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This is a transcript for dialogue with Follows-Chalk.

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FollowersAcknowledgeMyOrder FollowersAcknowledgeMyOrder Neutral 50 Got it. 1
It's time for us to part ways.
Go back to your people's camp. Neutral 50 You sure? It's easy to get lost out here without a guide. 2
FollowersFiredNo On second thought, stick with me for a little longer. Neutral 50 Glad to hear it. I wouldn't want to go back to Joshua alone. 3
FollowersFiredYes Yes, I'm sure. Neutral 50 All right. Joshua won't be too happy, but all right. 4
I think we should travel together.
I want you to travel with me. Neutral 50 Joshua said I might be going with you. Let's go then! 5
FollowersLetsGo Let's get going. Neutral 50 Right behind you. 6
FollowersOverburdened FollowersOverburdened Neutral 50 I look like a pack Brahmin to you? Come on, we travel light! 7
FollowersStealthing FollowersStealthing Neutral 50 Like the shadow of a ghost. 8
FollowersTactics Let's talk about your tactics. Neutral 50 Tactics? You know I'm not much of a fighter, right? 9
FollowersTacticsCombat I want you to change your combat style. Neutral 50 Change it to...? 10
FollowersTacticsCombatAggressive I want you to attack enemies the moment you see them. Neutral 50 You're starting to sound like the old Joshua. Okay, got it. 11
Let's talk about something else.
That's it for your tactics. Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 What can I do? 12
FollowersTacticsCombatGOODBYE That's all. Let's get going. Neutral 50 Lead on, I'll follow. 13
FollowersTacticsCombatMelee Switch to a melee weapon. Neutral 50 Up close and personal? Well, as long as they don't have guns. 14
FollowersTacticsCombatPassive I want you not to attack enemies unless I've already engaged them. Neutral 50 Now you're thinking like a hunter! I like this plan. 15
FollowersTacticsCombatRanged I want you to use ranged weapons. Neutral 50 Keeping my distance sounds more my speed anyways. 16
FollowersTacticsDistance Let's talk about how close you're following me. Neutral 50 Just tell me where to be, and I'll be there. 17
FollowersTacticsDistanceDefault Stay close to me. Neutral 50 Fine by me - get too far back and it's easy to lose your partner in this maze. 18
FollowersTacticsDistanceEND Your distance is good. Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 What can I do? 19
FollowersTacticsDistanceGOODBYE All right, you're good. Let's get out of here. Neutral 50 Lead on, I'll follow. 20
FollowersTacticsDistanceLong Keep your distance. Try to flank them. Neutral 50 Sure... you are going to leave me some chalk marks to follow though, right? 21
FollowersTacticsEnd Enough about tactics. Neutral 50 What can I do? 22
FollowersTrade Let's trade equipment. Neutral 50 Well then, let's get to trading. 23
FollowersWait Wait here. Neutral 50 Sure, okay. I'll wait behind. Not like I'm not used to that. 24
GREETING GREETING Surprise 100 Hoi! White Legs don't leave survivors often. You're some kind of lucky, let me tell you. 25
Happy 100 You came from outside, didn't you? From the civilized lands? Wow... Joshua will want to hear about this. 26
GREETING Surprise 100 Hoi! What you doing? There's still White Legs back there! 27
Happy 100 Wait - you came from outside, didn't you? From the civilized lands? Wow... Joshua will want to hear about this. 28
GREETING Surprise 50 {Hello} Yah ah tahg! I saw you at the southern passage - you... um... you do know there were still White Legs alive when you ran off, right? 29
GREETING Happy 50 Joshua says you need someone to guide you around the valley. He said I should go with you, if you want. 30
GREETING Happy 50 Change your mind about bringing me along? 31
GREETING Happy 50 Good job getting those supplies to Daniel. If you were a Dead Horse, you'd get a tattoo for that. 32
GREETING Surprise 50 You again? Talk to Joshua yet? 33
GREETING Happy 50 What can I tell you? 34
GREETING Neutral 50 < Do Not Record: Follows-Chalk Top Level Topics > 35
GREETING Sad 50 Well, here we part ways. I'm needed back at the Dead Horses camp - maybe I'll see you there sometime. 36
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic000 Nothing else. Talk to you later. Happy 50 Go with fortune, friend. 37
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic001 I want to know more about you. Neutral 50 What can I tell you? 38
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic002 I don't have any more questions. Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 Ask away. 39
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic003 Why are you called Follows-Chalk? Pained 20 Our advance scouts leave chalk signs to mark places rich with game. I'm not a full scout yet, so I follow the marks and guide the hunters. 40
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic004 Tell me more about Joshua Graham. Happy 50 He's been the chief of our tribe since he came back to the Valley. He went off to the civilized world years ago, to fight a war. That didn't go well. 41
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic005 Who were those tribals who attacked me? Anger 50 White Legs - nasty bunch. They been raiding deeper into Zion ever since New Canaan was wiped out. 42
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic006 I'll do what I can, but I need to defend myself if I'm attacked. Sad 50 Of course you do - I understand. You know, I heard stories about rangers from Back When - they carried lightning sticks that stunned the animals. 43
Surprise 50 I've never been to any of the Back When places, but they might have left one when they died. 44
Happy 50 You might also try luring the baby out with some banana yucca - the mountain Bighorners love the stuff. 45
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic007 Who is this Joshua? Happy 20 Joshua Graham - he leads our tribe. Thanks to him, the Dead Horses are strong, and safe from our enemies. 46
Happy 30 He'll want to talk to anyone coming up from south-ways. Guess that means just you, now. Come, I can take you to him. 47
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic008 Civilized lands? What do you mean? Surprise 100 I mean the Lands Beyond the Valley - the place where the cities never fell. Where people don't live in tribes and forage just to survive. 48
Surprise 100 Joshua keeps saying it isn't paradise out there, but how can it not be, compared to this? 49
Happy 100 Sorry, I'm getting distracted - Joshua will want to know about you - please, go to our camp on the Eastern Virgin. Tell him how you came to be here. 50
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic009 I don't have time for this. Go away. Sad 100 {Fine} Lah, I meant no offense - if you won't talk to me, talk to Joshua Graham - he's at our camp on the Eastern Virgin. 51
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic010 What are all those tattoos? Happy 50 Dead Horses mark ourselves to commemorate our hunts. When a hunter takes a great beast, or when a youth goes on his first hunt, he gets a tattoo. 52
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic011 Tell me about your tribe. Surprise 50 We came up in the Land of the Dead Horse, though why the Back When folks called it that I got no hint. 53
Sad 50 We raided, we fought... we lost. Our enemies drove us back into Zion, and we would have died if it hadn't been for Joshua. Joshua, and his Caesar. 54
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic012 What did Joshua do for you? Pained 50 If it wasn't for Joshua, the Dead Horses would still be the whipping boys of the Zion Valley. 55
Happy 50 He taught us how to hold our territory, to protect ourselves. He guided us away from Caesar, and showed us how Caesar would have destroyed us. 56
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic013 Do you remember anything about Joshua from before he became your leader? Fear 50 Only a little - I was very young. He was... different. Prouder, yes, but harder, crueler, more driven. Really, I was terrified of him. We all were. 57
Sad 50 When he came back, I almost didn't believe he was the same man. He was humbler. He wanted to protect, not destroy. 58
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic014 Tell me a little about this area - any interesting wildlife? Surprise 50 Mostly it's the mountain Bighorners - whole herd of them up on the cliffs there. Usually they're not too aggressive, but lately... hoo! 59
Sad 50 My guess is one of the calves got lost somewhere along the way. Bighorners are communal - one missing calf, and the whole herd gets ornery. 60
Fear 50 If that calf doesn't turn up soon, they might very well come down into the valley and attack the camp. 61
So, about those Bighorners.... Surprise 50 You change your mind about helping out? 62
Tell me about the Bighorner problem again. Surprise 50 Mostly it's the mountain Bighorners - whole herd of them up on the cliffs there. Usually they're not too aggressive, but lately... hoo! 63
Sad 50 My guess is one of the calves got lost somewhere along the way. Bighorners are communal - one missing calf, and the whole herd gets ornery. 64
Fear 50 If that calf doesn't turn up soon, they might very well come down into the valley and attack the camp. 65
Happy 50 You might try luring the baby out with some banana yucca. These Bighorners go crazy for the stuff. 66
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic015 What do you know about the New Canaanites? Neutral 50 Little bit. I met some of their missionaries a few times, but I've never been to their city. Joshua could tell you more - or Daniel, I imagine. 67
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic016 What's with the shell casings in your club? Happy 50 We decorate our clubs with them to honor Joshua Graham. They were the weapons of his old tribe, so now they are ours. 68
Surprise 50 Can't say they seem that dangerous to me, but Joshua says they "won the West." 69
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic017 Maybe I can help with that. Surprise 50 Yeah? Hey, thanks - most of the hunters don't listen when I tell them the problem. 70
Happy 50 Just one thing - try not to kill any Bighorners if you can, yeah? You'll drive the herd off, and we'll have to range farther on our hunts. 71
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic018 All right, I'll look into it. Neutral 50 That's great! I'll help any way I can. 72
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic019 That sounds like way too much work. Maybe later. Neutral 50 Oh sure, that's just what the hunters said. Well... I guess let me know if you change your mind. 73
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic020 Well, I returned the calf to its mother, and didn't even kill any of the Bighorners. Happy 100 Hoo! Glad to hear it! That'll be some happy mama, huh? Thank you - really. It means a lot to me. 74
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic021 Well, I returned the calf to its herd. Had to kill a few Bighorners to do it, though. Happy 50 Sure, hey, I understand. I wish it could have been done different, but at least the calf is back with its herd. 75
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic022 Well, all of the Bighorners are dead. Problem solved! Sad 100 That's... not really what I was hoping for. I guess... I guess at least we don't have to worry about the Bighorners attacking the camp now. Hoy.... 76
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic023 Why is it so important that we fight the White Legs? Surprise 50 {Bewildered - doesn't really understand how this is a question, like "Why is it important to breathe?"} Well... because they're our enemies. What else would we do? They take our land, they kill our scouts, they poach our hunting grounds. 77
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic024 Wait, what about Caesar? Surprise 50 When Joshua first came to us, he was servant to a man he called Caesar. He led his master's armies, and we were ready to follow him into war. 78
Sad 50 Then he lost his master's army to a tribe called Enseeyar, the Sunset People. When he returned, he was as you saw him - burned, broken, but changed. 79
Happy 75 He led us away from Caesar, led us to our own destiny in Zion. 80
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic025 All right, let's go. Happy 100 {Glad to hear it} Goot sists. We head east, then. Joshua is at our tribe's camp in the Eastern Virgin. 81
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic026 What happened to him? Pained 50 Well, before he left, he didn't have those bandages all over his face. That tell you something? 82
What happened to him? Fear 50 You see his face, you'll understand. 83
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic027 The only recent war I know of is when Caesar's Legion attacked Hoover Dam. Is that where he fought? Surprise 50 I don't know, he doesn't talk about it much. Maybe - but how can two civilized tribes fight over something as small as a dam? 84
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic028 Small? Have you ever seen Hoover Dam? It's bigger than some of these mountains. Surprise 100 Hah! {Suddenly realizing the player isn't lying} ...Really? That's... my gods. Must be some mighty civilized folks who built that. 85
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic029 You'd be surprised what "civilized" tribes will fight over. Disgust 50 Now you sound like Joshua. He always tells me the tribal life is better, that I should stay here and forget the outside world. 86
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic030 Are you sure? You've been a useful companion so far. Pained 21 Sorry - Joshua was pretty clear. Get you to Daniel, then come on home. You can take it up with him if you'd like. 87
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic031 Give my regards to Joshua, then. Happy 50 I will. {Goodbye my friend} Goot gonen, ahk iss. 88
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic032 Typical. Just when I get a useful minion.... Disgust 50 Hey, it's not my fault! And what's this "minion" stuff? {That's it} Dahs eet - see you around, "civilized" man. 89
Typical. Just when I get a useful minion.... Disgust 50 Hey, it's not my fault! And what's this "minion" stuff? {That's it} Dahs eet - see you around, "civilized" woman. 90
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic033 What is this place? Happy 50 This is the eastern fork of the Virgin River, and it's the place we Dead Horses call home. Joshua says it is a temple to God's glory on earth. 91
Fear 50 We can talk more about it later, though - it's not smart to keep Joshua waiting. 92
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic034 Who are you? Happy 50 I'm called Follows-Chalk. Joshua sent me to scout for any outsiders coming up from the Southern Passage. 93
Fear 50 We can talk more about that later, though - it's not smart to keep Joshua waiting. 94
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic035 Hang on, I want to know more about what's going on. Fear 50 Joshua will answer all your questions. He doesn't like being kept waiting, though - go talk to him as soon as you can. 95
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic036 Okay, I'll go talk to him. Happy 50 I won't keep you. Maybe we talk again after. 96
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic037 I had no reason to stay for that fight. Neutral 50 But... {confused, stating something that seems blindingly obvious} they were White Legs! The enemy! You are a very strange outsider, but I think Joshua will want to speak to you anyways. 97
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic038 White Legs? Who are they? Neutral 50 Nasty bunch of raiders from up by Great Salt Lake. White Legs killed your friends at the Southern Passage. 98
Neutral 50 Not many survive White Leg raids - {slightly aside, to himself} not even by running. {Normal again} Joshua will want to hear about what happened to you. 99
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic039 Huh, I think I know that guy. Small world. Surprise 50 Is it? I always heard it was rather large outside the valley. Well, wherever he is, I hope he's well. 100
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic040 Who is this Joshua? Neutral 50 Joshua Graham - he leads our tribe. Thanks to him, the Dead Horses are strong, and safe from our enemies. 101
Neutral 50 I'm sure he will want to talk to you. You can find him just south of here, in the Angel Cave. 102
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic041 I could use a guide. Let's go. Neutral 50 {Good} Goot! I really wasn't looking forward to talking to Joshua if you turned me down. 103
I could use a guide. Let's go. Pained 20 Hey... as long as we're traveling together, think you could help me out with a little wildlife problem? 104
I could use a guide. Let's go. Happy 50 Let's move then. 105
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic042 No way, pal. I'm not traipsing around the desert with a barbarian who doesn't wear pants. Pained 50 I don't think he'll like that answer much. You change your mind, I'll be around the Dead Horses camp. {Goodbye} Goot gonen. 106
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic043 What would you suggest I do instead? Pained 10 Hmm... you might try luring the baby out with some banana yucca. These Bighorners go crazy for the stuff. 107
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic044 You've got a funny idea about what the Mojave's like, but I'll go with you and see your boss. Happy 100 {Glad to hear it} Goot sists. Maybe while you're there you can tell me about where you came from, yeah? 108
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic045 Wait, what? New Canaan was wiped out? How? Sad 50 That's what Joshua said. White Legs came down from Great Salt Lake in force - fell on New Canaan before they could mount a defense. 109
Fear 50 Joshua found some of the survivors led by a man named Daniel. Most of them have fled the valley, but Daniel stayed on with the Sorrows tribe. 110
Anger 50 He and Joshua have been arguing over whether to stand and fight the White Legs or take the Sorrows and the Dead Horses out of the valley. 111
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic046 Where do they come from? Fear 50 That's the weird part - normally the White Legs keep to the Great Salt Lake. I don't know what brought them down this far south. 112
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic048 What does Joshua think of this? Pained 25 I, umm, I haven't told him yet. Never had the {guts} growans. 113
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic049 Really? Maybe I could talk to him about it for you. Be a neutral party. Neutral 50 You'd do that? Sure, sounds smart to me. He might not get so mad at you. 114
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic050 What's with this obsession you seem to have with "civilization?" Happy 50 Let me tell you a story. When I was a boy, a man came through the valley with one of the caravans. Tall man, big mustache, carried a guitar. 115
Happy 75 I asked what he did for his living, and the interpreter told me he was a singer. 116
Surprise 50 What is that? I asked. The man explained that he went from place to place and sang for people, who gave him food and shelter and care in return. 117
Surprise 100 I couldn't believe that there was a place in this world where a man could do that. I promised myself then that one day I'd explore that world myself. 118
I talked to Joshua about your thoughts on civilization. Happy 50 Ya? What did he say? 119
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic051 I had to kill the Bighorners, but I saved the little one. Sad 50 That's... not really what I was hoping for, but... I guess I can give the little guy a home. What the hell. 120
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic052 He said he has a hard time being objective about the whole idea, and that I should give you advice. Surprise 50 He said that? Well, I guess you have been out there more recently than he has. So... what's your advice? 121
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic053 <Lie> That it's a den of corruption and vice, and the Dead Horses' way of living is better. Sad 50 Oh. Well, I guess that's about what I could expect from him. I'd like a minute alone to think about this. {Thanks} Dank ni. 122
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic054 <Lie> That a man must follow his heart no matter where it leads him. Happy 100 Really? He said that? Hoo! I'm going to do it. After all this is over, I'm going to go explore civilization! 123
Happy 50 {Thank you, my friend} Dank ni, ahk iss - I never would have had the {guts} growans to ask him myself. 124
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic055 I know that guy! I got him a job! Happy 100 A job as a singer? {Full of wonder; just got told Santa Claus is real} Then it really is true.... 125
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic056 Any idea where to start looking for these pre-War supplies Daniel needs? Neutral 50 Best place to look for Back When stuff is the taboo places. Sorrows and Dead Horses don't go in there, and even White Legs don't like them much. 126
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic057 What taboo places? Surprise 25 Lots of them around the valley - places built by the folk from Back When. You'll know them when you see them - scouts mark them with hand prints. 127
Fear 50 The hand prints are a warning to keep out - angry ghosts live inside. Not that I believe in angry ghosts. They're just spooky old places. Right? 128
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic058 Where should we start looking? Neutral 50 Lots of Back When places to choose from, but for the things we need, best to start with the really closed up places. 129
Surprise 50 Three I know of: a building down by the river called a "Fishing Lodge," the old ranger station in the northwest, and the general store right by it. 130
Sad 50 Closer to home, might be something you can salvage from the place where the little ones fell, just west of the Eastern Virgin. 131
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic059 You should stay here with your people. You have a duty to them. Sad 50 I see. Well, thanks for your telling. I'd like a minute alone to think about this. {Thanks} Dank ni. 132
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic061 Civilization isn't perfect, but neither is tribal life. You should go see it for yourself. Happy 100 Really? You think so? Hoo! I'm going to do it. After all this is over, I'm going to go explore civilization! 133
Happy 50 {Thank you, my friend} Dank ni, ahk iss - I never would have had the {guts} growans to ask him myself. 134
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic062 What's this "place where the little ones fell?" Sad 75 In the river, there's a twisted pile of metal and glass, all full of bones. Joshua says they were scouts, but they looked awful small to me. 135
Pained 15 Lots of that old stuff, how do you say it... {stilted, forced pronunciation} electronics? Maybe you could use some of it. 136
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic063 White Legs? Those are the people who attacked us? Anger 100 Yah, and they're still back there! Let's go get them! 137
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic064 If you're willing, I'll take the help. Happy 100 {Glad to hear it} Goot sists. Let's show them what we're made of! 138
NVDLC02DialogueFollowsChalkNVDLC02FollowsChalkTopic065 Forget it, I'm out of here. Surprise 100 You're not going to fight? But... okay. You better come with me, then. Joshua will want to see you. 139
NVDLC02EndingDeadHorses NVDLC02EndingDeadHorses Neutral 50 {Narration - Joshua Dead} Having revered Joshua Graham as a living legend for so many years, the Dead Horses found it difficult to accept his death. 140
Neutral 50 {Narration} New Canaanite missionaries sought to remain in contact with the tribe, but lacking Joshua's authority, their influence dwindled. 141
Neutral 50 {Narration} Still, as an expression of enduring respect for their lost spiritual leader, the Dead Horses helped protect the lands where New Canaanites settled. 142
Neutral 50 {Narration} As generations passed, the Dead Horses came to worship a spirit of the land, a harsh spirit of divine justice. They called it Joshua. 143
NVDLC02EndingDeadHorses Neutral 50 {Narration - Flight from Zion} Having helped Daniel and the Sorrows escape from Zion, the Dead Horses returned to their home at Dead Horse Point. 144
Neutral 50 {Narration} The tribe continued to learn from the New Canaanites, and over many years built a flourishing community along the banks of the Colorado. 145
Neutral 50 {Narration} Though the tribes' bond would endure, it was Joshua Graham's legend the Dead Horses would revere, not the tenets of New Canaan's faith. 146
NVDLC02EndingDeadHorses Neutral 50 {Narration - Crush the White Legs} Having helped eradicate the White Legs from Zion, the Dead Horses returned to Dead Horse Point in triumph. 147
Neutral 50 {Narration} They remained neutral toward the Sorrows, but as years went on, there were periods of competitive friction, even violence, between the tribes. 148
Neutral 50 {Narration} The New Canaanites - Daniel especially - intervened regularly as mediators, but found it difficult to reconcile the tribes' conflicts. 149
NVDLC02EndingFollowsChalk NVDLC02EndingFollowsChalk Neutral 50 {Narration - Civilization's bad} Follows-Chalk took the Courier's words to heart and decided that the big cities of the Mojave Wasteland and NCR were best left unexplored. 150
Neutral 50 {Narration} Though he sometimes dreamed of distant lands, he continued to support his family at Dead Horse Point, and eventually his wanderlust faded. 151
NVDLC02EndingFollowsChalk Neutral 50 {Narration - Civilization is cool} Follows-Chalk took the Courier's words to heart and decided that he would behold the sights and sounds of distant lands with his own eyes and ears. 152
Neutral 50 {Narration} After returning to Dead Horse Point, he quarreled with his family and other tribe members about his ambitions. 153
Neutral 50 {Narration} One morning, they awoke to discover that Follows-Chalk had set off alone, westward, into the wilderness. 154
Neutral 50 {Narration} He was never seen again. 155
NVDLC02FollowersTacticsGOODBYE That's all. Let's get going. Neutral 50 Lead on, I'll follow. 156
NVDLC02FollowsChalkAerieBark < Follows-Chalk Aerie Bark > Neutral 50 See that tower? Back When, folks used them to talk to each other on the air. Not like with signal drums, they could actually talk! Amazing, huh? 157
NVDLC02FollowsChalkAntBurrowBark < Follows-Chalk Ant Burrow Bark > Neutral 50 Look sharp, lots of giant ants around here. We call 'em picnic-killers. Don't really know what that means. Something from Back When, I guess. 158
NVDLC02FollowsChalkBusBark < Follows-Chalk Bus Bark > Neutral 50 See this? This is why your own two feet are better than any cart, whether it's pulled by critters or goes on its own. 159
NVDLC02FollowsChalkCampgroundBark < Follows-Chalk Campground Bark > Neutral 50 Must have been nice, when Zion was friendly enough folks could make camp wherever they pleased and not worry about White Legs and deadly critters. 160
NVDLC02FollowsChalkGenericBarks < Follows-Chalk Generic Barks > Neutral 50 Feels good to be doing some actual scouting, not just following. 161
< Follows-Chalk Generic Barks > Neutral 50 I hear some odd things about the civilized lands outside Zion. Is there really a giant thunder-lizard people live inside? 162
< Follows-Chalk Generic Barks > Neutral 50 The spitter plants and the green monster men aren't native to Zion. Wonder where they came from? 163
< Follows-Chalk Generic Barks > Neutral 50 So I finally get to explore all those taboo places without the other scouts yelling at me? Can't wait! 164
< Follows-Chalk Generic Barks > Neutral 50 {Talking himself/his home up; wants to impress the player} Bet they don't have anything as nasty as Yao Guai out where you come from, huh? 165
< Follows-Chalk Generic Barks > Neutral 50 Those, um, what did you call them? {Maybe mispronounce a little} Walkie talkies? Those are going to be loads better than signal drums and smoke signs. 166
< Follows-Chalk Generic Barks > Neutral 50 That compass thing always knows where north is, huh? Even if it can't see the stars? 167
< Follows-Chalk Generic Barks > Neutral 50 That Back When medicine smells funny. Guess it works though. 168
< Follows-Chalk Generic Barks > Neutral 50 There can't really be a place where people go into big buildings and give away all their money just to watch someone flip paper squares on a table... 169
< Follows-Chalk Generic Barks > Neutral 50 Way I heard it, Salt-Upon-Wounds butchered everyone in New Canaan and nailed their corpses to the cliffs. 170
< Follows-Chalk Generic Barks > Neutral 50 Why do you carry all those bottlecaps, anyway? They jangle like crazy. 171
NVDLC02FollowsChalkGuideBark1 <Follows-Chalk Guide Bark 1 > Neutral 50 We follow this path for a while. Nice view of the river, neh? 172
NVDLC02FollowsChalkGuideBark2 <Follows-Chalk Guide Bark 2 > Neutral 50 You can take the path north here if you want, or head east over the ridge. There's a nice view from the top of that cliff, if you want a look. 173
NVDLC02FollowsChalkGuideBark3 <Follows-Chalk Guide Bark 3 > Neutral 50 Keep headed north, around this rock pile. 174
NVDLC02FollowsChalkGuideBark4 <Follows-Chalk Guide Bark 4 > Neutral 50 Follow the old road south, nearly there. 175
NVDLC02FollowsChalkGuideBark5 <Follows-Chalk Guide Bark 5 > Neutral 50 You see the dead sentries? Shamans say our enemies' souls are trapped in them, but Joshua says it shows we're serious about fighting White Legs. 176
NVDLC02FollowsChalkGuideBark6 <Follows-Chalk Guide Bark 6 > Neutral 50 Down this path to the north. Hope you don't mind getting wet. 177
NVDLC02FollowsChalkGuideBark7 < Follows-Chalk Guide Bark 7 > Neutral 50 Nearly there now. Watch out for traps in the water. Got to keep the White Legs out somehow, neh? 178
NVDLC02FollowsChalkGuideBark8 < Follows-Chalk Guide Bark 8 > Neutral 50 Here we are. Joshua's just ahead there, in the Angel Cave. 179
NVDLC02FollowsChalkGuideBarkWrongWay <Follows-Chalk Guide Wrong Way Barks > Neutral 50 Hang on, you're going the wrong way! 180
<Follows-Chalk Guide Wrong Way Barks > Neutral 50 I thought we were going to the Dead Horses camp? 181
<Follows-Chalk Guide Wrong Way Barks > Neutral 50 Hold up, you're getting all turned around. Check your map and backtrack a little. 182
<Follows-Chalk Guide Wrong Way Barks > Neutral 50 Where are you going? That's not the way to the camp! 183
<Follows-Chalk Guide Wrong Way Barks > Neutral 50 I'm happy to travel with you, but you're not headed toward the Dead Horses anymore. 184
NVDLC02FollowsChalkMarysBark < Follows-Chalk Three Marys Bark > Neutral 50 Heads up, this is the Three Marys. White Legs territory. You sure you want to head in there? 185
NVDLC02FollowsChalkMuralBark < Follows-Chalk Mural Bark > Neutral 50 These paintings show the Dead Horses' victories against other tribes. Lots more of them since Joshua came to us. 186
NVDLC02FollowsChalkNarrowsBark < Follows Chalk Narrows Bark > Neutral 50 The Narrows up ahead, that's the Sorrows' territory. They're peaceful enough, but you don't want to make them mad. 187
NVDLC02FollowsChalkOverlookBark < Follows-Chalk Overlook Bark > Neutral 50 Scenic Overlook. What do you suppose that means? 188
NVDLC02FollowsChalkPerkBark < Follows-Chalk Perk Bark > Neutral 50 Some kind of view up here, neh? If you know how to look, you can spot all kinds of landmarks from up here. Look, I'll show you. 189
NVDLC02FollowsChalkPineCreekBark < Follows-Chalk Pine Creek Bark > Neutral 50 That's Pine Creek up there. Supposedly it's one of only two ways out of Zion Valley. Of course, without a map, good luck surviving. 190
NVDLC02FollowsChalkPlaneBark < Follows-Chalk Plane Bark > Neutral 50 That thing actually flew once, like a big metal bird? {Wistful} Bet you don't have to follow chalk marks up there.... 191
NVDLC02FollowsChalkPostAmbushForceGreet < Follows-Chalk post-ambush greeting > Neutral 50 Hoo! That's for the White Legs! Sorry we weren't fast enough to save your friends, though. The Dead Horses will remember them in our prayers. 192
Neutral 50 You should come with me now - Joshua Graham will want to meet a visitor from the civilized lands. 193
NVDLC02FollowsChalkTabooBark < Follows-Chalk Taboo Area Bark > Neutral 50 For as long as I remember, the Dead Horses have thought that places of the old world were taboo. Doesn't look so spooky to me. 194
NVDLC02FollowsChalkTabooMarksBark < Follows-Chalk Taboo Marks Bark > Neutral 50 See those handprints? Dead Horses and Sorrows mark them on taboo places, places from Back When. Good thing for you I don't buy into that stuff. 195
NVDLC02FollowsChalkTreeTrunk < Follows-Chalk bark about tree trunk containers > Neutral 50 Hold up, see that log over there? Take a closer look. There might be some good stuff tucked in there. 196
NVDLC02FollowsChalkVault22Bark < Follows-Chalk Vault 22 Bark > Neutral 50 You ever seen anything like these green men? Sure as anything they aren't from around here. 197
NVDLC02FollowsChalkVirginBark < Follows Chalk Eastern Virgin Bark > Neutral 50 Ah, the Eastern Virgin. What's the phrase? "House sweet house?" 198
NVDLC02FollowsChalkVirginGreeting < Follows Chalk greets the player at the Eastern Virgin. > Happy 50 Glad you made it. Joshua's just to the south, inside the Angel Cave. You'll want to talk to him straight away. 199
NVDLC02FollowsChalkYaoGuaiBark < Follows-Chalk Yao Guai Bark > Neutral 50 {Hushed, tense, big scary monster ahead!} Freeze! Don't move a muscle. Yao Guai. 200
< Follows-Chalk Yao Guai Bark > Neutral 50 Hoo! That was some kind of lucky. Guess that one was all full of gecko, neh? Don't get used to it, though. Yao Guai are plenty mean as a rule. 201

Combat Edit

ArmorIneffective ArmorIneffective Neutral 50 They're cutting through me like paper! 202
ArmorIneffective Neutral 50 This armor is useless! 203
Attack Attack Neutral 50 Gotcha! 204
Attack Neutral 50 Hah! 205
AvoidThreat AvoidThreat Neutral 50 Eyes! 206
AvoidThreat Neutral 50 Heads up! 207
Crippled Crippled Neutral 50 {Limb crippled, in pain} Ahh! I'm going to need a healer! 208
Crippled Neutral 50 {Limb crippled, in pain} Hope you've got medicine better than some sticky herbs! 209
Death Death Neutral 50 {Death sound 1} 210
Death Neutral 50 {Death sound 2} 211
Death Neutral 50 {Death sound 3} 212
DeathResponse DeathResponse Neutral 50 Joshua isn't going to like this.... 213
DeathResponse Neutral 50 Hey! Don't die on me now! 214
FireExplosive FireExplosive Neutral 50 Bombs away! 215
FireExplosive Neutral 50 Boom coming! 216
Flee Flee Neutral 50 Time to get lost! 217
Flee Neutral 50 This is too intense! 218
HealthHalf HealthHalf Neutral 50 {Half health, in pain} I could use some help here! 219
HealthHalf Neutral 50 {Half health, in pain} I won't last long at this rate! 220
HealthHalf Neutral 50 {Half health, in pain} Can I get some backup? Healing? Something? 221
HealthQuarter HealthQuarter Neutral 50 {Quarter health, near death} If I don't make it... tell Joshua... I tried. 222
HealthQuarter Neutral 50 {Quarter health, near death} Looks like I'm headed for the big dark.... 223
HealthQuarter Neutral 50 {Quarter health, near death} Sorry... I let you down.... 224
Hit Hit Neutral 50 {Got hit sound 1} 225
Hit Neutral 50 {Got hit sound 2} 226
Hit Neutral 50 {Got hit sound 3} 227
Murder Murder Neutral 50 Whoa! Was that necessary? 228
Murder Neutral 50 Are you sick in the head or something? 229
MurderNoCrime MurderNoCrime Neutral 50 Remind me not to get you mad at me. 230
MurderNoCrime Neutral 50 Guess that was just bound to happen, huh? 231
NoAmmo NoAmmo Neutral 50 No more bullets! 232
NoAmmo Neutral 50 I'm shooting dry here! 233
OnFire OnFire Neutral 50 {On fire} 234
OnFire Neutral 50 {On fire} 235
Poisoned Poison Neutral 50 {Poisoned, woozy} Feeling the poison here! 236
Poison Neutral 50 {Poisoned, woozy} I'm not feeling so good.... 237
PowerAttack PowerAttack Neutral 50 {Power attack sound 1} 238
PowerAttack Neutral 50 {Power attack sound 2} 239
PowerAttack Neutral 50 {Power attack sound 3} 240
Regenerating Regenerating Neutral 50 {Rush of health} Good as new! 241
Regenerating Neutral 50 {Rush of health} Just what the medicine man ordered! 242
Steal Steal Neutral 50 {Awkward, the player just stole from him} Um... you know I'll share if you ask, right? 243
Steal Neutral 50 Is... is this some kind of civilized ritual I just don't get? 244
UsedDoctorBag UsedDoctorBag Neutral 50 {Healing a crippled limb} There... hopefully it won't fall off now. 245
UsedDoctorBag Neutral 50 {Healing a crippled limb} Now that's good medicine! 246
Wake Wake Neutral 50 {Waking up from being knocked out} Oh, look, I'm not dead. 247
Wake Neutral 50 {Waking up from being knocked out} Okay, okay, I'm up. What's next? 248
WeaponIneffective WeaponIneffective Neutral 50 Might as well tickle them with a feather! 249
WeaponIneffective Neutral 50 Got anything bigger I can fight with? 250

Detection Edit

AlertIdle AlertIdle Neutral 50 {Looking for someone} Hmm.... 251
AlertIdle Neutral 50 I'm still looking, don't worry. 252
AlertToCombat AlertToCombat Neutral 50 Got 'em! 253
AlertToCombat Neutral 50 There they are! 254
AlertToNormal AlertToNormal Neutral 50 Guess I'm just jumpy. 255
AlertToNormal Neutral 50 Never mind. I was wrong. 256
CombatToLost CombatToLost Neutral 50 Hey! Where'd they go? 257
CombatToLost Neutral 50 Lost 'em! 258
CombatToNormal CombatToNormal Neutral 50 Well, that's that then. 259
CombatToNormal Neutral 50 Never stood a chance, did they? 260
LostIdle LostIdle Neutral 50 Still looking, but I got nothing. 261
LostIdle Neutral 50 Still nothing here. 262
LostToCombat LostToCombat Neutral 50 Gotcha! 263
LostToCombat Neutral 50 Thought you could get away from Follows-Chalk? 264
LostToNormal LostToNormal Neutral 50 They must've run off. Scared of us, huh? 265
LostToNormal Neutral 50 I don't think they're coming back. 266
NormalToAlert NormalToAlert Neutral 50 Eyes wide. 267
NormalToAlert Neutral 50 Ears open. 268
NormalToCombat StartCombat Neutral 50 Whoa! Here we go! 269
StartCombat Neutral 50 Fighting time! 270
StartCombatResponse StartCombatResponse Neutral 50 Let's take them! 271
StartCombatResponse Neutral 50 This one's mine! 272
StartCombatResponse Neutral 50 {War whoop} 273
StartCombatResponse Neutral 50 {War whoop 2} 274
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