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This is a transcript for dialogue with Sheriff Meyers.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 {Waiting in Primm for Pardon} Have you gotten my pardon from the NCR yet? 1
GREETING Neutral 50 {Sheriff of Primm} Thanks for getting me that pardon. Me and the boys will take good care of Primm, don't you worry. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 {Sheriff of Primm} I can do right by this town, they were in need of some frontier justice. 3
GREETING Neutral 50 {Prison under attack} Sounds like the NCR is finally getting off their ass to settle things around here. Don't expect me to get in their way. 4
GREETING Neutral 50 {Player is in Combat} Maybe you ought to worry about the guys trying to kill you first. 5
GREETING Neutral 50 Didn't know anyone would willingly walk into this place, not unless they were looking for trouble. What's your story? 6
GREETING Neutral 50 Need to talk about something? 7
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFMeyersTopic000 What did you do before you ended up incarcerated? Neutral 50 I was a sheriff, believe it or not, for a small town far to the west of here. 8
Neutral 50 The short version is that sometimes justice is a little slow, and I helped speed it up one too many times. 9
Neutral 50 I'm not sorry for anything I did, but I will do the time. Fair enough trade, if you ask me. 10
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFMeyersTopic001 Tell me more about what happened in the prison. Neutral 50 I understand that Cooke was behind it all. I kept my head down the whole time. Didn't want any part of it. 11
Neutral 50 I stuck around, figuring the NCR would show up and put things back the way they were. No sense in making myself look guilty, right? 12
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFMeyersTopic002 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Watch yourself out there. 13
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFMeyersTopic003 Who's Cooke? Neutral 50 Some kind of anti-NCR rebel. Some people just don't like being pushed around and told what to do. 14
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFMeyersTopic004 Where can I find Cooke? Neutral 50 He went north with some of the other guys. Didn't say where, didn't say why. All I know is he's got some kind of score to settle with the NCR. 15
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFMeyersTopic005 Why are you still here? Neutral 50 I'm not quite sure the kind of greeting NCR troopers will give an escaped con like myself. Figure it's better to stay put for now. 16
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFMeyersTopic006 Who's in charge of the Powder Gangers? Neutral 50 Right now, Eddie and his boys run the place. They've got the guns and the dynamite, so they call the shots. 17
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFMeyersTopic007 How would you feel about becoming Primm's new sheriff? Neutral 50 Assuming an NCR pardon comes with the job - and it had better - I'll also need to be able to do things my own way. 18
Neutral 50 Due process has its place, but sometimes it's just a waste of time. I'll need to know that I'm not going to end up right back in prison. 19
How would you feel about becoming Primm's new sheriff? Neutral 50 My terms are the same. A pardon from the NCR and the freedom to do the job anyway I see fit. 20
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFMeyersTopic008 You have a deal. Neutral 50 All right, then. Guess I'll just make a quiet exit - no need for a goodbye party or anything. 21
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFMeyersTopic009 I'll need to think about it. Neutral 50 Understood. 22
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFMeyersTopic010 Does that mean you'll take the law into your own hands? Neutral 50 When I need to, yes. 23
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFMeyersTopic015 Where should I go to get you a pardon? Neutral 50 There is a NCR camp down on the southern border of Nevada. Camp Mojave I think, try to find someone of authority there. 24
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFMeyersTopic016 I'll let you know when I do. Neutral 50 Okay, hurry back. I don't want anyone to start shooting at me. 25
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFMeyersTopic017 Not yet, but let me ask you about something else first. Neutral 50 Alright, ask away. 26


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Watch yourself out there. 27
NCRCFMeyersDeputySpeech NCRCFMeyersDeputySpeech Neutral 50 Okay, folks. I called you out here because I've grown to trust you. Primm, the town to the south, is looking for some new law. 28
NCRCFMeyersDeputySpeech Neutral 50 I know that you guys don't have experience with law enforcement{pause} at least not on the enforcement side. 29
NCRCFMeyersDeputySpeech Neutral 50 However I also know that you are honorable and looking for some redemption. This is our chance for redemption. 30
NCRCFMeyersDeputySpeech Neutral 50 Now let's head down there and bring them some law! 31


RNVNewsStory2 RNVNewsStoryLine2 Neutral 50 {Meyers:} Howdy do, folks. I'm Sheriff Meyers. Be good, or I'll shoot you dead. 32