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FO76 Acoustic instruments

Some of the playable instruments

Musical instruments are objects in Fallout 76.

The player character can play a musical instrument for relaxation. Playing the instrument for 30 seconds will provide the increased AP regeneration benefits of the Well Tuned buff.

Musical instruments can be encountered in many places throughout Appalachia, or they can be constructed at a C.A.M.P. or Workshop once the corresponding plan has been learned.

Playable instruments Non-playable junk items Playable item plan
Acoustic guitar Acoustic guitar Plan: Acoustic instruments
Banjo Banjo Plan: Acoustic instruments
Bass Plan: Acoustic instruments
Chemical barrelIcon cut
Metal barrel
Frame drum
Grand piano Plan: Pianos
Mouth harp Mouth harp
Snare drum Snare drum Plan: Acoustic instruments
Steel guitar Plan: Acoustic instruments
Tuba Plan: Wind instruments
Upright piano Plan: Pianos
Violin bow

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Makeshift weapons using a musical instrument:

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