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My story is a paper note in Fallout 76.


The note could be found on the roof of the Farm To Food booth at the Tyler County Fairgrounds, beside a Settler corpse.


Yep, it's me again.

You're probably wondering how I got myself in this situation, trapped on the roof of the Farm To Food booth at the Tyler County Fair.

I should start back at the beginning, before this whole mess got started. You see, last year I joined up with a group of raiders who


This note and its scene were moved with the Wastelanders update. It was originally placed on the Jar Toss booth, and the note said "Jar Toss" in place of "Farm To Food." Because Liebowitz is now on the Jar Toss booth, the scene was moved to another stall in the fairgrounds.

Behind the scenes

This note is a reference to an Internet meme about a movie cliché in which a record scratch is played while the film freezes on a particular frame, followed by a character explaining how they got themselves in a particular situation. It was first popularized on 4chan's /tv/ board in 2015.[1]