Though they were a powerful force in the west decades ago, the Enclave has not been seen or heard from in the Mojave Wasteland for years. Members who were not hunted down are believed to have traveled east - or successfully integrated into the NCR.Fallout: New Vegas loading screen.

The NCR-Enclave conflict was a military conflict of unknown proportions waged between the temporarily allied military forces of the New California Republic and the Brotherhood of Steel against the remaining Enclave personnel on the far western coast of New California.[1]

The short-lived conflict presumably began and ended with the decisive NCR-BoS attack on Camp Navarro.[2][3] Details and specifics on when and how this conflict occurred and/or how it even played out remain a mystery.


The New California Republic and the Brotherhood of Steel aligned their respective military forces to track down and eradicate the Enclave on the west coast and from New California completely and entirely, after the NCR decided that they would 'pose a threat to the region'.[4][5]

The attack on NavarroEdit

Sometime after the Chosen One destroyed Control Station ENCLAVE, the NCR ultimately decided that Navarro, along with the rest of the local Enclave personnel, would constitute a threat to the security of their region, despite being cut off entirely from their leadership and proceeded with an offensive on Camp Navarro.[6]

The NCR-BoS coalition assaulted the previously heavily defended and fortified Navarro outpost, inflicting a decisive blow to the remaining Enclave presence in California despite suffering horrendous casualties.[citation needed]

Results & consequencesEdit

Remnant Enclave personnel lingering in California that did not relocate with the rest of the Enclave, successfully disappear, or integrate into the NCR, would ultimately be arrested and tried as war criminals by the NCR, and eventually imprisoned indefinitely or were executed on the spot. Some were able to slip through the borders of NCR territory into Nevada.[7]

At least one sizable bunker is known to remain in operating condition in the Mojave Wasteland, serving as a small base and refueling station for Vertibirds, with not only the NCR but the Mojave Chapter of the Brotherhood evidently failing to find or gain any sort of knowledge of the area despite controlling areas extremely close to its location.

Ultimately, the combined successes of the NCR-Brotherhood alliance in their mutual efforts against what remains of western Enclave activity would not last, as not long after, the NCR-Brotherhood War would be declared. Due to the NCR's taking of and usage of Enclave technology from Camp Navarro that they could not understand, they would ultimately, via their unaware employee, bring about the destruction of the Divide, killing an unknown number of people within or near the area of proximity.[8]

The majority of the Enclave according to Arcade Gannon, was able to relocate to a wide array of different locations.[9] The most noteworthy examples would be in the Capital Wasteland and according to ED-E, Chicago.[10][11]

Some others went rogue from the Enclave entirely,[12] or simply went into hiding.[13] The remaining few who were not exposed, arrested/executed, or killed in combat or otherwise successfully integrated into the NCR.


The NCR-Enclave conflict and/or the attack on Navarro is mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas (in the quest For Auld Lang Syne) and its add-on Lonesome Road.


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