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Those weren't its eyes. They're fake. Like moth wings. Did you see the stalks on top of its…well, it doesn't have a head. The things like looked like onions on sticks? I think those were the eyes.Miller

Mutant mantis shrimp were to be creatures found in Interplay's Fallout Online - also known as Project V13.


The origin of these creatures is unknown but they have been able to survive the conditions left behind by the Great War.

Far larger than their pre-War counterparts, they are able to survive in waterlogged, cavernous openings on the coast. The creatures are capable of throwing devastating punches at a sonic speed, enough to split hardened power armor.[1]


Four mutant mantis shrimp were encountered by the joint Brotherhood of Steel and Guardian Brotherhood team on a shattered rock beach somewhere in the vicinity of the Glow.


Despite visually looking more like a mutated mantis shrimp, the creatures are referred to by the Brothers Grimm as being "sonic lobsters" or a "giant lobster."


Several mutant mantis shrimp appears in the short story "On the Beach," published in The Armageddon Rag, Vol. 3 and were also going to appear in Fallout Online.


  1. Anders started unhooking Jenkins' helmet. “Whatever it is, it packs a punch. Look at his armor. The chest plate's cracked. Lee? You in there?”
    The Armageddon Rag, Vol. 3, "On the Beach"