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Mutated public events are a gameplay feature in Fallout 76, introduced in the Mutation Invasion update. They combine mutations previously exclusive to Daily Ops with a selection of public events. Piercing Gaze and Savage Strike are not possible mutations for Mutated Public Events.


Mutated events are rolled for at the top of the hour, picking from events listed below and selecting one of the possible mutations. As with Daily Ops, mutated public events are planned to feature double mutations at a future date.

Participating in mutated events grants the mutated package. If at least three Fallout 1st players participate, the mutated party pack is awarded instead, which grants improved rewards.

Mutated public events are a community event, and will only occur when the community event is active.

Eligible events[]

Event Mutations
Camouflaged Freezing Resilient Reflective Regenerating Swift Toxic Volatile
Eviction Notice No Yes No No No No No Yes
Guided Meditation Yes No No Yes No Yes No No
Heart of the Swamp Yes No Yes No No No No No
Line in the Sand No No Yes No No Yes No No
Lode Baring Yes Yes No No Yes No No No
Moonshine Jamboree No Yes Yes Yes No No No No
One Violent Night No No No No No No Yes Yes
Swarm of Suitors No No No No No Yes Yes No
Test Your Metal No No No No Yes No Yes No
Uranium Fever No No No Yes Yes No No Yes


Reward comparison[]

Pack type Major reward drop chances Minor reward drops
Weapon drop Crafting plan drop Mutation serum drop Stimpak Super stimpak Component


Ammunition rolls
Mutated package 5% 25% 5% 4-12 5 4 4
Mutated party pack 10% 50% 10% 5-15 6 5 4
Double mutations are not yet live and the following values are subject to change when they are released.
Double mutated package 10% 50% 10% 7-21 7 6 7
Double mutated party pack 25% 100% 25% 7-21 8 6 8

Behind the scenes[]

Senior quest designer Ellys Tan was a primary developer on mutated public events as its product owner.[1]