The NCR Correctional Facility terminal entries are a collection of terminal entries from the NCR Correctional Facility in Fallout: New Vegas.

Broken terminalEdit

Note: This terminal is located on the counter in the visitors center.


"Primary power source unavailable"
"Check all cords and plugs for connection"

Warden's terminalEdit

Note: This terminal is located on the warden's desk in the NCR CF administration building.

Access warden's log.Edit

[Guard transfers to the east.]Edit


They're transferring away three more of my men. They tell me it's all to keep the situation at the Dam under control, but what about this place? The situation here has become dangerous for my men and I - I know it, my men know it, and the prisoners know it. It's only a matter of time before something happens.

[Comments on Caesar's Legion threat.]Edit


I've seen the reports of this so-called "Caesar's Legion". It sounds like they're just another bunch of raiders, but the higher-ups back west seem to think they're a serious threat.

[Suspicions about prisoner conspiracy.]Edit


Something's going on, and I'm sure that Cooke is behind it all. No evidence yet, but something just feels... off.

About Cooke. He's quite popular among the younger prisoners, and many of them seem to have been taken in by his anti-NCR dogma. Cooke's group are all model prisoners, especially Cooke himself. They don't fight and they always do what they're told. They make me nervous, and I'd have them watched every second of every day if I could.

[Draft of complaint to NCR command.]Edit



You and I served together for seven years, and I'm calling in a favor. I need you to convince General Oliver to stop transferring my men out of here and to deliver the replacements I was promised. I'm expected to put these prisoners to work making new rail lines and fixing the existing ones, but I can't do that if I don't have any guards to keep an eye on them. Does the general really expect the handful of men I have left to be able to keep several dozen hardened men in line?

You owe me for that one time in Modoc. Don't let me down.


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