NCR armor is the official uniform of the New California Republic Army.


As of 2281, the official combat uniform consists of a khaki field jacket with bellowed hip pockets and khaki breeches, worn with a desert face wrap, black leather fingerless gloves, arm wraps, brown combat boots, and khaki puttees. An armored breastplate emblazoned with the emblem of the NCR is worn in combat environments, attached via leather straps and buckles.

It provides a poor level of protection (DT of 10) for its weight of 26 pounds, however with the Jury Rigging perk it is possible to use it to fix much more advanced and expensive medium armors.


NCR trooper armor is worn by NCR troopers. All the other outfits are a variant of this.

  • NCR bandoleer armor has a pocketed bandoleer wrapped around the torso to carry extra ammunition and other supplies.
  • NCR face wrap armor has the face wrap pulled over the user's face. This shields the user's face from the elements, especially with the goggles helmet on.
  • NCR mantle armor is distinguished by a camouflaged cloth wrapped around the user's shoulder. It is often seen being worn by officers but is also worn by NCO's (Sergeants and Corporals).
  • NCR military police armor is worn by NCR's MP officers. It is identical in appearance to NCR trooper fatigues, except that this variant has a small black and white "MP" armband on each arm. Its helmet is black with "MP" written across it.
  • NCR injured trooper armor is worn by injured NCR troopers. This armor is marked as unplayable and can't be taken from the troopers corpse.
  • NCR trooper fatigues are identical in appearance to NCR trooper armor, but lack the armored breastplate. While all other NCR armors of this type have 10 DT and are Medium-class, this armor has 2 DT and is classified as light armor.


NCR bandoleer/trooper/mantle/face wrap armorEdit

NCR trooper fatiguesEdit

NCR military police armorEdit

  • Can be found on troopers on the New Vegas strip and in the NCR Embassy.
  • Can be found on the two MPs at Camp Forlorn Hope.
  • Can be found on Private Halford in the Camp Guardian Caves. One can either kill him or let the lakelurks in the cave kill him.
  • One helmet can be found on a spike at Red Rock Canyon, but it must be stolen. The spike in question is located just outside Regis's tent alongside a standard trooper helmet.


  • The NCR Military Police armor is really just a suit of trooper fatigues, with "MP" armbands added. Despite this, the armor itself is still labeled as medium (as most NCR armors are), unlike the light trooper fatigues.
  • Lieutenant Boyd will mention her name tag being on her uniform, even though neither hers nor any other NCR armor have name tags on them.


  • Playstation 3Icon ps3 When wearing certain NCR armors: while "zooming in" without a weapon equipped a thick black line is produced across the screen as long as the player is zooming. [verified]
  • PCIcon pc Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Sometimes while wearing the face wrap version of the armor, the game will permanently mark the Courier as wearing that armor. This causes problems when attempting to do anti-NCR faction quests. [verified]


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