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This is a transcript for dialogue with Waking Cloud.

Topics[edit | edit source]

FollowersAcknowledgeMyOrder FollowersAcknowledgeMyOrder Neutral 50 As you say. 1
It's time for us to part ways.
Go back to your people's camp. Neutral 50 Daniel was firm about my staying with you. Are you certain? 2
FollowersFiredNo On second thought, stick with me for a little longer. Neutral 50 Good. Daniel's decisions are wise. You are wise for respecting them. 3
FollowersFiredYes Yes, I'm sure. Neutral 50 If that is your wish, I cannot change your mind. I will wait for you at the Sorrows' camp until you return. 4
I think we should travel together.
I want you to travel with me. Neutral 50 I am happy to offer you what guidance I can. Let's go. 5
FollowersLetsGo Let's get going. Neutral 50 I walk in your footsteps. 6
FollowersOverburdened FollowersOverburdened Neutral 50 I will be more useful to you traveling light. 7
FollowersStealthing FollowersStealthing Neutral 50 We pass like moonlight on still water. 8
FollowersTactics Let's talk about your tactics. Neutral 50 Battle is not my strongest skill, but I am eager to learn from you. 9
FollowersTacticsCombat I want you to change your combat style. Neutral 50 How shall I fight? 10
FollowersTacticsCombatAggressive I want you to attack enemies the moment you see them. Neutral 50 Isn't a more diplomatic approach preferable? {Slight sigh} Very well, but I'm not comfortable with this. 11
Let's talk about something else.
That's it for your tactics. Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 What did you have in mind? 12
FollowersTacticsCombatGOODBYE That's all. Let's get going. Neutral 50 I will try to follow your example. 13
FollowersTacticsCombatMelee Switch to a melee weapon. Neutral 50 I will fight with my fists as best I can. 14
FollowersTacticsCombatPassive I want you not to attack enemies unless I've already engaged them. Neutral 50 That seems sensible. I'd prefer to let you choose the targets. 15
FollowersTacticsCombatRanged I want you to use ranged weapons. Neutral 50 My skills lie elsewhere, but I will do as you bid. 16
FollowersTacticsDistance Let's talk about how close you're following me. Neutral 50 How close do you prefer me to follow? 17
FollowersTacticsDistanceDefault Stay close to me. Neutral 50 I will do my best to stay close. 18
FollowersTacticsDistanceEND Your distance is good. Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 What else is there to talk about? 19
FollowersTacticsDistanceGOODBYE All right, you're good. Let's get out of here. Neutral 50 Off we go, then. 20
FollowersTacticsDistanceLong Keep your distance. Try to flank them. Neutral 50 I'll give you room to work, then. 21
FollowersTacticsEnd Enough about tactics. Neutral 50 I will do my best to follow your requests. 22
FollowersTrade Let's trade equipment. Neutral 50 If something of mine will help you, take it. I hope you would do the same for me. 23
FollowersWait Wait here. Neutral 50 As you wish. I will wait, but please do not be gone long. 24
GREETING GREETING Happy 50 Daniel said that I was to travel with you until you have completed your scouting. Is this pleasing to you? 25
GREETING Surprise 50 Have you reconsidered allowing me to travel with you? 26
GREETING Surprise 50 You are the one Joshua Graham sent to us. Blessings of the Father in the Cave on you - Daniel is waiting for you. 27
GREETING Surprise 50 Greetings and blessings to you. Daniel still awaits you. 28
GREETING Happy 50 {I sense you.} {KAH-too Bee-oo.} Katu Veo. Blessings of the Father in the Cave on you. 29
GREETING Happy 50 {I sense you.} {KAH-too Bee-oo.} Katu Veo. 30
GREETING Neutral 50 < Do Not Record: Waking Cloud Top Level Topics > 31
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic005 What's your deal? Pained 25 Waking Cloud is my name. I am midwife to the Sorrows. It sounds ill-omened, no? "Midwife to sorrows." 32
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic006 Give me some info on this Daniel. Who is he? Happy 80 Daniel is a wise man, and a great friend to the Sorrows. He taught me to speak the language of New Canaan - the {maybe slightly mispronounce this} English from the holy books. 33
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic007 Who or what is the Father in the Cave? Surprise 75 Have you not heard of the god of the New Canaanites? He is our protector and our judge. He helped our ancestors find their place here in Zion. 34
Sad 50 He gave us many gifts, but we are not to seek him out. His caves are forbidden to us. Those who seek them out are taken from us. 35
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic008 Tell me more about your tribe. Sad 50 We have dwelt in the Narrows since the End That Came In Fire, when the Father in the Caves punished the world and made us forget the holy tongue. 36
Pained 50 We have had good relations with the other tribes in the valley. At least, before Salt-Upon-Wounds brought his White Legs here. 37
Surprise 50 We have Daniel to thank for our continued existence. His advice and help has kept the White Legs from overrunning us so far. 38
Fear 50 I do not know how long even he can protect us, though. 39
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic009 Do you have any family? Happy 50 {Fond reminiscing} I do. A fine husband and three children. I miss them each day, but I take comfort in knowing they are safe. 40
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic011 Wait, you think the survivalist is... God? Disgust 25 I do not know this "survivalist," but the Father in the Caves is the god of the New Canaanites. 41
Happy 50 I have seen the holy books, and once I even saw an image of the holy child and his mother. 42
Sad 50 Do not the New Canaanites' books say the Father gave the world his child? 43
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic012 That doesn't sound like what I've heard about the New Canaanites.... Pained 25 Perhaps you do not fully understand the New Canaanites. I have seen the Father's images. 44
Surprise 50 His holy bride and holy son were given unto the world to save it. They dwelt in the caverns of the mountains, caverns which can still be seen today. 45
Sad 50 The people sinned against Him, and were punished with the End That Came in Fire and the loss of the holy tongue. Only the New Canaanites were spared. 46
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic013 I see. That's fascinating. Pained 25 I'm sure Daniel could tell you more. His knowledge of the Father is greater than my own. 47
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic014 Holy books? Surprise 50 Yes - the language of the New Canaanites is the holy tongue, for it is the language their sacred books are written in. 48
Sad 50 The Father in the Caves brought it to them after the Judgment, but the ancestors of the Sorrows sinned against Him. They were denied the true tongue. 49
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic015 Have you known him long? Happy 50 Six years. He attended the birth of my third child. {Fond reminiscence} It was a hard birth. The River nearly carried my water to the Father, and my child's with it. 50
Happy 35 Daniel knew the ways of New Canaan's medicine. He stepped in and saved both of our lives. 51
Happy 50 After the birth, I asked Daniel if he would teach me what he knew of childbirth. He agreed, and so here I am. 52
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic016 Midwife? I haven't seen any children around. Sad 50 The children and the old have already been evacuated from the camp. They are safe enough, unless the White Legs come for us in force. 53
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic017 What do you do when you're not delivering babies? Pained 50 I tend to other hurts and sicknesses that afflict our tribe. I also scout the valley for the herbs I use in my medicines. 54
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic018 Safe? Where are they? Sad 50 When we learned that Salt-Upon-Wounds had defiled Zion with his presence, Daniel ordered the children, the old, and the sick evacuated from the camp. 55
Pained 50 My husband volunteered to lead the hunters that went with them for protection. 56
Fear 50 I try not to worry about them, but we have had no news for so long, and Daniel seems sad when I ask him about it. Sad... and a little frightened. 57
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic019 About your husband... I'm afraid he was killed by White Legs during the evacuation. Pained 50 {Shocked, disbelieving} What? No... you must be mistaken. Daniel would have told me! 58
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic020 I had other questions. Happy 50 Certainly. I am happy to share my knowledge. 59
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic021 That's all I wanted to know for now. Happy 50 Then I will look forward to our next speaking. 60
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic022 I'm afraid so. Daniel kept it from you because he thought the grief would distract you. Anger 50 How... how {emphasis} dare he? What gives him the right? I thought Daniel was my friend, but he cares nothing for the Sorrows! 61
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic023 Tell me about the Ghost of She. Sad 100 That is a sad story. I do not like to tell it, but if you are asking, it must be at White Bird's request. That, I will honor. 62
Happy 50 Long ago, a girl lived among this tribe. She was a curious child, and a clever one, and her mother had a devil's time watching over her. 63
Pained 50 One day, the child slipped away from camp and went to play in the caves nearby. The girl did not know that a Yao Guai slept in that cave. 64
Sad 100 The girl died. The tribe wept, for the girl had died before her naming day, and her ghost would remain restless and wandering upon the earth. 65
Pained 50 Many hunters tried to kill the beast, but it eluded them, or drove them off. The shaman said that since it had consumed the girl, the two were one. 66
Sad 100 So we call the beast Ghost of She, for the child had no name to be called. That is the story of the Ghost of She. It is a sad story. It is our story. 67
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic025 He was only doing what he thought was best for the tribe. It wasn't an easy choice for him. Disgust 50 Perhaps... I will have to have a {emphasis} very long talk with Daniel when all of this is over. Thank you for telling me this truth. 68
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic026 I agree. It was arrogant and cruel - not exactly the kind of thing a friend would do. Disgust 50 Arrogant... yes. I thought Daniel respected me, saw the Sorrows as his equals... but he manipulates us for his own ends. 69
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic027 You're right. Now, what are you going to do about it? Anger 50 About Daniel... I don't yet know. But I am a woman of the Sorrows, and I will have restitution for my husband. 70
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic028 Any advice on how to deal with the situation? Fear 50 You might rush them and take them by surprise. We would be badly outnumbered then, though, and these will be strong fighters. 71
Surprise 50 We might also use their superstition against them. White Leg warriors believe that to lose their totems on the eve of battle is a terrible omen. 72
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic029 So the totems are sacred to them somehow? Good to know. Happy 50 Yes. If their war totems were to... "disappear," they would likely lose the will to fight. 73
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic030 Okay then, let's get down there and take care of business. Fear 50 I will follow your command - but I advise caution if it is possible. 74
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic032 What should we do about it? Pained 50 Disarm the traps if you can - or find the White Legs who placed them and drive them off. 75
Disgust 50 Our advance scouts should be able to deal with them if they don't have to fight off raiders at the same time. 76
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic033 These traps must have come from somewhere - I bet the White Legs who placed them are still around. Anger 50 I would suspect you are right. Perhaps we should try to find them before they lay more traps? 77
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic035 Let's take care of it then. Anger 50 As you say. 78
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic036 What do you propose? Fear 50 Fighting so many at once is a dangerous prospect, unless you are a truly mighty warrior. 79
Surprise 50 This many so close together suggests a nest nearby - if we find it and destroy it, we might have better luck. 80
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic037 Big deal, I've killed worse. Surprise 50 I hope that is truth, and not a boast. But I will respect your leadership. 81
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic038 We'd better get to work then. Anger 50 I stand with you. 82
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic040 How would we do that? Surprise 50 Did Daniel not give you some of the New Canaanites' fire clay? That could easily collapse a cave and trap the beasts inside. 83
Neutral 50 Look around and see if you can find a cave nearby. It may prove easier than slaying the beasts. 84
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic041 < Waking Cloud talks about the Survivalist's cave > Fear 100 {Fearful, but more awe - this is a sacred place} We should not be here! This place... it belongs to the Father in the Caves! We must not profane it with our touch! 85
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic042 What are you talking about? Surprise 50 The Father in the Caves! The Holy Father who gave the Sorrows His succor and gave the New Canaanites His son! 86
Fear 50 Many of the caves around the valley are sacred to him, and those who would trespass are punished by holy wrath! 87
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic043 I don't have time for your religious superstitions. It's just a cave, that's all. Fear 50 It is a holy place! If we go any deeper, we will suffer for it! 88
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic044 Holy wrath. Right. I'll keep an eye out for that. Bet it looks a lot like a bear trap. Anger 50 Do not mock that which you do not know! Such talk can only anger the Father. 89
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic045 The Father in the Caves was just a man who lived a long time ago. Disgust 50 You speak as one who has not heard the tales, who has not seen the sacred images. If you knew, you would not mock. 90
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic046 I understand. I'll respect your beliefs, then, but we need to search the cave. Pained 50 I understand. I would prefer to leave as soon as possible, though. 91
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic047 Sounds good. Let's go. Surprise 50 Before we depart, our shaman, White Bird, asked me to convey his desire to speak with you. 92
Sounds good. Let's go. Happy 50 Certainly. We should make haste, then. 93
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic048 I prefer to travel alone, thanks. Sad 50 The lone Bighorner is the most vulnerable to its enemies. In the herd lies strength - if you reconsider your choice, I will be here. {in peace, go} {PAHZ pah-tah-soo-ba} Paz patasooba. 94
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic049 I like your bear glove. Where can I get one? Surprise 50 A Sorrow's Yao Guai Fist is a sacred symbol. It shows that we belong to the tribe and have willingly undertaken a dangerous quest to aid the tribe. 95
Happy 50 Each Sorrow makes his own - and only after hunting and slaying a Yao Guai that threatened our people. 96
Surprise 25 Our shaman, White Bird, oversees the rites. Perhaps if you spoke to him, he would allow you to undertake such a quest. 97
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic050 Let's talk about something else. Happy 50 What would you speak of? 98
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic051 Any idea what he wants? Neutral 50 He did not say. White Bird is notoriously close-lipped. But he is wise, and you would do well to speak to him. 99
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic051DUPLICATE000 Any idea what he wants? Surprise 50 He did not say. White Bird is notoriously close-lipped. But he is wise, and you would do well to speak to him. 100
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic052 Okay, I'll talk to him. Neutral 50 Excellent. His cave overlooks the camp - I will show you where. 101
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic052DUPLICATE000 Okay, I'll talk to him. Happy 50 Excellent. His cave overlooks the camp - I will show you where. 102
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic053 Maybe later, if there's time. Neutral 50 I do hope you will reconsider. I will point out his cave on your map, should you wish to speak to him later. 103
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic053DUPLICATE000 Maybe later, if there's time. Sad 50 As you wish. I will point out his cave on your map, should you wish to speak to him later. 104
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic054 <Lie> Daniel isn't avoiding talking about your family. He's just preoccupied with all of this. Happy 50 This is true? You spoke to him? Oh, that is a relief. {Thank you, friend.} {GRAH-sahs nah-NAY} Grasas, na'ne. 105
NVDLC02DialogueWakingCloudNVDLC02WakingCloudTopic055 I could talk to him, maybe he'll open up more to me. Happy 50 Perhaps he will. I sometimes feel he thinks he must protect me. If he has news, I would know of it. 106
NVDLC02EndingSorrows NVDLC02EndingSorrows Neutral 50 {Narration - Flee from Zion, saved lots} Daniel succeeded in leading the Sorrows out of Zion, as he had wanted to do from the start. 107
Neutral 50 {Narration} The Courier protected the Sorrows during the evacuation, ensuring that most reached their destination unharmed. 108
Neutral 50 {Narration} Over the weeks and months to come, Daniel would see to the Sorrows' resettlement in Grand Staircase. 109
Neutral 50 {Narration} Their adjustment to their new home was not without difficulty, but eventually the Sorrows came to accept the loss of Zion. 110
NVDLC02EndingSorrows Neutral 50 {Narration - Flee from Zion, many died} Daniel evacuated the Sorrows from Zion, but due to the Courier's neglect, the White Legs butchered many along the way. 111
Neutral 50 {Narration} Those who survived barely reached Grand Staircase, but once there, the Dead Horses and New Canaanites helped them settle. 112
Neutral 50 {Narration} The unfamiliarity of their new surroundings, and the loss of loved ones, evoked a terrible and lasting grief among the Sorrows. 113
Neutral 50 {Narration} For two generations, many would die still lamenting the loss of Zion. 114
NVDLC02EndingSorrows Neutral 50 {Narration - Crush the White Legs, SUW spared} The Sorrows fought beside Joshua Graham and the Dead Horses, eradicating the threat the White Legs posed to Zion. 115
Neutral 50 {Narration} Seeing the Courier convince Joshua Graham to spare Salt-Upon-Wounds, the Sorrows learned that retribution could be tempered by mercy. 116
Neutral 50 {Narration} Though he despaired at the Sorrows' loss of innocence, Daniel took some small consolation in the Courier's lesson, and prayed it would take root. 117
NVDLC02EndingSorrows Neutral 50 {Narration - Crush the White Legs, SUW executed} The Sorrows fought beside Joshua Graham and the Dead Horses, eradicating the threat the White Legs posed to Zion. 118
Neutral 50 {Narration} Watching as the Courier encouraged Joshua Graham to execute Salt-Upon-Wounds, the Sorrows learned that New Canaan offered no mercy to the wicked. 119
Neutral 50 {Narration} The Sorrows' transformation from a peaceful, timid tribe into a merciless, warlike people broke Daniel's heart. 120
Neutral 50 {Narration} Over time, the Sorrows became ever more ruthless in their dealings - even with each other. 121
Neutral 50 {Narration} Daniel traveled to and fro between the New Canaanites and Zion, continuing to plead for a return to the old ways whenever he visited. 122
Neutral 50 {Narration} Eventually, the Sorrows grew tired of his blather, and turned their backs on him. 123
NVDLC02EndingSorrows Neutral 50 {Narration - Crush the White Legs, SUW killed in combat} The Sorrows fought beside Joshua Graham and the Dead Horses, eradicating the threat the White Legs posed to Zion. 124
Neutral 50 {Narration} When the Courier and Joshua Graham felled Salt-Upon-Wounds, their victory was celebrated with a great feast. 125
Neutral 50 {Narration} The Sorrows' transformation from a peaceful, timid tribe into a proud and warlike people broke Daniel's heart. 126
Neutral 50 {Narration} He tried to take solace in the knowledge that they would remain in Zion, but it was a small comfort. The Sorrows' innocence was lost. 127
NVDLC02EndingWakingCloud NVDLC02EndingWakingCloud Neutral 50 {Narration - Daniel hides the truth} Waking Cloud turned bitter and resentful toward Daniel and the New Canaanites when she learned her husband's death had been concealed from her. 128
Neutral 50 {Narration} She poisoned some of her tribe against New Canaanite teachings, making relations between the groups difficult from time to time. 129
NVDLC02EndingWakingCloud Neutral 50 {Narration - Daniel tells Waking Cloud} Waking Cloud was distraught when she learned of her husband's death, but took comfort from her tribe, and the compassion of the New Canaanites. 130
Neutral 50 {Narration} She forgave Daniel for having concealed her husband's fate from her, and learned to accept his fate. 131
Neutral 50 {Narration} When her grief faded, she took a husband from the Dead Horse tribe. At her bidding, he stayed close to home. 132
NVDLC02FollowersTacticsGOODBYE That's all. Let's get going. Neutral 50 I will try to follow your example. 133
NVDLC02WakingCloudBurialMoundsBark < Waking Cloud Burial Mounds Bark > Neutral 50 Please be respectful here - these are the bones of our ancestors. 134
NVDLC02WakingCloudCamps < Waking Cloud talks about the White Leg Camps > Fear 50 Those tents down there - that is a White Leg war camp. Do you see the war totems they've erected around the tents? 135
Anger 50 White Leg warriors pray to them for strength and savagery before battle. This is no raiding band. 136
NVDLC02WakingCloudDocksBark < Waking Cloud Docks Bark > Neutral 50 The river is lovely at this time of day, don't you think? 137
< Waking Cloud Docks Bark > Neutral 50 The river is lovely at this time of night, don't you think? 138
NVDLC02WakingCloudGenericBarks < Waking Cloud Generic Barks > Neutral 50 It is good to travel with another. I spend so long scouting on my own that I forget what human company is like. 139
< Waking Cloud Generic Barks > Neutral 50 I have seen many strange plants in the valley - plants that seem to hunger for human flesh. Where they come from, I do not know. 140
< Waking Cloud Generic Barks > Neutral 50 White Leg attacks grow more frequent each day - I fear for our people and for our valley if something is not done. 141
< Waking Cloud Generic Barks > Neutral 50 {Praying to herself} Oh Father, guide and protect us your humble children as we labor in the vineyards, and make us strong to resist those who would steal Zion from us. 142
< Waking Cloud Generic Barks > Neutral 50 I wish you could have met my family. You would like them, I think. 143
< Waking Cloud Generic Barks > Neutral 50 Zion used to be a place of peace, you know. Daniel says that it is holy in the eyes of the Father. I hope someday you will see it as it was. 144
< Waking Cloud Generic Barks > Neutral 50 {Praying} Father, I ask that you guide this man who is the vessel of your will. Show him the light of your wisdom and the peace of your love. Amen. 145
< Waking Cloud Generic Barks > Neutral 50 {Praying} Father, I ask that you guide this woman who is the vessel of your will. Show her the light of your wisdom and the peace of your love. Amen. 146
< Waking Cloud Generic Barks > Neutral 50 Daniel says that most people outside the valley do not keep to the Father's ways. Perhaps when you leave you will carry His word with you? 147
< Waking Cloud Generic Barks > Neutral 50 When Salt-Upon-Wounds took New Canaan, he ordered the White Legs to salt the earth so nothing could grow again. What kind of monster could do that? 148
< Waking Cloud Generic Barks > Neutral 50 I know you are eager to leave Zion, but... perhaps you might find peace if you stayed. Think about it, yes? 149
NVDLC02WakingCloudGhostofSheBark < Waking Cloud Ghost of She Bark > Neutral 50 So this is the Ghost of She's lair. I was never brave enough to try to find it.... 150
NVDLC02WakingCloudMarysBark < Waking Cloud Three Marys Bark > Neutral 50 {Nervous} We should not be here! The Three Marys is where the White Legs make their camp! We should leave, quickly. 151
NVDLC02WakingCloudNarrowsBark < Waking Cloud Narrows Bark > Neutral 50 I am always a little sad to leave the Narrows, and happy to return. 152
NVDLC02WakingCloudPineCreekBark < Waking Cloud Pine Creek Bark > Neutral 50 This is Pine Creek, one of the only ways out of Zion Valley. Watch out - many dangerous beasts lair nearby. 153
NVDLC02WakingCloudSUW What do you know about Salt-Upon-Wounds? Anger 50 He is war chief of the White Legs, and the worst butcher of them all. The tribes he has crushed are many. The warriors he has slain, countless. 154
NVDLC02WakingCloudTabooBark < Waking Cloud Taboo Bark > Neutral 50 These are places of the time before. We should not be here - it is forbidden! 155
NVDLC02WakingCloudTraps < Waking Cloud talks about the sappers / traps > Surprise 50 This is the only sure path from the Narrows to Pine Creek! They will be cut to ribbons by these traps! 156
NVDLC02WakingCloudVirginBark < Waking Cloud Eastern Virgin Bark > Neutral 50 It has been some time since I visited the Dead Horses. Our tribes don't have much contact with each other. 157
NVDLC02WakingCloudYaoGuai < Waking Cloud talks about the Yao Guai > Fear 50 Yao Guai - even our strongest hunters could not hope to kill so many. There must be a nest nearby. 158

Combat[edit | edit source]

ArmorIneffective ArmorIneffective Neutral 50 I cannot defend myself against this! 159
ArmorIneffective Neutral 50 I need better armor! 160
Attack Attack Neutral 50 {Attack grunt} 161
Attack Neutral 50 This one is mine! 162
Attack Neutral 50 Yield! 163
Attack Neutral 50 I have this under control! 164
AvoidThreat AvoidThreat Neutral 50 Beware! 165
AvoidThreat Neutral 50 Danger! 166
AvoidThreat Neutral 50 Look sharp! 167
Crippled Crippled Neutral 50 {Limb crippled, in pain} I fear I will need more than my herbs to fix this.... 168
Crippled Neutral 50 {Limb crippled, in pain} This wound is grievous! I need help! 169
DeathResponse DeathResponse Neutral 50 {Sadly} This is how violence always ends.... 170
DeathResponse Neutral 50 I wish I could have saved you. 171
FireExplosive FireExplosive Neutral 50 Grenade! 172
FireExplosive Neutral 50 Watch out! 173
Flee Flee Neutral 50 We are outmatched! 174
Flee Neutral 50 They're too strong for us! 175
Flee Neutral 50 This is a battle we cannot win! 176
HealthHalf HealthHalf Neutral 50 {Half health, in pain} My wounds are getting worse! 177
HealthHalf Neutral 50 {Half health, in pain} I can't keep up this pace much longer! 178
HealthHalf Neutral 50 {Half health, in pain} I need healing powder! 179
HealthQuarter HealthQuarter Neutral 50 {Quarter health, near death} Even my best herbs won't work if I'm dead... I need help! 180
HealthQuarter Neutral 50 {Quarter health, near death} I will not leave my children orphans! 181
HealthQuarter Neutral 50 {Quarter health, near death} If I fall... save the Sorrows... please. 182
Hit Hit Neutral 50 {Got hit sound 1} 183
Hit Neutral 50 {Got hit sound 2} 184
Hit Neutral 50 {Got hit sound 3} 185
Murder Murder Neutral 50 What demon would possess you to do such a thing? 186
Murder Neutral 50 Are you suffering a brain fever? I have herbs that can curb such... violent tendencies. 187
MurderNoCrime MurderNoCrime Neutral 50 I don't much like your way of solving problems. 188
MurderNoCrime Neutral 50 I regret that necessity. 189
NoAmmo NoAmmo Neutral 50 I have no more bullets! 190
NoAmmo Neutral 50 I need a reload! 191
NoAmmo Neutral 50 My guns are empty! 192
Poisoned Poison Neutral 50 {Poisoned, woozy} I've been poisoned! 193
Poison Neutral 50 {Poisoned, woozy} This wound needs to be sucked out, quickly! 194
Poison Neutral 50 {Poisoned, woozy} I need some Radscorpion glands and Nightstalker blood to treat this poison. 195
Regenerating Regenerating Neutral 50 {Rush of health} That should keep me going a while longer. 196
Regenerating Neutral 50 {Rush of health} Much improved. 197
Regenerating Neutral 50 {Rush of health} I feel better already. 198
Steal Steal Neutral 50 Is thievery not considered wrong where you come from? 199
Steal Neutral 50 Is your need for possessions truly so great? 200
UsedDoctorBag UsedDoctorBag Neutral 50 {Healing a crippled limb, a little surprised} This is much more effective than I expected! 201
UsedDoctorBag Neutral 50 {Healing a crippled limb} If only I had more of this medicine to share with the tribe. 202
Wake Wake Neutral 50 {Waking up from being knocked out} This is not the most pleasant place I've woken up. 203
Wake Neutral 50 {Waking up from being knocked out} My head feels about to burst. At least that means I'm still alive. 204
Wake Neutral 50 {Waking up from being knocked out} Is it normal to hurt all over after a battle? 205
WeaponIneffective WeaponIneffective Neutral 50 I don't think I'm hurting them at all! 206
WeaponIneffective Neutral 50 Are you sure this weapon actually works? 207
WeaponIneffective Neutral 50 My attacks are doing nothing! 208

Detection[edit | edit source]

AlertIdle AlertIdle Neutral 50 I am not giving up the search yet. 209
AlertIdle Neutral 50 Stay cautious. 210
AlertToCombat AlertToCombat Neutral 50 Found them! 211
AlertToCombat Neutral 50 Here they are! 212
AlertToNormal AlertToNormal Neutral 50 Nothing after all. 213
AlertToNormal Neutral 50 We seem to be safe for the moment. 214
CombatToLost CombatToLost Neutral 50 I cannot find them! 215
CombatToLost Neutral 50 Where are they? 216
CombatToNormal CombatToNormal Neutral 50 Messy business - I am glad it's over. 217
CombatToNormal Neutral 50 Let's move on - I don't like to linger in this place. 218
LostIdle LostIdle Neutral 50 Do you see them? 219
LostIdle Neutral 50 Where are they? 220
LostToCombat LostToCombat Neutral 50 There you are! 221
LostToCombat Neutral 50 I found them! 222
LostToNormal LostToNormal Neutral 50 They're gone. Perhaps that means we don't have to kill them. 223
LostToNormal Neutral 50 I think our enemy has fled. 224
NormalToAlert NormalToAlert Neutral 50 Shh! Did you hear something? 225
NormalToAlert Neutral 50 I think I saw something.... 226
NormalToCombat StartCombat Neutral 50 You leave me no choice! 227
StartCombat Neutral 50 I'll fight you if I must! 228
StartCombatResponse StartCombatResponse Neutral 50 I'm with you. 229
StartCombatResponse Neutral 50 Let's go! 230
StartCombatResponse Neutral 50 For the Sorrows! 231
StartCombatResponse Neutral 50 Hyah! 232
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