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This is a transcript for dialogue with Courier's brain.

Topics Edit

GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Go on, go on! You've wasted enough of my valuable time. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Well? What are you waiting for? Get moving and leave me in peace. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 No time to waste! Go deal with the Think Tank! 3
GREETING Neutral 50 Oh! Don't worry about me. We can talk more when we're both back at the Sink. 4
GREETING Neutral 50 I'll see you at the Sink. Good luck. 5
GREETING Neutral 50 Ugh! It's bad enough the indignities you've put me through, must you continue to prattle on at me? 6
GREETING Neutral 50 {Sincere} Nice to see you back. I trust the adventuring is going well. 7
GREETING Neutral 50 Oh, it's you again. What do you want? 8
GREETING Neutral 50 Well, well, look who finally dragged themselves in out of the Wasteland. And where have we been, hmm? Crawling through pits of radioactive muck again? 9
GREETING Neutral 50 {Sarcastic} Ah, the meat has returned. Lovely. 10
GREETING Neutral 50 < Player Brain Top Level Topics > 11
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03BrainTankTopic000 Fine, you've got a deal. Neutral 50 {Surprised} Really? Hmm. I didn't expect you to actually agree to that. I'm afraid that was a bit of a bluff, really. I'm not going with you. 12
Fine, you've got a deal. Neutral 50 Right. A deal it is, then. Glad to hear it. 13
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic000 Are you... my brain? Neutral 50 Ah, lovely, figured that out, have we? {slightly baby-talking, praising a small and stupid child} Would you like a cookie? 14
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic001 Why are you such a dick? Neutral 50 Well, that's a fine how-do-you-do! Me! A, quote, dick, unquote. As if I'm the one responsible for the way you carry on, gadding about the Wastes. 15
Neutral 50 I'm not the one that makes us clamber around tetanus-infested ancient Vaults or go charging off to New Vegas on missions of ill-conceived revenge! 16
Neutral 50 And have we forgotten who got us shot in the head and buried in a shallow grave? Hmm? Do you think I enjoyed that little moment? 17
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic002 Listen, you're my brain, so you'd better be more respectful! Neutral 50 {Sarcastic} Oh, had I? What exactly will you do if I don't? {emph} Not put me back in that cranial {dungeon} donjon you call your head? Heavens forbid! 18
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic003 Actually, yes. I would love a cookie. Neutral 50 {Beat, stunned that the player would actually say this} I... {sigh} ugh... is this really what I have to look forward to? 19
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic004 Come on, let's go. We're getting out of here. Neutral 50 Ew! Crawl back in there? Are you mad? I don't know where you've been! 20
Neutral 50 For all I know, you're riddled with disease, or packing one of those delightful head wounds you seem to attract! 21
Neutral 50 I'm not crawling back into your head just to ooze right back out again! 22
So... what do you say, brain? Join me for some more wild adventures? Neutral 50 Well... I suppose you've convinced me well enough. I'll rejoin your body if that's your final decision. 23
Neutral 50 Unfortunately, before we get to that stage of the proceedings, we have a problem. 24
Neutral 50 Even if I could settle myself back in your skull and reconnect all those pesky nerve endings, Dr. Mobius doesn't have the tools here. 25
Neutral 50 We would have to make use of Dr. Klein's lab, and I rather doubt the brains are inclined to share. 26
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic005 Why does my brain sound so... masculine? Neutral 50 Ah, well, as to that... you'd be surprised how hard a feminine-sounding voice modulator is to find in the Forbidden Zone. 27
Neutral 50 It's not as though brain-sustaining life support tanks grow on trees. I had to take what I could get. 28
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic006 How the hell did Mobius get hold of my brain? Neutral 50 After the Think Tank extracted me from your skull, they fell to bickering amongst themselves. I'm sad to say we were quite forgotten about. 29
Neutral 50 Dr. Mobius saw an opportunity to gain some leverage, and had me spirited away to his dome. 30
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic007 Cool! I can talk to my own brain! Can my heart and spine talk, too? Neutral 50 {Taken aback by the player's statement} Err... yes, well, you do know that those particular organs don't have neurons and are thus incapable of speech, yes? 31
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic008 This is too weird. I'll be back later. Neutral 50 Barring the unlikely event that I evolve some sort of rocket-propelled locomotion, I will be here. 32
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic009 Of course you're responsible! You're my brain! Neutral 50 {Outrage} I most certainly am not! I am the seat of all reason and logic in our little partnership! 33
Of course you're responsible! You're my brain! Neutral 50 All those... {vague disgust} feelings that motivate you, that sense of righteousness and that rush you get when you help someone, do you know where those come from? 34
Of course you're responsible! You're my brain! Neutral 50 All those... {vague disgust} ugh... feelings that motivate you, those urges to hurt people, to take and crush and maim, do you know where they come from? 35
Of course you're responsible! You're my brain! Neutral 50 All those... {vague disgust} ugh... feelings that motivate you, do you know where those come from? 36
Of course you're responsible! You're my brain! Neutral 50 Glands. They come from glands. Free of the tyranny of your ape-like and primitive endocrine system, I can see how foolish your motives are. 37
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic010 Oh come on, that stuff's fun! Neutral 50 {Rising emphasis with each word} Fun? Fun?! Is tetanus fun? Hmm? Is rickets? What about {SEP-sis} sepsis, enjoy that do we? 38
Neutral 50 The things you do with our body are suicidally dangerous, and if you could silence your glandular impulses, you would hear me screaming at you! 39
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic011 I didn't realize it caused you so much distress. Neutral 50 {Mollified, but still pretending to pout a little} Well, maybe next time you hear me telling you that charging a Nightkin with a penknife is a bad idea, you'll listen. 40
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic012 We'll revisit this topic later. Neutral 50 Oh yes, I rather expect we will. We'll be having a {emph} very long talk about crawling through old ruins, haring off on missions of revenge. {Beat, these are the worst of all} And Cazadores. 41
Neutral 50 Oh yes, we'll talk a lot about {emph} them. 42
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic013 I could smash this tank you're in. How about that? Neutral 50 By all means, if the idea of spending the rest of your days as a true Lobotomite appeals to you. 43
Neutral 50 Actually, come to think of it, you probably wouldn't mind that, would you? 44
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic014 Once you're back in my head, I'll watch television. Lots. And lots. Of television. Neutral 50 {Actually scared for once} You... you wouldn't! That's inhuman! 45
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic015 Fine, never mind. Neutral 50 {Smug} Yes, I rather thought so. 46
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic016 Don't tempt me, brain. Neutral 50 {Sulking} Fine. I'll try to respect you more. Sir. 47
Don't tempt me, brain. Neutral 50 {Sulking} Fine. I'll try to respect you more. Ma'am. 48
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic017 I would. And I'd follow it up with an alcohol-and-ant-nectar cocktail every night. Neutral 50 You're a monster! A deranged, self-destructive monster! 49
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic018 Maybe not, but it got your attention, didn't it? Neutral 50 I suppose it did. {Acid} Bravo, you've managed to intimidate a brain in a jar. 50
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic019 Never mind. I want to talk about something else. Neutral 50 Of course you do. How... scintillating. 51
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic020 I don't recall giving you a choice. Let's go. Neutral 50 While the brute force approach is a lovely one, really, it won't work. 52
I don't recall giving you a choice. Let's go. Neutral 50 Even if I wanted to settle myself back in your skull and go to all the trouble of reconnecting nerve endings, Dr. Mobius doesn't have the tools here. 53
Neutral 50 We would have to make use of Dr. Klein's lab, and I rather doubt the brains are inclined to share. 54
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic021 What's it going to take to convince you? Neutral 50 I'd like to find a nice little place to live, maybe in Goodsprings, and settle down where we won't get shot at. Not as often, at any rate. 55
Neutral 50 But since that doesn't seem likely... what's your plan? 56
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic022 Come on, we have a duty to the Wasteland, we have to get out of here! Neutral 50 There go those glands again. Is the endorphin rush you get from doing the right thing really that good? 57
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic023 I'm not spending the rest of my life here when there's a whole world to loot. Neutral 50 Ah yes, there's that greed and general sense of malice. I'd nearly forgotten it. What's the plan, then? 58
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic024 Hold that thought, we'll come back to it. Neutral 50 Heh. Hold that thought. That's almost clever. 59
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic025 Why? They promised to put us back together once I did what they wanted. Neutral 50 And you believed them? Really? I know you were recently deprived of my fabulous advice, but... really? 60
Neutral 50 Once I'm delivered into their clutches, they'll find a way past the radar fence and the whole Mojave will be their playground. 61
Neutral 50 And that is assuming of course that one of them doesn't take a fancy to our body and decide to slip his own brain into it instead. 62
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic026 Then let's go make them share. Come on, brain, it's stomping time! Neutral 50 Oh, lovely, we've reached the mindless violence portion of the program. Tell me, what exactly are you - and I use the word loosely - planning? 63
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic027 How did he manage that? Neutral 50 I don't know. I'm afraid the trauma of our separation rendered me quite insensate. I didn't come around until I was safely ensconced in this tank. 64
Neutral 50 I'm quite sure whatever he did was highly scientific, though. 65
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic028 Hmm. Let me think about this. Neutral 50 Ha! Thinking without a brain. The very idea is perverse. 66
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic029 If the Think Tank won't hold up their bargain, we'll make them. Let's go. Neutral 50 {Sigh} Very well, I suppose I have no choice. Goodbye peaceful, soothing brain jar, hello head wounds and scorpions. 67
If the Think Tank won't hold up their bargain, we'll make them. Let's go. Neutral 50 Right! Look out, Think Tank! This brain is coming out of its jar! 68
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic030 I'll handle the brains. You stay here - you'll be more useful outside my head. Neutral 50 That arrangement suits me fine. Do try not to get too many holes drilled in your head, will you? I may want to drop by for sentimental reasons. 69
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic031 That seems like a pretty unlikely coincidence. Neutral 50 Hardly. Dr. Mobius keeps a close optical sensor on the goings-on at the Think Tank. As soon as he saw the opportunity, he took it. 70
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic032 Well, that answers that. On to something else. Neutral 50 Well, as long as your curiosity is satisfied. 71
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic033 You talk a lot of science, brain, but you don't make a lot of sense. Neutral 50 {Sigh} Very well, let me put this in terms you'll understand. Brain: smart. Heart: stupid. Spine: very stupid. You: exceptionally stupid. 72
Neutral 50 Does that explain the matter? 73
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic034 Well, you don't have a mouth, but you can talk. Explain that, smarty-pants! Neutral 50 I don't have... {vague disgust} Ugh! I have an inferior frontal gyrus wired directly into a speech-synthesizing processor. 74
Neutral 50 Your heart can't be wired up to a... a thought-synthesizing processor! You can't talk to it! 75
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic035 Uh, brain? You seem... awful smart all of a sudden. Neutral 50 I've been bettering myself, I'll have you know. I've been reading - actual literature, mind you, not that ¡La Fantoma! or Tæles of Chivalrie drivel. 76
Neutral 50 I've been studying the classics, acquiring a solid grounding in medicine and the sciences. 77
Neutral 50 Also, I'm fairly certain this tank has been liberally salted with ground Mentats. 78
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic036 All this smart-talk is hurting my head. Please stop it. Neutral 50 Well, we certainly wouldn't want to strain your comprehension, would we? 79
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic037 What about my spine? Neutral 50 {Anguished noise of frustration} Argh! 80
{Medicine 55}
But you're the source of most of those glands. Unless you're arguing that my thyroid is to blame. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] I... well... look, it's all a very complex system of biofeedback and other things I wouldn't expect you to understand. 81
That doesn't seem quite right... Neutral 50 [FAILED] And you're an expert on your own glandular delusions, are you? No, leave this one to an impartial authority: me. 82
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic039 Admit it. You're just as glandular as I am. Neutral 50 Oh, all right... perhaps I am, but at least I'm logical about it. 83
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic040 What's so bad about letting the brains get out? They don't seem that terrible. Neutral 50 Don't seem so bad? They vivisected us just to see what would happen! Have you forgotten the Lobotomites? The Cyberdogs, I assume you saw those? 84
Neutral 50 Imagine that kind of "science" spread across the entire Mojave. Every man, woman and child we've met reduced to a Lobotomite. 85
Neutral 50 Is that what you want? 86
{Speech check 75}
You're part of me. I know you don't want to let that happen any more than I do. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] {Sigh, realizes the player is right.} Well, I suppose I do miss those endorphin rushes when we save the day. All right - what's the plan? 87
Come on! We have to stop them! And stuff! Neutral 50 [FAILED] We have to do no such thing! Just don't bring them the tools they need to get out! 88
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic042 That's going to be a problem. Until they fix me, I can't leave Big Mountain either. Neutral 50 Hmm, I had overlooked that particular angle. Still, it's not so bad staying here, is it? We could be comfortable. 89
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic043 Are you really saying you'd let the Think Tank outwit us? Neutral 50 {Indignant} You're trying to appeal to my ego now, aren't you? Well, let me tell you something about ego, my friend. 90
Neutral 50 Ego does {emph} not come from a gland. That's all intellect, and I'll be damned if I'm going to float here and let them put one over on us! What's the plan? 91
{Guns 75+}
I'm going to give them a demonstration of the physics behind small, fast-moving chunks of lead. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Hmm... now that you mention it, I do miss that lovely "rat-a-tat boom" a bit. It's just not the same without a body to feel the recoil. 92
Neutral 50 What's the next step, then? 93
I'm going to introduce them to a world of pain. Bullet pain. Neutral 50 [FAILED] Yes, I think you haven't quite got the hang of punning yet. 94
{Energy Weapons 75+}
I'm going to show them what's really the brightest thing in the room. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Oh, energy weapons. Yes... I'd almost forgotten how much fun those are. How do we proceed, then? 95
We've got lasers, right? I thought we'd use lasers. Neutral 50 [FAILED] I hate to say it, but your ability to handle high-tech energy weapons doesn't exactly instill within me great confidence. 96
{Explosives 75+}
Ever had a squirrel brain omelet? That, but on a bigger scale. And with bombs. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Well, you have always been thorough in your destruction. All right, what's your plan? 97
I think bombs? Yeah, maybe bombs. Neutral 50 [FAILED] I see. And you plan to be standing in the midst of this mayhem? Well, that's a novel strategy. 98
{Melee 75+}
The brains have forgotten the little things. Things like sharp blades and heavy chunks of steel. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Going the old-fashioned route, are we? I rather like it. What's next? 99
I thought since they like lasers so much, I'd surprise them. With a club or something. Neutral 50 [FAILED] Before you go that route, do me a favor and read up on the history of battles in which men with swords fought giant brains with lasers. 100
{Unarmed 75+}
I'm going to show them even a video screen can get a black eye. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Not much of one for the high-tech approach, are we? Well, I suppose we'd best get on with it. 101
I sort of thought I'd just start punching things and see where that gets me. Neutral 50 [FAILED] Hmm... yes, I don't think you've {emph} quite thought this through yet. 102
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic049 Let's just say violence is the last resort of the civilized man, and I'm feeling mighty uncivilized. Neutral 50 With an attitude like that, it's small wonder you got yourself shot in the head. 103
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic050 There's no need to be sarcastic. Meeting your own brain is a slightly odd event. Neutral 50 Yes, well, believe me, the opposite is equally true. Good Lord, have you bathed at all since they pulled me out of you? 104
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic051 Yes. Because running around a crater full of bizarre science experiments, hygiene is a top priority. Neutral 50 Well, I see sarcasm hasn't eluded you. Fine, perhaps now isn't the best time, but it's the principle of the thing. 105
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic052 I've been busy. Neutral 50 {sarcastic, maybe a little baby-talk} Oh yes, I rather expect you have. You must have been swamped, you poor dear. Why don't you relax and put your feet up? 106
Neutral 50 I've just been traumatically scooped out of my body and plugged into this jar, that's all. But, you've been {emph} busy. 107
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic053 What about you? That tank isn't exactly looking springtime fresh. Neutral 50 {Taken aback, player has caught him} I... well... that's a completely different matter! The tank isn't biological, it's not the same at all! 108
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic054 Don't you want to be reunited? I thought you'd be happy to get back into my head! Neutral 50 I'm not going to lie to you, the prospect is definitely not that appealing. 109
Neutral 50 Look at it from my perspective. Here, I have peace, quiet, and safety - well, barring the odd rogue scorpion. 110
Neutral 50 In your head, I've got poison, radiation, grisly injuries, and biological functions. 111
Neutral 50 Do you know how much more you can get done when you're not constantly looking for places to urinate? It's quite a lot, I can tell you. 112
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic055 But what about the good things? What about a cool breeze on your cheek, the smell of food... love? Neutral 50 Overrated biological feedback. Believe me, you only feel that way because you've got all that meat... oozing hormones. 113
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic056 But what about the good things? What about crushing those who oppose you, the smell of fire... loot? Neutral 50 All motivated by nothing but an imbalance in certain brain chemicals. The tank corrects for that - I feel no urge toward antisocial behavior. 114
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic057 I can see your point. What can I do to make this a fair compromise? Neutral 50 If you want me back, we need to establish some ground rules. 115
Neutral 50 First, showers! Second, regular check-ups. {emph} Regular, mind you, and from a reputable doctor. 116
I can see your point. What can I do to make this a fair compromise? Neutral 50 That Julie Farkas woman, for example. She seems to know a thing or two. 117
I can see your point. What can I do to make this a fair compromise? Neutral 50 Third, you need to listen to me more than your hormonal choir and genitalian orchestra. Promise me that, and you've got a deal. 118
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic058 Too bad. I've got arms, you don't. You're coming with me. Neutral 50 I can see there's going to be no reasoning with you at all, is there? I'm nothing more than a slave to your deranged, glandular whims. 119
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic059 Come on, you're my brain and I'm your body. This is meant to be, baby! Neutral 50 {DUPE} {Dawning revulsion} Are you... are you coming on to me?! Sweet Lord, I don't even have the words for how repugnantly wrong that is! 120
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic060 Come on, you're my brain and I'm your body. This is meant to be, baby! Neutral 50 {Dawning revulsion} Are you... are you coming on to me?! Sweet Lord, I don't even have the words for how repugnantly wrong that is! 121
Come on, you're my brain and I'm your body. This is meant to be, baby! Neutral 50 Please tell me we weren't that perverse when I was in your head. 122
Come on, you're my brain and I'm your body. This is meant to be, baby! Neutral 50 {Shaking off the horror} Anyways, even if... {disgust} that... was on the table, we have a problem. 123
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic061 I promise I'll take better care of myself. Neutral 50 Even if I believe you - and I'm not saying I do - we still have one significant problem we're facing. 124
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic062 <Lie> I promise I'll take better care of myself. Neutral 50 Even if I believe you - and I'm not saying I do - we still have one significant problem we're facing. 125
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic063 Come on, you're my brain and I'm your body. This is meant to be, baby! Neutral 50 {DUPE} {Dawning revulsion} Are you... are you coming on to me?! Sweet Lord, I don't even have the words for how repugnantly wrong that is! 126
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic064 Come on, you're my brain and I'm your body. This is meant to be, baby! Neutral 50 {DUPE} {Dawning revulsion} Are you... are you coming on to me?! Sweet Lord, I don't even have the words for how repugnantly wrong that is! 127
{Speech 75+}
Isn't it just as true that you only feel this way because you're lacking those hormones? Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Hmm... I suppose you're right. That does call certain assumptions into question, doesn't it? 128
You can't really believe that. Neutral 50 [FAILED] I don't "believe" it, it's just a simple fact. One may as well "believe" the earth is round or that the specific gravity of uranium is 18.9. 129
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic066 So, we're at an impasse. You can't feel what I feel, and I can't think the way you think. Neutral 50 Indeed. Quite the conundrum. How do you suppose we resolve it? 130
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic067 Yeah, bet you didn't think of that, huh? Neutral 50 Yes yes, all right, bravo, you've come up with something I neglected to consider. There'll be no living with you now. So, what do we do about this? 131
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic068 Look what happened to the Think Tank. Do you want to end up like them after a few hundred years? Neutral 50 It's true, the brains here have experienced some degree of... deterioration. I'm confident that with a few decades of work, I can solve the problem. 132
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic069 I think we have to trust each other and acknowledge that we aren't complete if we're separated. Neutral 50 I suppose there might be some advantage to that, yes. There's a chance that the re-integration would create some improved synergy between us. 133
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic070 Well... maybe we could keep going like this. What do you think? Neutral 50 You mean, I'll stay in my tank and you'll stay in your... skin... and we'll each handle our own areas of expertise? 134
Neutral 50 Hmm, I certainly like the sound of that. 135
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic071 I don't know. I have to think about this some more. Neutral 50 Yes of course, by all means take your time. 136
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic072 So, what, you'd rather just stay here? Never leaving that tank of... whatever that stuff is? Neutral 50 Well, certainly there might be some things I miss about being ambulatory. We have seen some incredible sights, haven't we? 137
So, what, you'd rather just stay here? Never leaving that tank of... whatever that stuff is? Neutral 50 Jason Bright and his followers launching into the vast unknown. 138
So, what, you'd rather just stay here? Never leaving that tank of... whatever that stuff is? Neutral 50 HELIOS One coming back on-line. 139
So, what, you'd rather just stay here? Never leaving that tank of... whatever that stuff is? Neutral 50 But still, given the tremendous, potentially life-ending peril that went along with those... yes. Yes, I'd rather stay here. 140
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic073 Well, if you like being stuck in there so much, maybe I'll just leave you. Neutral 50 {Sarcasm, mock-pleading} Oh no! Please don't leave me here in this nice, safe dome where I have access to nutritive fluids and a fully indexed library! 141
Neutral 50 Please don't deprive me of being dragged through a landscape so bleak, it was actually improved by the end of the world! 142
Neutral 50 I don't know how I could bear it. 143
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic074 What would happen to me if I left you here? Neutral 50 Hmm. Let me see... I suppose you'd continue on much as you are now, using that synthetic thinking machine to do the heavy lifting. 144
Neutral 50 Unless of course the batteries run out, but that seems unlikely. 145
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic075 Why did you never say anything about how you felt before? Neutral 50 What did you think all those self-preservation instincts were, hmm? 146
Neutral 50 All those times you thought, for a fleeting second, "maybe I shouldn't punch that Deathclaw in the face?" 147
Neutral 50 That was me, telling you {emph} exactly how I felt before! 148
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic076 And if I put you back? Neutral 50 I'm not entirely sure. I suppose there's a chance that the re-integration would create some improved synergy between us. 149
Neutral 50 What form that might take, though, I cannot say. 150
{Science 75+}
Then surely you've taken into account the corrosive effects of long-term exposure to biogel. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Of course I accounted for that! Do you think I'm so stupid... no, you're right. 151
Neutral 50 Maintaining my current functionality will be harder than I thought. This bears some further looking into. 152
You really think you're smarter than the Think Tank and Dr. Mobius combined? Neutral 50 [FAILED] Actually, yes. I do think that. I think that exact thing. All the time. 153
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic078 Fine, you can stay here. Not like I need this hassle. Neutral 50 {Acid} Oh, no, you don't need this hassle. You're too busy treating your body like a canvas of sucking flesh wounds to deal with your brain! 154
Maybe I have been a little unfair. If you want to stay here, I'll let you. Neutral 50 {A little awkward, trying not to sound offensive} Ugh... It's not that I didn't like being in your head, you understand. As far as heads go, it was a rather nice one. 155
Neutral 50 Well, then. I suppose this is goodbye for now. What will you do? 156
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic080 Maybe I'll explore the Big Mountain more before I go back to the Think Tank. Neutral 50 Will you take some free advice from your brain? Don't trust the Think Tank. They aren't... right. In the brain, I mean. 157
Neutral 50 They're fiercely protective of their technology, and none of them is likely to share it willingly. 158
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic081 Okay, then. I'm going. Neutral 50 Good, go! 159
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic082 I will! Neutral 50 Fine! 160
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic083 I've changed my mind. I want you back in my skull after all. Neutral 50 {Sarcasm} Oh, what joy. What bliss. Well, seeing as how I have no leverage with which to persuade you otherwise... are you sure? 161
I've thought it over, and I want you back in my head. We're both stronger together. Neutral 50 I've come to a similar conclusion myself. Are you sure that's what you want? 162
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic084 Great! Neutral 50 I know it's great! 163
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic087 < Do Not Translate - Player Brain Expository topics> Neutral 50 I suppose now that we're reunited, you'll want to fill your torso up with those other meaty parts the Think Tank took from us. 164
Neutral 50 Personally, I think your upgrades are quite a bit better, but now that I'm with you the Sink's Auto-Doc can plug them back in, no problem. 165
Neutral 50 Right, then, off we go. Klein will be in for a nasty shock when he realizes the pacification field won't work on a mind and body reunited. 166
< Do Not Translate - Player Brain Expository topics> Neutral 50 Right, then - you'd best be off, hadn't you? The Think Tank will be waiting. 167
Neutral 50 Oh, don't worry about me - when you're gone, I'll flush myself over to the Sink. It's amazing how far you can get in this place with a good flush. 168
Neutral 50 I'll keep myself hidden in the ductwork - Klein won't suspect I'm inside the Dome, so he won't know the pacification field no longer works on us. 169
Neutral 50 I can also upgrade the Sink's Auto-Doc with the procedures to reinstall your heart and spine - assuming you want all that flesh and gristle back. 170
Neutral 50 With any luck, I'll see you in the Sink when this is all over. 171
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic088 I'm sure. In you go. Neutral 50 Fine. I hope you'll pay a bit more attention to me this time around. 172
I'm sure. In you go. Neutral 50 All right. This shouldn't be too painful... 173
NVDLC03DialoguePlayerBrainNVDLC03PlayerBrainTankTopic089 On second thought, never mind. Neutral 50 {Sarcasm} Well, the important thing is that you're good and decisive about these things. 174
I think I need to think about it some more. Neutral 50 Certainly. Whenever you're ready. 175
NVDLC03EndingSlideBrain NVDLC03EndingSlideBrain Neutral 50 {Narration} {PC took brain back} The Courier, organs intact, continued onwards, a little less heavy of step, but with all the organs in the right places. As they should be. 176
Neutral 50 {Narration} {Knowingly} After all, brains can develop a life of their own when left to their own thoughts, and the Courier's brain was more clever than most. 177
NVDLC03EndingSlideBrain Neutral 50 {Narration} {PC left brain in tank} The Courier left the brain at the Big Empty. A strange thing to say, but it was the truth. Brains are less important than they may seem. 178
Neutral 50 {Narration} When the Courier's body finally passed, the brain was saddened. It kept on, remembering the vessel that had once contained it. 179
NVDLC03EndingSlideBrainOut NVDLC03EndingSlideBrainOut Neutral 50 {Narration} {Bad Karma} And so it burbled and bubbled inside its tank, smug that it still could dream {emph} its future without {Emph, disdain} glands getting in the way. 180
Neutral 50 {Narration} In time, however, it became so self-obsessed it wondered if perhaps nothing existed except itself. 181
Neutral 50 {Narration} It decided to test this by turning the weapons of the Big Empty against each other and seeing what happened. 182
Neutral 50 {Narration} {Quiet} The answer is lost to history, {beat, wary} as is much of the Mojave. 183
NVDLC03EndingSlideBrainOut Neutral 50 {Narration} {Good or Neutral Karma} Even at the end when it started to fail, however, the brain resisted going into a floating chassis like the Think Tank. 184
Neutral 50 {Narration} It never said why. Perhaps it was out of respect for the Courier's body. 185
Neutral 50 {Narration} {Quiet, respectful} All things must come to an end, and to hang on to the past is something that's not to be undertaken lightly. 186
NVDLC03EndingSlideFlag09 NVDLC03EndingSlideFlag09 Neutral 50 {Narration} {Good or Neutral Karma} With the Courier at the helm, Science became a beacon for the future. 187
Neutral 50 {Narration} There was Old World Blues, and New World Hope. {Beat} And hope ruled the day at Big {Mountain} MT. 188
NVDLC03EndingSlideFlag09 Neutral 50 {Narration} {Bad Karma} {Sad} With the Courier at the helm, it was all this and more. 189
Neutral 50 {Narration} Old World Blues, New World Misery - the two became one in the Courier's shadow. 190

Conversation Edit

NVDLC03PlayerBrainBarks NVDLC03PlayerBrainBarks Neutral 50 <Humming> 191
NVDLC03PlayerBrainBarks Neutral 50 Let's see... 4... 5... 8... 1... 5... 1... yes! That's it! I've calculated pi to the very end! 192
NVDLC03PlayerBrainBarks Neutral 50 It's not that I want to be a Robobrain exactly, but... some treads would be nice. 193
NVDLC03PlayerBrainBarks Neutral 50 {Singing -} A British tar is a soaring soul, as free as a mountain bird... 194
NVDLC03PlayerBrainBarks Neutral 50 How's the body doing? Any fresh head wounds I should know about? 195
NVDLC03PlayerBrainBarks Neutral 50 How are the old batteries holding up, hmm? Experiencing any slowdowns yet? 196
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