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Though they were a powerful force in the west decades ago, the Enclave has not been seen or heard from in the Mojave Wasteland for years. Members who were not hunted down are believed to have traveled east - or successfully integrated into the NCR.Fallout: New Vegas loading screen.

The NCR-Enclave War was a military conflict waged between the New California Republic and the remaining Enclave presence in New California, with the Brotherhood of Steel taking advantage of the Republic's successful assault on Navarro to hunt down the few Enclave personnel that escaped the doomed facility shortly afterward. The conflict began some time after Control Station Enclave's destruction[1] and ended sometime after Navarro was destroyed.


Not long after the destruction of Control Station Enclave and with the subsequent deterioration of the Enclave command structure, the remaining personnel knew that it was only a matter of time before their positions in New California would remain untenable.[2] In 2242, the remainder of the command structure's military forces was rallied by John Henry Eden[Non-canon 1] and led by Colonel Autumn's father to Raven Rock,[Non-canon 2] leaving Navarro lightly garrisoned. Knowing the inevitable, some of the Enclave personnel fled with their families and comrades.

Several years after the destruction of the Oil Rig by the Chosen One,[1] the NCR, convinced that the remaining Enclave forces were a threat to security of the region, staged a full-scale assault on Camp Navarro.[2][3] The NCR proved victorious, either capturing or destroying the base. The surviving Enclave personnel scattered across the west coast, thus being cut off from their leadership entirely, hunted by both the NCR and the Brotherhood of Steel.[4]


The few surviving Enclave personnel in California that did not retreat with the rest of the Enclave either went rogue from the Enclave entirely, fled east or remained in the west and went into hiding and those that integrated into the NCR did so by hiding their identities. As any that were discovered were arrested and tried for war crimes and either imprisoned indefinitely or executed.[5][6][7] Some were able to reach as far as Nevada, where the NCR's more tenuous presence along the frontier gave them the opportunity to quietly blend into large towns.

Many of the Enclave's remaining personnel were able to relocate to other parts of post-war America, such as in the Capital Wasteland.[7]

At least one Enclave installation, a former Vertibird refueling station in the Mojave Wasteland, managed to avoid being discovered by the NCR and local Brotherhood of Steel.

Not long after the engagement, friendly relations broke down between the victorious NCR and their Brotherhood allies and the Brotherhood War began soon thereafter.[Non-canon 3] After sacking Navarro, the NCR recovered an item with the markings of the Divide's military installations. This package was a detonator that contained missile launch codes that, within range, would activate the launch computers within a silo. When the Courier delivered this package to the Divide, the detonation signal activated the nuclear missiles below ground, causing the earthquakes and radioactive storms that shaped the Divide into what it is in the 2280s.[Non-canon 4]


The NCR-Enclave War is mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas and its add-on Lonesome Road.


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