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My name's James is a holotape in Fallout 76.


It can be found at Mount Blair Trainyard, inside one of the train cars in the southwest corner of the property.


Dan: My name is James. And I like trains. So here I sit. Waiting in vain. The trains don't go. Since the world did blow! Now it's just James. And a pile of dead trains.

MaleEvenToned: James? James! There you are! You can't keep coming back here! It's not-- shit. Put your mask back on. Lets go!

Dan: Sorry, papa.


Previous to patch, the subtitles for this holotape referred to the singing child in this holotape as "Dan." In The 197 from DC, another holotape found at the trainyard, a man named Dan speaks to two other employees. Both him and the father in this holotape have the same voice actor, Larry Herron. Additionally, the child's editor ID for his voice type is "NPCM_MTR_MountBlair_James." This indicates that "Dan" is the child James' father.