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Captain N. Jackson was an Appalachian Enclave officer.


An Enclave officer in charge of field operations, Jackson was overseeing the mounting of communications dishes throughout Appalachia. He doubted the usefulness of using humans instead of robots for work, and complained about it after a near-fatal incident that Sergeant Donnelley suffered while installing a surveillance dish.[1] However, Jackson was more than just a technician. He was also a gifted computer scientist and did, in fact, correctly figure out how the Appalachian missile defense worked. The complexity of the system took three sticks of chalk to explain to Major Ragnarsdottir and centered on the fact that unless the system believed Appalachia was under direct threat, the DEFCON would remain at low levels. His discovery was the primary reason behind President Eckhart's decision to conduct false flag operations to trick the system.[2]

Dismayed and demoralized by the brazen disregard for American life, Jackson and other loyalists of Ellen Santiago staged an open revolt. Fighting off robots and Eckhart's troops, Jackson and Ragnarsdottir revived Santiago, who gladly assumed leadership of the uprising.[3] However, while Eckhart was placed under arrest, the uprising ultimately failed. MODUS, under the threat of destruction, retaliated against the humans by detonating the weapons lab, killing General Santiago as well as rupturing a toxin tank that leaked into the air circulation system. MODUS promptly sealed the bunker, dooming all within - including Jackson - to an ignoble death, choking to death in darkness.[4]


N. Jackson is mentioned only in Fallout 76.


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