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Exceptional recoil control. Better per-shot recoil. Inferior range.

The muzzle brake is a muzzle weapon mod for the pipe revolver, pipe gun, pipe bolt-action, hunting rifle, 10mm pistol, combat shotgun, combat rifle, assault rifle, submachine gun and handmade riflein Fallout 4.


The muzzle brake reduces recoil of the weapon it is fitted to, in exchange for reduced range.


Adhesive (varies)
Aluminum (varies)
Screw (varies)
Gun Nut Rank 1
Muzzle brake (1)
Weapon Ad Al Sc Gun Nut
Pipe pistol/pipe rifle 3 4 3
Combat shotgun 4 5 3


The muzzle brake can be crafted onto or removes from a weapon using the weapons workbench.

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