NCR dogtags are a quest item in Fallout: New Vegas.


These military identity tags are carried by NCR soldiers. Generic troopers will always have their tags in their inventory, but named characters will not.


  • Dogtags are used to make the dog tag fist.
    • Since the NCR dogtags won't be removed from the player upon entering the Sierra Madre, it's possible to craft the dog tag fist while in the Sierra Madre. This is useful if you prefer them over the Bear trap fist.
  • Quartermaster Mayes at Camp Forlorn Hope will accept NCR dogtags. His tent can be found to the right of the Command Tent. He will reward with NCR fame and 2 caps per tag.
  • At Cottonwood Cove, passing a Barter check of 35 with Aurelius of Phoenix grants the opportunity to turn in dogtags for Caesar's Legion fame, and a reward of 10 caps each. Tags then can also be traded with Decanus Severus for ammunition and supplies, without being vilified by the Legion, in which case Severus may acknowledge it but will not trade.


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  • Almost all NCR personnel carry dogtags prior to being killed. As they are weightless, they can be pickpocketed with little chance of failure.
  • There are about 50 NCR dogtags, which can be picked from unnamed NCR soldiers in Mojave Outpost, Camp McCarran, New Vegas Strip and Las Vegas Boulevard station.
  • Note that by giving a large quantity of dogtags to Aurelius or Severus will gain more Legion fame in total than giving the same amount of tags in small quantities over time.
    • For example, starting with the reputation of "Neutral" with Caesar's Legion, by giving them 30 dogtags at a time a "Liked" reputation with the Legion can be achieved. However, giving them 5 dogtags 6 times in a row will not.
    • If the player has a "Neutral" reputation with the Legion, giving them 20 dogtags at a time will raise the reputation rank to "Accepted", alternatively giving them 30 dogtags at a time will raise the reputation from "Neutral" to "Liked". When Accepted by the Legion, only 20 dogtags have to be given to raise reputation to "Liked". However, giving them more than 30 dogtags at a time with a "Neutral" reputation will not raise the rank from "Neutral" to "Idolized", it will always raise to "Liked" rank only.
    • At a "Liked" reputation, they need to be given no less than 30 dogtags at a time to be able to raise reputation from "Liked" to "Idolized".
  • The tags are weightless and count as quest items, making them impossible to remove without console commands.
  • They are identical in appearance to their Brotherhood of Steel counterpart.


  • PCIcon pc Playstation 3Icon ps3 Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Most troopers and named soldiers at Camp Forlorn Hope are set up to receive a set of dogtags when killed, this in addition to the dogtags most already carry, meaning corpses of Forlorn Hope personnel will frequently be found with two sets of dogtags. [verified]
  • PCIcon pc Playstation 3Icon ps3 Xbox 360Icon xbox360 It is sometimes possible for known corpses carrying NCR dogtags to be found alive. This is an issue with the Gamebryo engine. If the player attempts to kill the non-player character who has been found alive, it will result in the usual Karma/reputation penalties as with killing any other non-player character. [verified]
  • PCIcon pc Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Skirmishes between the Legion and NCR soldiers between Camp Forlorn Hope and Nelson may not occur, forcing the player to look elsewhere for dogtags. [verified]