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A veteran Ranger inspires awe. Stick around for when they get here, you'll see. If I live to earn the Black Armor, I can die a happy woman.NCR trooper

The NCR Ranger combat armor, also known as the Black armor, and the matching Ranger helmet are pieces of armor in Fallout: New Vegas.


The distinctive black ranger combat armor consists of the Desert Rangers' traditional trench coat worn with pre-War riot armor. Ranger patrol armor is hand-manufactured in the NCR .Loading screen

A military-grade armor originally used by riot squads, this combat outfit is worn with a heavy duster with the NCR Rangers' insignia on the left flap.



Name DT WG Durability Value Armor class Effects
NCR Ranger combat armor 20 30 600 7500 Medium armor Disguise: NCR
Desert Ranger combat armor 22 30 600 8000 Medium armor None
Riot gear 20 30 500 7994 Medium armor Guns +5, Agility +1
Advanced riot gear 21 25 600 8494 Medium armor Explosives. +10, Endurance +1
Elite riot gear 22 23 750 12500 Medium Armor Critical Chance +5, Guns +10, Charisma +1



  • The NCR Ranger combat armor appears on the cover of Fallout: New Vegas and in the graphic novel All Roads.
  • When worn by a non-player character, the helmet's antenna disappears.
  • There seem to be several tally marks scratched into the side of the helmet.
  • In poor condition, repairing this armor costs around 15,000 caps to repair to 100%, making it one of the most expensive armors in the game to maintain.
  • Even if a truce is negotiated between the NCR and the Brotherhood of Steel, the Brotherhood will turn hostile if seen wearing the armor. However, this does not apply during the Second Battle of Hoover Dam.
  • If Boone is in the party, people might comment on him being "one of those elite troops they have been hearing about." This is normally said by people who side with the NCR, such as the Crimson Caravan Company.
  • If the Courier is wearing the armor while on The Strip, NPCs will sometimes refer to them as an actual NCR ranger.
  • It is the "signature" armor of Fallout: New Vegas, and the only main series signature armor that is not power armor.

Behind the scenes

Wes Burt (for Massive Black) developed the design. I shared your concerns, so there were a few things I requested to keep it from turning into Jin-Roh Part 53. First, I asked that he wear jeans and boots. I also requested that he should typically have a revolver or lever-action rifle with a bandoleer for bullets. Last, I asked for his jacket to be dark brown, not completely black. I wanted to pull some of the color elements toward warmer "cowboy" tones instead of strict neutrals. Wes is a really fantastic artist and I think he did a great job.J.E. Sawyer on the armor's design
  • The armor was largely designed by Massive Black artist Wesley Burt. The initial concepts were inspired by Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade, though the armor evolved into a unique design following requests from Joshua Sawyer, including jeans and a trench coat to give the armor a Western vibe.[1] It also took beats from Tycho's description in Fallout, as Tycho himself is described as "a man in dusty leather armor with a trench coat and gas mask."[2]
  • The symbol on the left breast of the body armor is inspired by the logo for the BPRD from the Hellboy series.[3] Sawyer would later elaborate on Twitter that the design was put there by a texture artist responsible for the high res keyart model and was not on Wesley Burt's original design.[4]
  • A "7" is painted on the left side of the helmet. The front of the armor features a neckpiece with "08" on it. A star and bear can be seen on the left shoulder pad, which is affiliated with the New California Republic flag. There is also what appears to be tallies on the side of the helmet, near the "[7]." "H3RM35" can be seen on the antenna which is a leetspeak for "Hermes," a reference to Hermes, an armor development project from the canceled Fallout 3, Van Buren.
  • The in-game Ranger combat armor is slightly different from the box art and opening cinematic version. The cover version features a darker black/gray armor and some form of breather pipe coming from the right side of the gas mask as well as a small radio antenna, compared to its in-game counterpart which is of a more faded gray coloration, and the breather pipe and antenna being completely absent.
  • Advanced versions of the NCR Ranger combat armor appear in Lonesome Road, which were created for pre-War riot control officers in Hopeville and for the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment to control protests by the local hippie community. These versions are more heavily armored and possess intact optic systems compared to the NCR Ranger combat armor.
  • A ranger in the opening cinematic is seen tapping the side of the helmet lighting up the visor, this cannot be done in-game.
  • The helmet's mesh seems to point to a non-existent environment map, "textures\chromedull_e.nif." However, .nif is a mesh file extension, not a texture file extension. Additionally, chromedull_e.dds is located one folder over, in "textures\effects\chromedull_e.dds." This means the reflective properties seen on the helmet in-game are the result of missing textures.


PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 Before patch, the helmet picked up from the NCR Ranger safehouse could not be repaired by vendors, due to it having no value. Repairing it with other helmets worked properly. [verified]