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This is a transcript for dialogue with Eddie.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 {Prison under attack} No time to talk. We've got trouble. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 {impressed} Not half bad in a fight, are you? I figure you had a lot to do with me still breathing after all that. 2
Neutral 50 I don't have any more work for you, but feel free to stick around as long as you want. You never know when the NCR will be back. 3
GREETING Neutral 50 Dawes said he let somebody in. So, you going to give me a reason not to kill you and throw your body back outside? 4
GREETING Neutral 50 You're the one Cobb mentioned. Maybe you feel like helping us out around here. 5
GREETING Neutral 50 {After prison battle} Not bad in a fight, are you? I really thought the NCR had us in their sights that time. 6
GREETING Neutral 50 {Powder Ganger Good Rep 2+ reached} I've been thinking that since you've been good to us, we can be good to you. 7
Neutral 50 We've got plenty of spare powder and dynamite around. Say the word and we can give you some of it every couple of days. 8
GREETING Neutral 50 {Powder Ganger Mixed Rep 2+ reached} I don't know what to make of you, you know that? I know I can't really trust you, that's for sure. 9
Neutral 50 Still, you've helped us out some, so maybe I ought to repay you some. I've spread the word about you to a bunch of guys out in the wasteland. 10
Neutral 50 As long as you're not an enemy, they'll cut you some slack when you're near their camps. Trespass too long and they'll come after you. 11
GREETING Neutral 50 {abrupt, slightly hostile} What? 12
VEndingNCRCF VEndingNCRCF Neutral 50 {narrating} After Hoover Dam, the leaderless Powder Gangers at the Correctional Facility vanished into the wastes, leaving the prison empty. 13
Neutral 50 {narrating} The Correctional Facility became another abandoned ruin in the wasteland, its carcass occasionally picked over by enterprising prospectors. 14
VEndingNCRCF Neutral 50 {narrating} With the Dam firmly in their grasp, the NCR turned its attention towards wresting the Correctional Facility from Powder Ganger hands. 15
Neutral 50 {narrating} The Powder Gangers are no match for the battle-hardened troops of the NCR, and summary execution awaited the Powder Gangers who managed to survive. 16
VEndingNCRCF Neutral 50 {narrating} Most Powder Gangers at the Correctional Facility fled into the wasteland rather than face the advancing forces of the Legion. 17
Neutral 50 {narrating} Those brave or foolish to remain were killed or crucified by the merciless Legionaries. 18
VEndingNCRCF Neutral 50 {narrating} The NCR, battered by the loss of the Dam, were unable to devote any troops to retaking the Correctional Facility from the Powder Gangers. 19
Neutral 50 {narrating} As a result, Powder Ganger raids on caravans became an unfortunate fact of life in the Mojave for years to come. 20
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFEddieTopic000 Goodbye. Neutral 50 {dismissive, slightly unfriendly} Yeah, get out of here. 21
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFEddieTopic001 What do you need done? Neutral 50 This is Powder Ganger territory - my territory. Most of the guys around here understand that. One, Chavez, doesn't. 22
Neutral 50 Chavez formed his own crew and have been hitting traders on their own. Everybody I've sent after him either got killed or weren't able to catch him. 23
Neutral 50 That leaves you. What do you say? 24
What do you need done? Neutral 50 Nothing's changed. Chavez won't answer to me, but he and his crew operate in {emphasis "my"} my territory. Deal with him. 25
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFEddieTopic002 Got any spare powder and dynamite available? Anger 20 {Player lost Good rep} Nope, not for you. Rumor is you've been working against us, so the deal's off. 26
Got any spare powder and dynamite available? Neutral 50 {Available} Yeah, we do. Here. 27
Got any spare powder and dynamite available? Neutral 50 {Not available} We're out at the moment. Come back later. 28
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFEddieTopic003 You've got trouble. The NCR are planning a raid on this place soon. Anger 20 {explosion heard} Sounds like they're already here. There's no way I'm letting them take me alive. 29
Neutral 50 There's no reason for you to stick around and help us, but feel free to kill a few of the bastards on your way out. 30
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFEddieTopic006 Chavez has been dealt with. You won't see him around here anymore. Neutral 50 I'm happy you cleaned that up for me, but we've got another situation to worry about. There's a merchant hanging around near the prison. 31
Neutral 50 Something feels funny about him, and I want you to deal with him. Shake him down if he's legit, but if he's not, take him out. 32
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFEddieTopic007 What exactly is "funny" about that merchant you want me to check out? Neutral 50 {Non-dummy} Most people already know we run this territory, and are usually in a hurry to get out. Not this guy. It's like he wants us to come get him. 33
What exactly is "funny" about that merchant you want me to check out? Neutral 50 {Dummy} {annoyed a player's stupidity} Not "ha ha" funny, you moron. Funny as in suspicious. He's not trying to run away like most people. 34
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFEddieTopic008 I got rid of him. Neutral 50 Good. Had him figured for NCR, one of the rangers maybe. Anyway, speaking of the NCR, I need you to take a walk down to Primm. 35
Neutral 50 The NCR hasn't raised hell over our breakout, and I want to find out why. They're up to something, I can feel it. 36
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFEddieTopic009 What am I looking for in Primm? Neutral 50 I know the NCR has troops near Primm, so talk to the locals and find out if any of those troops are going to be coming our way. 37
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFEddieTopic010 I'll do it. Neutral 50 Good. Chavez and his boys were last seen south of here. If you're lucky and he's careless, he might still be there. 38
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFEddieTopic011 How did you end up in this place? Neutral 50 Why do you care? Answer: you shouldn't. I don't feel like trading life stories. 39
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFEddieTopic012 How did the breakout happen? Neutral 50 It was all Cooke's idea. He and his boys managed to swipe some dynamite and hide it away in their cells. 40
Neutral 50 The rest of us just tagged along. Cooke's crew headed north while the rest of us stuck around for payback. 41
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFEddieTopic013 What can you tell me about the prison? Neutral 50 The NCR called it a "work-release" prison. We lucky prisoners got the privilege of fixing up the rail lines and blasting rock for new lines. 42
Neutral 50 They got sloppy, though. Some of us managed to hide away some dynamite, and look who's in charge now. 43
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFEddieTopic014 Where is Cooke now? Neutral 50 He and his crew went north. I heard talk about some sort of "big plan" to get back at the NCR, but haven't seen them since. 44
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFEddieTopic016 What do you know about Cooke? Neutral 50 One mean son of a bitch. Really, truly hates the NCR for some reason, and he got a lot of the other guys around to his way of thinking. 45
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFEddieTopic017 I'll need to think about this. Neutral 50 Fuck you for wasting my time, then. 46
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFEddieTopic018 You only want me to deal with Chavez? Neutral 50 Chavez is the ringleader. Without him, his crew will fall apart, and I don't give a shit about those guys. 47


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 {dismissive, slightly unfriendly} Yeah, get out of here. 48