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GREETING GREETING Anger 35 Unless you and Joshua have any objections, I'd like to start evacuating the Sorrows. I'm going to need your help, so say your piece. 1
GREETING Fear 50 {At Pine Creek Tunnel, first time} Please, have you done everything you can for the Sorrows? Are they all accounted for?! 2
GREETING Neutral 50 {At Pine Creek tunnel, return} Please, is it time? Is everyone safe? We {emph} have to go! 3
GREETING Neutral 50 Uh... I apologize if this comes across as a less-than-cordial welcome, but how did you get in here? You from the Mojave? 4
GREETING Neutral 50 Do me a favor and go to talk to Joshua, all right? 5
GREETING Neutral 50 The Dead Horses told me details about the attack on your caravan. A stranger's sympathy might not count for much, but for what it's worth, I'm sorry. 6
Neutral 50 The Sorrows will mourn your friends, too. They mourn everyone, even the White Legs. They have sensitive souls. Innocent, if there is such a thing. 7
Neutral 50 In spite of what's happened, I hope that Joshua and I can help you out of here. But to be frank, we need your help, too. 8
GREETING Neutral 50 I'm glad to see you're still with us. How can I help you? 9
GREETING Neutral 50 < Do Not Translate: Daniel Top Level Topics > 10
NVDLC02DanielFather What do you know about the Father in the Caves? Neutral 50 Father in the? Oh, right. He's some spirit the Sorrows used to believe in, watched over them from the caves in the valley. 11
Neutral 50 They marked some of the caves around here because they think they'll be punished for going inside. 12
Neutral 50 I think as more of them learn the teachings of the New Canaanites, they'll lose their old superstitions. 13
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic000 Joshua told me you needed a few things. I think this is everything. Neutral 50 Well I'll be. I was starting to lose hope we'd be able to get any of this, much less all of it. Tribals are smart but... well, they're ignorant. 14
Neutral 50 Letting go of a taboo is difficult for them, so I knew it would have to be one of us. Turns out all it took was a Gentile. Or, uh... no offense. 15
Neutral 50 These supplies are a godsend, but if we're going to evacuate Zion without drawing more White Leg attention, I need you to go back into the valley. 16
Neutral 50 Specifically, I need you to scout out some locations for White Legs and try to recover a map of Grand Staircase, a wilderness area to the east. 17
Neutral 50 There's also the matter of the roads. We're going to be heading out of the east side of the park, but I'm not sure the way is clear. 18
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic001 I checked on everything in the valley and got you the map of Grand Staircase. Neutral 50 I appreciate it. Well, that's it. This is all we need. Now all that's left is to quietly pack up and try to get out of here without being noticed. 19
Sad 10 That's assuming that Joshua won't try to stop me. {beat} And that he hasn't talked you into fighting the White Legs despite what I've said. 20
Sad 10 Don't worry. I don't hold it against you. You're a - {stops himself from saying Gentile} an outsider. Fighting seems like the practical solution. But there's more than that at stake. 21
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic002 I think Joshua's right. We should fight the White Legs. Neutral 50 {sigh} No. Why? {beat} Why? Haven't you seen enough of what's going on here to see that the Sorrows don't need to butcher the White Legs for a piece of land? 22
Neutral 50 What Joshua wants is more than an attack. He wants a slaughter. And he needs more than you and the Dead Horses to do it. 23
Neutral 50 The Sorrows can't be pushed into this. You and Joshua don't have the right to force them into it. Please, consider what I'm saying. 24
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic003 Don't worry. I think leaving Zion is for the best. Neutral 50 It may be. I hope it is. To tell the truth, if something goes wrong, more Sorrows could die in the escape than in Joshua's proposed attack. 25
Neutral 50 Even knowing that, it's a risk I have to take. With your help, and Joshua's, even if we're attacked, we can defend the Sorrows and escape. 26
Neutral 50 We'll be traveling at night, in small groups, across the valley. With luck, the White Legs won't know what's happened until the next morning. 27
Neutral 50 But if the White Legs realize what's happening... Joshua and I will need {emph} you to help us escape. Don't hold back. I promise you, the White Legs won't. 28
Neutral 50 Once our path is clear, I'll give you everything you need to get back to the Mojave, but the Pine Creek tunnel must be collapsed behind us. 29
Neutral 50 It's the only way to delay the White Legs' pursuit long enough for us to get a head start. Good luck, and may God be with us. 30
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic004 I need to think about this. Neutral 50 Even our Lord had doubts. Think it over, but listen to your heart. And do it quickly. We don't have much time. 31
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic008 Yes, go! Happy 50 You've done more than I could have ever hoped for. Thank you. And may God protect you for all of your days. Goodbye. 32
Yes, go! Anger 25 You let them die! They needed you! Why didn't you help them?! 33
Disgust 15 Nevermind. I don't have time for this. Take the map. Just take it and go! 34
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic009 No, not yet. Anger 15 Hurry! There isn't any time to waste! We have to get out of here and collapse the tunnel behind us! 35
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic011 Why do you need a map of Grand Staircase? Neutral 50 Grand Staircase is farther east, deeper into the Colorado Plateau. 36
Neutral 50 The White Legs were able to reach us here, but it's only because Zion is close to the Long 15. They can't pursue us east of here. It's too wild. 37
Neutral 50 Throughout our history, we have called many places Zion. This valley is full of God's beauty, but it's just a place. Zion is more than this. 38
Neutral 50 We cannot use any and all means available just to protect stone and water and a piece of sky. We have to hold on to our faith. Far more enduring. 39
Neutral 50 If we sacrifice grace for a piece of land, we may live in this valley, but we will no longer dwell in Zion. It's better for us to leave now. 40
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic012 You mentioned you need healing powder. I have some, if you're still interested. Happy 15 {sighs, relieved} That's great news. We can use anything you can offer. 41
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic013 Is there any other way I can help the Sorrows? Neutral 50 If you could part with it, healing powder would be welcome. We have enough Stimpaks for now, but we can't rely on that small supply. 42
Neutral 50 Broc and Xander plants can be found throughout the valley and you might even find some on White Legs you come across. 43
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic014 Here's one healing powder. Happy 10 Thanks. Even one dose can make a difference. 44
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic015 Take all I have. Neutral 50 Your generosity is... {sighs, not sure what to say} well, I just can't thank you enough. 45
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic016 Let's talk more later. Neutral 50 Until then. 46
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic018 Tell me about Waking Cloud's family. Neutral 50 {a bit of apprehension} What uh... what do you want to know, exactly? I'm sure she could tell you much better than I. 47
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic019 I came in with the Happy Trails Caravan. We were attacked by tribals. I'm the only survivor. Neutral 50 That's... {sighs} I'm so sorry. That's terrible. We've been having a lot of problems with the White Legs here in Zion lately. 48
Neutral 50 In fact, that's why I'm here. I'm Daniel, a New Canaanite missionary to this tribe, the Sorrows. 49
Neutral 50 It's important that you speak to my colleague, Joshua Graham, at the Dead Horses camp at Eastern Virgin. We can speak again later. 50
Neutral 50 Again, I'm very sorry for the deaths of your friends. 51
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic020 Oh, heh. I just walked here. No big deal. Anger 15 {annoyed} Okay. Can you do me a favor and "just walk" down to Eastern Virgin? 52
Anger 15 There's a group of Dead Horse warriors there with my colleague, Joshua Graham. I'd like you to talk to him about the route you took to enter Zion. 53
Anger 5 We've had a lot of problems with White Legs in the area and I'd feel more comfortable if you spoke with him about the situation here. Thanks. 54
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic021 Who are you to be asking me questions? Anger 30 {angry} I'm someone who's responsible for protecting a lot of innocent people from raiders and {emph} mercenaries who might try to take advantage of them. 55
Anger 25 I think you need a little perspective on what the heck is going on in Zion. There's a Dead Horse warrior camp at Eastern Virgin. Get there. 56
Anger 15 My friend Joshua Graham can fill you in on some of the trouble we've been having with White Legs in these parts. Listen to what he says. 57
Anger 25 Now if you'll excuse me, I've had enough of your sass for one day. 58
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic022 Anything to help. I'll do what I can. Neutral 50 I appreciate the enthusiasm. There aren't a lot of people in the wasteland with kindness to spare for anyone who isn't kin. 59
Neutral 50 Since you've been poking around the valley, you might see more activity from the White Legs. 60
Neutral 50 One of the Sorrows hunters, Waking Cloud, has volunteered to help guide you through the valley. She has a special talent for staying out of sight. 61
Neutral 50 After this, it's just a matter of getting everyone out of here safe and sound. And hopefully you can head back to the Mojave without any more trouble. 62
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic023 If it will get me out of here, sure. Neutral 50 Listen, I understand that you want to go home. But we didn't ask you to come to Zion. As far as I'm concerned, you're an uninvited guest. 63
Neutral 50 In better times, I'd drop everything to help you out, but I have to ensure the safety of the Sorrows first. 64
Neutral 50 And don't think you're alone in this. One of the Sorrows, Waking Cloud, has volunteered to help you in the valley. 65
Neutral 50 She's an experienced hunter and has a special gift for staying out of sight when she needs to. Should make things easier for you. 66
Neutral 50 After that, all that's left is to evacuate the Sorrows safe and sound. I'll give you a map and supplies, everything you need to get back home. 67
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic024 Come on. I got you everything you needed. Just give me the damned map. Anger 30 Okay. You better listen close because I'm not going to repeat myself. You were not invited here. This is not your home. 68
Anger 40 We have what you might call a {emph} compulsion to help you on account of our beliefs, but if you continue to {emph} spit in our eye with insults and profanity... 69
Anger 20 You'll find out what happens when our patience wears out. People died at New Canaan because we bickered and debated about what to do. 70
Anger 10 That was a mistake. Complaining to me now, also a mistake. I'm not going to add sin upon sin by listening to your grumbling. 71
Anger 25 You want the map? Get out in that valley. Help us. One of the Sorrows, Waking Cloud, will go with you. She knows how to get around the valley unseen. 72
Disgust 20 She's also a midwife and has three kids of her own, so she'll be more tolerant of your whining. 73
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic025 I apologize, Daniel. I think stress got the best of me. Sad 25 [SUCCEEDED] {sigh} I understand. But I hope {emph} you can understand why it's so important for us to leave here as soon as we can. 74
Fear 10 I... {emph} we couldn't save New Canaan. This is a chance to make up for that, to start again. We can't fail. 75
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic026 Sorry, I uh... didn't mean to insult you or whatever. Anger 10 [FAILED] Corrected action is the most sincere form of apology. 76
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic027 Fine. Anger 10 Fantastic. 77
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic028 I'll be taking the map now. Anger 35 You just don't learn, do you? 78
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic029 Why are you so eager to evacuate Zion? You don't seem to be a pacifist. Neutral 50 There's an old saying that goes, "If you want peace, get ready for war." 79
Neutral 50 You've got me figured half-right. I'll shoot dead any White Leg that tries to creep into this camp, but it's only to protect the Sorrows. 80
Neutral 50 The Lord helps those who help themselves, but the Sorrows don't know how. Joshua and I do. Since I got them into this mess, I need to get them out. 81
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic030 That's an awful lot of responsibility to take on. Neutral 50 The New Canaanites interfered in their lives. {emph} We did that. And we've done it before, with others. Always with good intentions, but things go wrong. 82
Neutral 50 When that happens, we can't just abandon them, let them die at the hands of New Canaan's enemies. 83
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic031 You're right to leave, but I don't think you should kill any of the White Legs. Neutral 50 You're free to hold that opinion, but you're not responsible for these people. If I have to kill to prevent their blood from being spilled, so be it. 84
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic032 If you're willing to defend the Sorrows, why not pursue the White Legs? Neutral 50 There is an important difference between killing in defense and waging war. Even a Gentile like you should know that. 85
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic033 Joshua's a New Canaanite and he's obviously willing to attack the White Legs. Anger 35 Joshua is a living bible of all mankind's miseries of war! The debt he has levied through his actions, he repays {emph} every {emph} day! 86
Disgust 20 He is a monument both to God's unending forgiveness and to humanity's unfathomable capacity for cruelty. It's written on every inch of his body! 87
Anger 15 When you look at him, do you only see a man of God? Beneath those bandages, he is {emph} burned {emph} flesh. As he burns, so does he consume everyone around him. 88
Sad 10 Joshua wants to fight because the White Legs have stoked the naked flame inside of him. You, {emph} you see the light, but do not yet feel the heat. 89
Sad 15 I can pray that you never will, but it isn't up to me and it isn't up to God. It's up to Joshua. 90
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic034 Joshua's come up with a reasonable alternative. Why not help them fight? Neutral 50 Joshua doesn't just want to fight the White Legs. He wants to annihilate them. The stakes are too high for their tribe. 91
Neutral 50 Hurting them won't dissuade them. If they can't join Caesar's Legion, they'll die out in a generation. They've never learned how to survive. 92
Neutral 50 Food preservation, tanning, even basic hunting and cooking seem beyond them. They only survive by scavenging and raiding, but that can't last. 93
Neutral 50 They'll only stop if Joshua and the Dead Horses can kill their war chief and their entire war band. That's exactly what he intends to do. 94
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic035 That makes sense. Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 What would you like to know? 95
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic036 The use of violence only leads to more violence. Neutral 50 Try walking alongside a tribal child, a refugee, and holding her hand for three days because her parents were killed by NCR prospectors. 96
Neutral 50 After the prospectors have stalked the remainder of the tribe, they fire off a few shots to scare them, and the tribe bunches together for safety. 97
Neutral 50 A grenade comes rolling in and kills another six people. The only reason you survive is because someone else's body absorbed the shrapnel. 98
Neutral 50 You're left sprawled out on the ground with ringing in your ears and a little girl's hand in your hand because that's all that's left of her. 99
Neutral 50 After you've done that, if you can look me in the eye and tell me it's better to stand aside, maybe then I'll listen to you. 100
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic037 She said one of her births was difficult and you helped her through it. Neutral 50 {a bit relieved} Oh, well that's true. Waking Cloud is a talented midwife. She's certainly brought more children into the world than I have. 101
Neutral 50 But there are some problems she's never dealt with. One of them came up when she was having her third child and... 102
Neutral 50 I really didn't do much. I'm surprised she mentioned it. 103
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic038 Did you help the rest of her family leave Zion? Neutral 50 {sighing, a bit apprehensive} I did. 104
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic039 What's the matter? Did something happen? Neutral 50 Her three children are safe. They made it north weeks ago and met up with New Canaanites heading east. 105
Neutral 50 Her husband didn't make it. He died protecting their children from a White Leg attack. 106
Neutral 50 Do {emph} not tell Waking Cloud. She is one of the only Sorrows who can communicate easily with us and her tribe needs her to be strong right now. 107
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic040 O... kay, let's talk about something else then. Neutral 50 {sighing, relieved} Good. Fine, whatever you'd like to know. 108
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic041 It's her husband! Don't you think she has a right to know? Neutral 50 To every thing, there is a season. Who are you or I to put this heavy burden on her now? 109
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic042 I don't think you should hide this from her, but I see your point. I won't say anything. Neutral 50 And I don't like hiding it from her, but I'm between a rock and a hard place here. 110
Neutral 50 Her people... honestly, we {emph} all need her help. As much as it pains me to say it, there will be time to mourn later. 111
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic043 Settle down. I'm not telling her squat. Neutral 50 Good. I'll tell her after we've helped the rest of the Sorrows reach safety. 112
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic044 You're the New Canaanite who's supposed help lead these people, not hide things from them. Neutral 50 {sigh} I know. You're right. I shouldn't have hidden it from her in the first place. I just... we can't fail here again. 113
Neutral 50 Zion can't become the next New Canaan. The Sorrows don't deserve that. They don't deserve any of this. 114
Neutral 50 Sometimes I look at them and wonder if they would have been better off if those old trails had stayed forgotten. 115
Neutral 50 If we had never found any of them. {long sigh} Tell Waking Cloud if you think that's best. I won't stop you. 116
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic045 Aren't you the guy in charge around here? Neutral 50 That's not an easy thing to be. I don't like doing this, but I can't see any good coming from telling Waking Cloud her husband died. 117
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic046 That's too bad, because I'm going to tell her. Neutral 50 You'll do what you'll do - I won't try to stop you. I'd ask only that you consider the repercussions of your actions. 118
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic047 Fine. Forget it. Neutral 50 Good. 119
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic048 I need some medical assistance. Can you help? Neutral 50 I should be able to address most common problems. What's the matter? 120
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic049 I have an addiction problem. Neutral 50 {sighs} As much as I wish people wouldn't touch alcohol or chems at all, I understand. Would you like me to help? 121
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic050 Oh, the usual. A few scrapes, burns, and bullet wounds. Neutral 50 Huh. You look fine to me. Physically, anyway. 122
Oh, the usual. A few scrapes, burns, and bullet wounds. Neutral 50 Yeah, you don't look too bad. Shouldn't take much to get you fixed up. 123
Oh, the usual. A few scrapes, burns, and bullet wounds. Neutral 50 It looks like you have a few nasty injuries, but nothing I haven't seen before. Want me to fix you up? 124
Oh, the usual. A few scrapes, burns, and bullet wounds. Neutral 50 Funny sense of humor. I've seen corpses with injuries less severe than yours. This might take a while. 125
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic051 Radiation sickness. Neutral 50 Even after all these years, it's still a problem for prospectors, caravan guards, couriers, and tribals. I can fix it. 126
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic052 I need medical supplies. Neutral 50 I can provide medical assistance. I can even use supplies that we have here, but I can't just sell what we have. 127
Neutral 50 I need to address problems as they arise, and most of those have to do with the Sorrows or Dead Horses. 128
I need medical supplies. Neutral 50 Take a look. 129
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic053 Yes. Here's 200 caps. Neutral 50 Have a seat. This may be a bit uncomfortable. 130
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic054 Hmm. I guess I don't have 200 caps. Neutral 50 I'd like to help you, but I have to be able to cover the cost of supplies. If you can find the money, come back and see me. 131
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic055 What do you do here? Neutral 50 I used to help the Sorrows with various medical problems and general issues they were having, but my bishop sent me here as a missionary. 132
Neutral 50 We New Canaanites believe that there is a path to salvation for everyone and it's important that we set people on that path if they are willing. 133
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic056 Here's 150 caps for the trouble. Neutral 50 Thanks. Hold still. You'll be better in no time. 134
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic057 Sure. Will 300 caps cover it? Neutral 50 Thanks. Hold still. You'll be better in no time. 135
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic058 I can handle the expenses. 600 caps should cover everything, shouldn't it? Neutral 50 Thanks. Hold still. You'll be better in no time. 136
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic059 I guess I don't quite have 150 caps... Neutral 50 Well, I do need to cover the cost of supplies. Let me know if you find enough funds. 137
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic060 Actually, I think I'll be fine. Thanks anyway. Neutral 50 Suit yourself. 138
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic061 It looks like I'm a bit short of 300 caps... Neutral 50 Well, I do need to cover the cost of supplies. Let me know if you find enough funds. 139
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic062 Er... it looks like I don't quite have 600 caps. Neutral 50 Well, I do need to cover the cost of supplies. Let me know if you find enough funds. 140
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic063 Here's 300 caps to cover the expenses. Neutral 50 That should cover it. Hold on. This shouldn't take long. 141
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic065 You said you "used to" help the Sorrows with problems. What do you do now? Neutral 50 I'm trying to make amends for allowing our problem to become their problem. The New Canaanites, I mean. 142
Neutral 50 The White Legs have always fought with us, and with Joshua returning, Caesar has motivated the White Legs to stamp out the New Canaanites entirely. 143
Neutral 50 That means the tribes we work with, too. It's already hap-{stopping himself} I just want to prevent something terrible from happening to the Sorrows. 144
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic066 I'm trading Pre-War goods and supplies from the Mojave Wasteland. You need those too, don't you? Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] I do. {pause} All right. I can provide you with supplies, but be frugal with them. 145
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic067 But I have... caps. Many of them. Let me show you all of my fine caps. Neutral 50 [FAILED] {laughing softly while speaking} I'm sure your caps are fine, but I have to hold on to the supplies I have here. Sorry. 146
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic068 Most of the Sorrows and Dead Horses are protected. I'm out there getting shot up by White Legs. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Fair enough. Just be careful and hopefully you won't need these. 147
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic069 Yeah, but I'm helping you so... come on. Neutral 50 [FAILED] If you need healing, just ask me. I can help you with addiction, radiation poisoning, even broken bones. But I can't give you supplies. 148
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic070 I understand. Neutral 50 Thank you. If I can help you in some other way, don't hesitate to ask. 149
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic071 Salvation? From what, the wasteland? Neutral 50 A spiritual wasteland, yes. We believe that before this life, our souls existed elsewhere. And after we die, our souls will leave this world. 150
Neutral 50 During our time here, we have the burden of choice. The choices we make determine where we go in the spirit world, and how we will face judgment. 151
Neutral 50 New Canaanites believe, as many once did, that God was made flesh here on Earth as a man named Jesus Christ. He sacrificed his life to save us. 152
Neutral 50 Every sin, every terrible thing that you, me, or any one of us have done for all time, was washed away by his blood. We just have to accept his love. 153
Neutral 50 That's why we visit the tribes, to spread the good news. For all we know, we New Canaanites may be all that remains of Christ's followers. 154
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic072 What does a bishop do? Is that your boss? Neutral 50 Yeah, Bishop Mordecai is... 155
Sad 20 {sad, remembering that he died} Sorry. Mordecai was my bishop. He was killed by White Legs during the attack on New Canaan. He was responsible for our congregation there. 156
Sad 10 I don't know who my next bishop will be. {resolved} But that's a problem for tomorrow. There are plenty of troubles here for us today. 157
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic073 Has this happened before, the White Legs attacking other tribes? Neutral 50 Yes. But not just White Legs. Raiders too. Prospectors. Slavers. Anyone who thinks they can exploit the ignorant and the innocent. 158
Neutral 50 We lost the Tar Walkers. And the Crazy Horns. We did our best, but we made mistakes. We paid for them, but they paid more. 159
Neutral 50 I'd like to get out from under that debt someday. Until then, it's enough to stop ourselves from getting deeper in the hole. 160
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic074 The White Legs are here already, so what's your plan? Neutral 50 To remove the Sorrows from harm's way. I have to give credit to the White Legs for finding their way here, though I imagine many died in the process. 161
Neutral 50 But they can't follow us east, not into the Grand Staircase. They don't know how to live off of the land. We head there, we can find some safety. 162
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic075 What happened at New Canaan? Neutral 50 {uncomfortable talking about it} We lost it. Our community, everything. But the past is gone. We have to look forward. 163
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic076 Were you close to Mordecai? Neutral 50 Look, I've got a lot to do here. My personal relationship... it's not important right now. Can't see how it concerns you, anyway. 164
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic077 If you don't acknowledge your past now, it'll come back to you later. Sad 15 [SUCCEEDED] True enough. We can't escape it no matter how hard we try. Best we can do is own up, trust in the Lord to forgive. 165
Neutral 50 Joshua was gone, so were a lot of the other New Canaanites. White Legs must have been watching for a long while, counting who remained. 166
Sad 15 We didn't think the White Legs were a real threat. Maybe it was overconfidence. Maybe sloth. Either way, we didn't see them coming. 167
Anger 25 They attacked at night. They killed without regard to age or infirmity. Armed or unarmed. They beat children to-{cut off, overcome with emotion momentarily} 168
Sad 30 {pause} Beat them to death in their beds while they were sleeping. {pause} And now we're all that's left. Maybe thirty of us. {"lesson learned"} Pride goeth before destruction. 169
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic078 That's it? Neutral 50 [FAILED] As far as you're concerned, it is. This really isn't the time to talk about it, all things considered. 170
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic079 Interesting. Neutral 50 Heh. That's actually a better response than I usually get from wastelanders. No offense. 171
Neutral 50 Tell you what. There's a lot going on right now but why don't you take this. Read it. Maybe you'll hate it. Maybe you'll be bored. 172
Neutral 50 But if you have questions, assuming we get through all this, let me know. It used to be my job to answer those questions. Maybe it will be again. 173
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic080 Sounds kind of far-fetched, even for the wasteland. Neutral 50 Good news is an amazing thing in this world we've {emph} unmade. We're so used to going to sleep with nightmares that we can't imagine waking up to a dream. 174
Neutral 50 But that's what we believe, every word of it. It's the cornerstone of our faith and how we choose to live. 175
Neutral 50 With every step {emph} you take, you put one foot in front of the other and {emph} know that you'll be pulled back down to this Earth. 176
Neutral 50 {emph} We know that God is watching over us, waiting for us to come back home. To us, there's no difference. Walking and living. It's all belief, all faith. 177
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic081 Why don't you teach them something useful instead of filling their heads with nonsense? Anger 10 We teach them practical skills for this life and we prepare them for what's to come. 178
Neutral 50 The Sorrows could master all the wonders of the Old World. conquer the Great Basin north to south. But without God's love, they would have nothing. 179
Happy 10 It is shelter in the storm, food in times of hunger, warmth and light in the cold and darkness. What can compare to that in value and versatility? 180
Neutral 50 You don't agree. That's your choice. It can be their choice, too. No one is forced to follow the narrow path. 181
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic082 You're the man in charge. If something's troubling you, it could affect all of us. Sad 25 [SUCCEEDED] I never thought I'd be in charge of anything. Don't know why. Bishop Mordecai was old. He had been sick for years. 182
Neutral 50 He couldn't walk anymore. It wasn't a problem for the rest of us. {laughing a bit} He made it out to be more trouble than it really was. Just his way, I guess. 183
Neutral 50 When the White Legs came... {sigh} he was upstairs. We couldn't get him out in time. The house caught fire at the base and worked its way up. Fast. 184
Neutral 50 He didn't die of smoke. I wish he had. Sometimes I wake up and for a minute or two, I think all of it was a dream. But it's not. It wasn't. 185
Neutral 50 I wish all of this were some fevered vision of what could have been. Instead of what is, what we let happen. 186
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic083 I'm just curious, that's all. Neutral 50 [FAILED] It's understandable, but this is something for me to work out with the Lord. And I hope you can understand that. 187
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic084 I understand. Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 Thanks. What would you like to know? 188
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic085 I'd like to talk to you about Mordecai. Neutral 50 {emph} I'd like you to drop it. It's a private matter. 189
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic086 Why won't you tell me about what happened at New Canaan? Neutral 50 It's not a subject I'm fond of discussing. It's over and done with, anyway. Why are you so interested? 190
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic087 Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 Of course. 191
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic088 And you have the right to pull them off of their land? Anger 40 I've already explained to them that we're leaving! They've accepted it! What is Joshua going to tell them about being a warrior? 192
Anger 25 What are you going to tell them about how to live with themselves after they got lost in the moment, killed someone who didn't {emph} deserve to die? 193
Anger 35 Or does that not matter? Is that just an acceptable consquence if it means holding on to this valley? 194
Disgust 15 Maybe there is no place left in this world for mercy. But even if it tramples me into the dust, I will never accept it. And I will never condone it. 195
Sad 20 Joshua must be waiting for you. I'll stay here with the others as I told them I would. 196
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic089 This is the way the world is. They're part of it, whether you like it or not. Sad 25 No. This is how we made the world. And we brought it to them. 197
Sad 15 Joshua must be waiting for you. I'll stay here with the others. 198
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic091 Uh... you might want to have a chat with them. They think your "Lord" and the "Father" are the same. Neutral 50 Oh. {realizing} Ah. {sighs} Of course. How stupid of me. They probably also think Mary is the mother and Jesus is the child. 199
Neutral 50 No wonder they picked up on things so easily. I guess it just goes to show how difficult it is to communicate sometimes. 200
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic092 I had some other questions for you. Neutral 50 What's on your mind? 201
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic093 Here, take three of my healing powders. Happy 10 Thanks. That will help a good deal. 202
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic094 Here, take five of my healing powders. Happy 10 That's very generous of you. Five doses will help a great deal. 203
NVDLC02DialogueDanielNVDLC02DanielTopic095 What do you know of the White Legs? Neutral 50 They're hateful savages who live only to plunder and destroy. Their leader is a devil called Salt-Upon-Wounds. 204
Neutral 50 War is what all he knows. Everything he has, everything that tribe has, was taken by force, raiding and scavenging. 205
Neutral 50 It's said there's no man deadlier at close range, that that powerfist of his has smashed a hundred skulls. 206
Neutral 50 Maybe that's true, but so what? It's a low form of leadership. A tribe that knows only war has no future. And so he'll lead them to Caesar. 207
NVDLC02EndingDaniel NVDLC02EndingDaniel Neutral 50 {Narration - Daniel died} In the shadow of Daniel's death, those Sorrows who survived the assault on Zion Valley mourned his loss, as was their custom. 208
Neutral 50 {Narration} Word of Daniel's passing reached the New Canaanites several weeks later. They prayed that their brother would be well-received by their Lord. 209
NVDLC02EndingDaniel Neutral 50 {Narration - Flight from Zion} After leading the Sorrows from their home in Zion to safety in Grand Staircase, Daniel continued to wonder if he'd made the right choice. 210
Neutral 50 {Narration} He spent his life evangelizing the beliefs of his people to a new generation of young men and women, as his ancestors had for centuries before him. 211
Neutral 50 {Narration} He was happy with his family, but for the rest of his life there were nights when he awoke with sadness to find he had been dreaming of Zion. 212
NVDLC02EndingDaniel Neutral 50 {Narration - Crush the White Legs} For years after the defeat of the White Legs, Daniel did his best to minister to the Sorrows' spiritual needs. 213
Neutral 50 {Narration} Try as he might, he could not hold back the tribe's increasing militancy and reverence of Joshua Graham. 214
Neutral 50 {Narration} Demoralized, he returned to his family and Dead Horse Point. His failures haunted him for the rest of his days. 215
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