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This is a transcript for dialogue with Ricky.

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GREETING GREETING Anger 50 {Male PC} You looking for trouble, bud? I got plenty to spare, so watch your ass around me. 1
GREETING Happy 50 {Female PC} {lecherous} Hey, little lady. Don't be scared to join this caravan! I'll keep a close eye on you - real close. Promises. 2
GREETING Anger 50 {impatient} Yeah? What's it this time? 3
GREETING Anger 50 {the player ruined everything for you} Fuck off, okay? I hate you! 4
GREETING Happy 50 I may have been exaggerating a little. Truth is, I got this suit and the Pit-Boy off a dead prospector who came out from Zion. 5
Anger 50 Guy was dead when I found him, okay? Had a ton of shit on him. That's how I know there's good loot in Zion, see? 6
GREETING Neutral 50 {don't bother me} Fuck off, I'm busy! 7
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic000 You're saying that you killed a Brotherhood of Steel Paladin? Neutral 50 {you don't know what a "Paladin" is} What's it sound like I'm saying? If I was saying what you said I was saying, then yeah, I said it! 8
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic001 Please go on. This promises to be entertaining. Anger 50 I was walking along, minding my own, and up pops one of them Brotherhoods. He yells {imitate authoritarian voice} "Hand over that laser rifle, asshole!" 9
Fear 50 So I hand it over, just to make him think I'm scared! But really I'm not! I never am! 10
Happy 50 Before he knows what hit him, I draw my 11mm{millimeter} machinegun and BAM! BAM! Right through the eyeslit in his helmet! D.O.A.! 11
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic002 You do anything around here, besides talk too much? Neutral 50 You want to know what I do, Bud? Anything I fucking want! 12
You do anything around here, besides make women sick? Anger 50 You want to know what I do, Toots? Anything I fucking want! 13
You do anything around here, besides talk too much? Anger 50 I'm one of a kind! I been places, see? And done things - lots of them! 14
Anger 50 And when it's time to kill shit up? Hell yeah, I'm a fucking storm of death! 15
Anger 50 Something or someone make the mistake of crossing Ricky? I'll fucking deadeye him, her, or it! 16
Happy 50 {making it up on the fly} In fact... yeah, in fact, that's my nickname! "Deadeye" Ricky - that's my name! 17
Guns Check
Too bad there's no such thing as an 11mm submachinegun. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] There so is! Or it was a 9mm{millimeter} or a 10, I don't know! Don't care! 18
Neutral 50 {flustered} Said I was good at killing shit up! Never said I was good with numbers! 19
What a shot! Neutral 50 [FAILED] Whatever. When you're me - a Deadeye - shots like that ain't nothing special. It's just what I do. 20
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic004 Deadeye, huh? How did you get that nickname? Anger 50 {you stupid?} Uh, how you think? I shoot things in the eye, that's how good I am! Yeah, I'm that good! 21
Anger 50 Why, uh, once I got jumped by three... {trying to remember "Deathclaws," but you get it wrong} Deathjaws! Except actually it was four of them! Imagine that! 22
Neutral 50 But I didn't panic, because... {beat} because I never panic! What I did was become a storm of death! Shot every one of them monsters "pop" in the eye! 23
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic005 That's quite a story. Neutral 50 Hell yeah it's quite a story! But I'm quite a man, so stories like that follow me everywhere! 24
That's quite a story. Anger 50 Or there was the time one of them Steel Brotherhood assholes made the mistake of messing with me! Last mistake he {emphasize "ever"} ever made! 25
Survival check re: "Deathjaws"
Deathjaws, huh? Did you mean to say "Deathclaws?" Anger 50 [SUCCEEDED] {making it up as you go} No, no, you heard me right. "Deathjaws!" They're like Deathclaws - but bigger teeth! 26
Deathjaws? I've never heard of those... Neutral 50 [FAILED] Just how green are you? Everybody heard of Deathjaws. You better hope I'm around if you run into one. 27
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic007 What a load of crap. The eyeslits of T-series power armor are bullet-proof! Fear 50 {startled, no idea what you're talking about} Then I guess this dumb fucker's armor musta been... D-series or something! 28
Anger 50 All I know is, he died up real dead when I killed him, okay? 29
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic008 Do you have any other special skills or abilities? Anger 50 {hostile} Well, I grew up near Dayglow out west, so yeah, I grew a third nut that glows in the dark!{chuckle} 30
Do you have any other special skills or abilities? Happy 50 I'll drop trou for you out on the trail after dark, sis. Let you see what you're working with, know what I mean? 31
Black Widow
I'll bring my tweezers and a microscope. Anger 50 Hey! That's - man, what a bitch! I was just being friendly! 32
Great, I'll see what I'm shooting at. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Hey! That's - man, what a bitch! I was just being friendly! 33
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic011 Ewww. I think I'll pass. Neutral 50 I don't think so, honey! You won't be able to resist! 34
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic012 I see you're wearing a Pip-boy and Vault suit. Anger 50 {pissed off} Nice job, Eagle Eye! Of course I got a Pit-Boy and a Vault suit! So what? 35
Medicine check.
Unwarranted hostility and general agitation. How long have you been a Psycho addict? Anger 50 [SUCCEEDED] {defensive} Hey hey hey! Fuck you! I didn't say nothing about using Psycho! 36
Are you feeling all right? Neutral 50 [FAILED] Yeah, Doc, I'm feeling great, fuck you very much. Asshole. 37
{Barter Check} for extra gear.
Looks like you're traveling light. What would you say to carrying some of my stuff? Neutral 50 [FAILED] Ricky travels light on purpose, asshole! If you're looking for a slave, ask someone else! 38
Looks like you're traveling light. Carry some items for me, and I'll make it worth your while. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] I travel light on purpose, okay? But if the price is right, I'll tell Jed I'm carrying less - so you can carry more. What's your offer? 39
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic015 How much Psycho you got stashed away? If you run out on the trail... the withdrawal's not pleasant. Anger 50 Goddammit, I didn't say nothing about using Psycho! 40
Neutral 50 But, uh... {sobering} Just talking {mispronouncing "hypothetically"} hypno-theoretically here... Got any suggestions? 41
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic016 I've got Psycho to sell, but it won't come cheap. Neutral 50 {greedy, keeping voice down} All right, all right - I am a little light. How many hits you holding? 42
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic017 I can sell you a dose of Fixer, but it won't be cheap. Anger 50 Fixer? Never said I wanted to kick the habit! 43
Neutral 50 {disappointed} Guess I can use it when I run out of the good stuff. How much? 44
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic018 Yeah, leave now. Before the withdrawal hits you out on the trail, no Psycho for miles. Neutral 50 {pissed off} Fine! You win, asshole! Enjoy leading the expedition into a fucking ambush! Hope you all die! 45
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic019 One hit for 30 caps. Anger 50 One lousy hit? That'll cover me for an hour! Hand it over. 46
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic020 Two hits for 60 caps. Neutral 50 Two hits? Ain't gonna last long. Fine, hand it over. 47
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic021 Three hits for 90 caps. Neutral 50 Three hits? Like that's gonna hold me? Fine, I'll take them. 48
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic022 Five hits for 150 caps. Neutral 50 That'll last me a while! Nice. Now take your caps and fuck off. 49
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic023 Ten hits for 300 caps. Anger 50 Ten hits'll last me a good while. Worth every cap. Now fuck off. 50
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic024 80 caps. Anger 50 That much for a dose? Fucking robbery! 51
Neutral 50 {angry} All right, here's your money! Don't spend it all one place! 52
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic025 Never mind. It's your problem, not mine. Anger 50 Why'd you bring it up, then? When the withdrawal hits and I feel like killing something, I'll know where to start! 53
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic026 Never mind. Keep living the dream. Neutral 50 That's right. Stick your nose where it don't belong and it's gonna get stung. 54
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic027 I'll give you 100 caps to make sure Jed lets me carry extra gear. Neutral 50 You got a deal. You're lucky he trusts me. 55
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic028 I'll give you 75 caps to make sure Jed lets me carry extra gear. Neutral 50 You got a deal. You're lucky he trusts me. 56
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic029 I'll give you 50 caps to make sure Jed lets me carry extra gear. Neutral 50 You got a deal. You're lucky he trusts me. 57
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic030 Never mind, I don't want to spend caps on that right now. Neutral 50 {angry} No sweat off my tits, asshole. Guess you better start deciding what gear you're going to leave behind. 58
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic031 Where'd you get the Vault suit? Anger 50 Where the fuck you think? Vault two-two! That's where I grew up! 59
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic032 What do you use your Pip-Boy for? Anger 50 Sorry, the shit I do with it is so far over your head, be wasting my time to put it in words you could understand! 60
Anger 50 Basically, it makes me badass. {correcting yourself} More badass, I mean. It's totally mind-blowing shit. {until yesterday, you thought it was just a bracelet, but you don't want the player to know that} It ain't just some bracelet, know what I mean? 61
Neutral 50 Jed says it's got maps and shit like that, so that's how I'm gonna guide this caravan where it needs to go!{realizing you accidentally admitted you didn't know what the Pip-Boy did before Jed told you} Not that I didn't know all that already! 62
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic033 Where is Vault 22 located? Anger 50 I can't tell you that! I have a sworn vow of secrecy, or something like that, to all the people I left behind. 63
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic034 I've heard of some strange goings-on at Vault 22. Know any details? Neutral 50 I know everything! I know all about it! But I ain't about to tell the likes of you! 64
Anger 50 I have a sworn vow of secrecy, or something like that, to the people I left behind! 65
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic035 You're lying. I've been to Vault 22. No one's lived there in 150 years. Surprise 50 {laughs uncomfortably} You been to Vault two-two, huh? 66
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic036 Did you notice I'm wearing a Pip-Boy, too? Surprise 50 {you totally didn't notice, but pretend you did} Huh? {beat} ...Of course I noticed! First thing I noticed about you! 67
Neutral 50 Me, I'm so used to wearing mine, it's just normal. Don't think you're someone special just because you got one. 68
I don't think your Pip-Boy works. I'd better go tell Jed. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Go ahead! Your word against mine, fucko! See what happens! 69
I guess two Pip-Boys is better than one, anyway. Neutral 50 [FAILED] Yeah, too bad one of them is worn by a total fucking idiot!{chuckle - doesn't occur to you that you might be the one who's an idiot} 70
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic038 Your Pip-Boy isn't working. The screen's locked up, and the reboot button is missing. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Bullshit! Ain't nothing wrong with my Pit-Boy! {correcting yourself} I mean Pip-Boy! 71
Any chance you could show me some new ways to use my Pip-Boy? Neutral 50 [FAILED] {sarcastic} {pretending you actually know something} Fat chance! Like I got time to bring you up to speed. Fuck that. 72
Science Anger 50 {keeping voice down} Look, this is a sweet gig for me! Don't go fucking it up! What are you after, anyways? 73
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic039 I'm convincing, you're not. He'll believe me. Fear 50 Hey hey hey, why you got to go and be like that! Fuck! 74
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic041 Carry some of my gear, and I'll keep my mouth shut. Neutral 50 {pissed off} I travel light on purpose, okay? But fine, I'll tell Jed I'm carrying less so you can carry more. What an asshole. 75
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic042 Vow of secrecy? Fine, forget about it. Neutral 50 Forget it? Uh uh. Ricky remembers everything! But he keeps his secrets, too! 76
PER check.
You're lying. You have no idea where Vault 22 is. Neutral 50 {laughs uncomfortably} Well, yeah, okay. You caught me. 77
Sorry - didn't mean to be pushy. Neutral 50 Yeah, so don't bring it up again! 78
PER check.
You're lying. You've never been to Vault 22. Neutral 50 {laughs uncomfortably} Well, yeah, okay. You caught me. 79
Sorry - didn't mean to be pushy. Neutral 50 Yeah, so don't bring it up again! 80
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic045 I've got your number, that's all. Just wanted you to know. Neutral 50 {unnerved, keeping voice down} Fine, just keep it to yourself, all right? Don't be such a fucking jerk about it. 81
NVDLC02DialogueRickyNVDLC02RickyTopic046 Goodbye. Neutral 50 {sneering} Yeah, whatever. 82

Conversation Edit

NVDLC02AmbushRickyBark01 NVDLC02AmbushRickyBark01 Neutral 50 {High, recklessly shooting in all directions.} You want some, assholes? You just pissed off the wrong guy! And that means Ricky! 83
NVDLC02AmbushRickyBark02 NVDLC02AmbushRickyBark02 Neutral 50 {Whimpering, cowardly trying to hide from incoming fire.} I don't deserve this! My Pip-Boy don't even work! Why the fuck you hire me? 84
NVDLC02OpeningConversationA01 NVDLC02OpeningRickyHigh Anger 50 {high on Psycho} Oh man, yeah! Trigger finger is feeling {emphasis} itch-ay! {yelling out to the canyon} Come on, assholes! Show yourselves and Deadeye Ricky'll blow your fucking heads off! 85
NVDLC02OpeningConversationA06 NVDLC02OpeningConversationA06 Anger 50 Don't worry, {mocking} Stella! This was my last hit, but thanks to ol' Johnny-come-lately over there, Ricky got some Fixer to take the edge off. 86
NVDLC02OpeningConversationA06 Anger 50 Don't worry, {mocking} Stella! This was my last hit, but thanks to ol' Janey-come-lately over there, Ricky got some Fixer to take the edge off. 87
NVDLC02OpeningConversationA06 Anger 50 Don't worry, {mocking} Stella! Ol' Ricky won't be running out of Psycho any time soon! Ol' Ricky's downright flush! Yes indeed! 88
NVDLC02OpeningConversationA09 NVDLC02OpeningConversationA09 Pained 100 Dream on, {mocking} Stella. Ricky ain't about to die for nobody. Ricky's fucking in-vin-cible, yessir!{chuckle} 89
NVDLC02OpeningConversationB01 NVDLC02OpeningRickyWithdrawal Pained 100 {going through withdrawal} I ain't feeling good, man. I feel like shit! I got the shakes, got the sweats. This fucking sucks! 90
NVDLC02OpeningConversationB03 NVDLC02OpeningConversationB03 Pained 100 {going through withdrawal} {sob of self-pity} You don't know how this feels, Stella! I'm sick! Never been so sick my whole life! 91
NVDLC02OpeningConversationB09 NVDLC02OpeningConversationB09 Neutral 50 {self-pitying} You ain't got no heart, Stella! I swear, you're a monster, and you're gonna regret treating me like this! 92
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