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Mutfruit is a consumable item in Fallout 4.


Mutfruit is a small purple fruit that grows on small mutfruit trees that bear yellow leaves. The first syllable is pronounced as "mute" as in a mutated fruit.



One mutfruit is required to plant a single tree in dirt terrain in any owned settlement.

Mutfruit (1)
Dirt terrain
Mutfruit plant (1)

Additionally, wild mutfruit plants located within the range of a workshop can be scrapped for one wild mutfruit.

Wild mutfruit plant (1)



  • Farmers in at Warwick homestead will comment on the fruit's characteristics, such as tasting sweet and being versatile in recipes.[1][2]
  • Supervisor Brown mentions setting aside a portion of their mutfruit crop for extracting seeds to replant.[3] It will pay the Sole Survivor two caps per mutfruit they bring to trade.[4]
  • Priscilla Penske in Vault 81 is attempting to create foods that have increased resistance to radiation. She mentions the mutfruit would do well, but isn't certain how the hybridization would affect the flavor and texture.[5]
  • The vault dwellers of Vault 81 trade for mutfruit with the outside world, and use it to make special occasion desserts such as pie.[6][7]
  • Curie's experimentation with the mutfruit yields a unique mutfruit, strain 17. She explains that the fruit has a particular sugar compound that stimulates platelet production to close wounds, but not when grown in the wild.[8] By genetically breeding the plant in sterile conditions, she is able to use the new strain to create a next generation stimpak.[8]

Behind the scenes

  • The first syllable of the word is pronounced [muht ] in Fallout 3 and pronounced [myo͞ot ] in Fallout 4.
  • When sleeping with MacCready while in a romantic relationship, he will say "I never knew you could do that with mutfruit..."


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    Priscilla Penske: "Just a small part of it. My hope is to create a strain of foods that have increased resistance to radiation. What good is fresh produce if it's always contaminated by its environment? That particular strain of Mutfruit should do well, but I wasn't certain how the hybridization would affect the flavor and texture."
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    Sole Survivor: "How did you discover that?"
    Curie: "Mutfruit has a particular sugar compound that stimulates platelet production and can close wounds. Unfortunately, the plant, when grown in the wild, is irradiated and develops natural toxins to ward off pests. Strain 17 has been genetically bred in sterile conditions to remove both problems. The new, pure sugar is already offering promise."
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