My diary, by Jason Grant is a set of two holotapes in Fallout 3. They were recorded by Jason Grant, one of the founding members of Little Lamplight.


In the caverns' souvenir shop, both holotapes are found next to one another on a shelf.


My diary, by Jason Grant -- entry 1


Umm... I guess this thing is working. I'm Jason Grant. I'm ten years old. I'm in Ms. Delaney's class, Early Dawn Elementary. A month ago a big war came and everything was destroyed. Except us. We're still OK in these caves. Kinda. Ms. Delaney went out this morning to get help and she never came back, but the other adults never came back either. So now it's just us kids. A lot of the others still cry every day. They're really scared. I'm not. There's nothing to be scared of, as long as we don't go outside. Nobody else wants to be in charge, so I'm gonna try. Most of the kids listen to me already, so it should be easy.

My diary, by Jason Grant -- entry 2


It's been almost two months, and we're all doing pretty good, even if we are all alone. There's a door that leads to a Vault, right here in the caverns. Every day we bang and bang, but they won't let us in. We can hear them in there! One time, a guy on the other side told us we were dead already. Fuck those grown-ups. Fuck them all. We don't need them ever again.

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