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This is a transcript for dialogue with Severus.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 {Annoyed} You're the one {Luh-CUL-us} Lucullus said would come? {Blunt} You'll find him waiting for you, down at the docks. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 {Angered} What are you doing standing around, whelp? {KAI-zar)Caesar awaits! 2
GREETING Neutral 50 You're the one {Luh-CUL-us} Lucullus said would come. You'll find him waiting for you, down at the docks. 3
GREETING Neutral 50 {menacing} Scum such as you does not belong here. {cold} Leave, or be added to the dead. 4
GREETING Neutral 50 {menacing} Trade with Canyon Runner if you like. Make trouble and things won't go well for you. 5
GREETING Neutral 50 {satisfied} You did well to give Centurion Aurelius the Profligates' listening machine. We'll butcher the troops they send to ambush our patrols. {Ken-TOO-ree-on} 6
GREETING Neutral 50 {AH-way} Ave. Name your business. 7
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic000 I have some questions. Neutral 50 Very well. 8
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic001 What is this place? Neutral 50 {irritated by player's stupidity} A Legion outpost. What's it look like? 9
Neutral 50 {gruff} We crossed the river when the Profligates fled from Searchlight. From here we stage raiding parties and process captures. 10
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic002 What is your role here? Neutral 50 I'm an officer of the Legion, of the rank {de-CAN-us} Decanus. When we encamped, I commanded a {con-too-BER-nee-um} contubernium of eight Legionaries. 11
Neutral 50 So I command what's left. Under the wise leadership of {Ken-TOO-ree-on Aw-REL-ee-us} Centurion Aurelius, of course. 12
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic003 I have dog tags to turn in. Neutral 50 {gruff} In trade for what? {DUPLICATE?} 13
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic004 I have dog tags to turn in. Neutral 50 {gruff} What do you want to trade for? 14
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic005 Food supplies. Neutral 50 How many tags worth? 15
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic006 Ammo. Neutral 50 What type of ammo? 16
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic007 Firearms. Neutral 50 Firearms of what kind? 17
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic008 Armor. Neutral 50 {gruff} What sort of armor? 18
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic009 Just letting you know. Neutral 50 {gruff} Wasting my time is more like it. 19
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic010 Do you see much action against the NCR? Neutral 50 As much as their cowardice will allow. The Profligates avoid open battle, but on good days we find one of their patrols. 20
Neutral 50 Their landmines have caused us more trouble than their marksmanship - which is lacking. 21
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic012 20 gauge shotgun shells. Neutral 50 {gruff} Here. {DUPLICATE?} 22
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic013 9 mm. Neutral 50 {gruff} Here. 23
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic014 10 mm. Neutral 50 {gruff} Here. {DUPLICATE?} 24
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic015 .22 LR. Neutral 50 {gruff} Here. {DUPLICATE?} 25
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic016 .357 Magnum. Neutral 50 {gruff} Here. {DUPLICATE?} 26
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic017 Small Energy Cells. Neutral 50 {gruff} Here. {DUPLICATE?} 27
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic018 10 mm Submachine Gun [30 tags]. Neutral 50 {gruff} Take it. {DUPLICATE?} 28
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic019 Explosives. Neutral 50 {gruff} Dynamite or grenades? 29
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic020 Dynamite [3 tags]. Neutral 50 {gruff} Watch yourself with this. 30
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic021 Grenades [3 tags] Neutral 50 {gruff} Watch yourself with this. {DUPLICATE?} 31
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic022 Goodbye. Neutral 50 {LATIN} {"WALL-ae"} Vale. 32
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic024 9 mm Submachine Gun [20 tags]. Neutral 50 {gruff} Take it. {DUPLICATE?} 33
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic025 Laser Pistol [25 tags]. Neutral 50 {gruff} Take it. {DUPLICATE?} 34
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic026 Laser Rifle [50 tags]. Neutral 50 {gruff} Take it. {DUPLICATE?} 35
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic027 Leather Armor [15 tags]. Neutral 50 {gruff} This is your size. 36
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic028 Reinforced Leather Armor [20 tags]. Neutral 50 {gruff} This is your size. {DUPLICATE?} 37
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic036 I can teach you to make Powder Charges. Neutral 50 If they're more powerful than the Profligates' landmines, by all means show me how. 38
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic037 One. Neutral 50 {gruff} Here, this is edible. 39
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic038 Three. Neutral 50 {gruff} Here, this is edible. 40
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic039 Five. Neutral 50 {gruff} Here, this is edible. 41
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic040 Ten. Neutral 50 {gruff} Here, this is edible. 42
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic042 That's it for now. Neutral 50 {gruff} Are we done, then? 43
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic044 Study this as long as you need. <Show him the Powder Charge schematic.> Neutral 50 Tin cans, gunpowder, scrap metal, and duct tape? {Humph!} We won't have any trouble finding those ingredients! 44
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic045 I can show you how to disarm the NCR's mines. Neutral 50 {gruff, interested} That would be worth knowing, especially if we can then rearm and reuse them. 45
<Player teaches Severus how to disarm NCR munitions>
The trick is to rush the mine and press the blinking red light. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] The light is a button that can interrupt detonation? {Humph!} We were too busy throwing ourselves to the ground to figure that out. 46
Neutral 50 To rearm the mine, we'd just press the button again - simple. The Profligates will regret that we learned this. 47
The trick, I figure, is to pick up the mine really, really carefully. Neutral 50 [FAILED] Go find a minefield and practice that "trick" several times, then. Idiot. 48
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic047 Another time, perhaps. Neutral 50 {gruff} If you have nothing to teach, don't make the offer. 49
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic049 Your Centurion said I could trade dog tags for supplies. Neutral 50 {gruff} What of it? 50


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 {LATIN} {"WALL-ae"} Vale. 51
HELLO Hello Neutral 50 {AH-way} Ave. 52