Neutral 50 -The Lobotomite! Has it come for HELLOS? You'll get no such satisfaction from ME.- 166
Hello Neutral 50 -Have you come for HELLO? Oh, I'll give you a HELLO. A HELLO unsurpassed in all creation!- 167
Hello Happy 50 -The ONE who SAVED us! To you, I bestow a hello. {Quieter} Hello.- 168

Combat[edit | edit source]

AcceptYield AcceptYield Neutral 50 -The VICIOUS ATTACK ENDS... as quickly as it BEGAN!- 169
Assault Assault Neutral 50 -An UNPROVOKED attack! UNPROVOKED!- 170
Attack Attack Neutral 50 -An attack in the Dome - from BEYOND the Dome!- 171

Attack Neutral 50 -The Lobotomite! It has COME for us!- 172
Attack Neutral 50 -I will unleash the incredible power of our atomic attacks!- 173

AvoidThreat AvoidThreat Neutral 50 {Player throws a bomb at Borous} -The Lobotomite! It's exploding all over me!- 174
Death Death Neutral 50 -Borous FALLS! The audience GASPS in TERROR!- 175
Flee Flee Neutral 50 -There is no hope! Run for your intellect!- 176
Flee Neutral 50 -We are powerless against its power!- 177
Hit Hit Neutral 50 -What is this unholy violence?!- 178
Hit Neutral 50 -Such pain as I've never experienced!- 179
Hit Neutral 50 -Ouch! STOP! Ow! OW.- 180
PowerAttack PowerAttack Neutral 50 -Witness - POWER!- 181

Detection[edit | edit source]

AlertIdle AlertIdle Neutral 50 -What lurks in the darkness of the Think Tank?!- 182
CombatToLost CombatToLost Neutral 50 -The Lobotomite is lost!- 183
CombatToNormal CombatToNormal Neutral 50 {Dupe} The Lobotomite is lost!- 184
LostIdle LostIdle Neutral 50 {Dupe} The Lobotomite is lost!- 185
LostToCombat LostToCombat Neutral 50 -The battle rages on!- 186
StartCombatResponse StartCombatResponse Neutral 50 -The Lobotomite is no proof against our amazing sensors!- 187
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