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The NCR Military Police HQ (also referred to as NCR Military Police Headquarters) is the base of operations for the NCR military police on the New Vegas Strip in 2281. It is located across from the NCR Embassy at the southeast end of the Strip.


The building consists of three main areas, including an office, jail cells, and a storage room. The storage room contains a selection of guns, ammunition, and armor. It is behind a Hard locked door or the key can be pickpocketed from Marie Pappas in the embassy building.

If the Courier is detected while picking this lock, it will cause MPs to attack, as well as reduce Karma and reputation with the NCR. If the Courier's status with the NCR is high enough, the MPs will not react with hostility to the lockpick attempt.

Notable loot


At least one of the jailed gamblers has a key to the cell.


NCR Military Police HQ appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.