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Museum station, or Smithsonian, is part of the metro system under the Capital Wasteland. It's under the Mall and serves as an underground passage between the Museum of History and the Museum of Technology. It was originally part of the Red Line.


The station is part of a long underground network which goes from the collapsed car tunnel at the back of the GNR building plaza all the way down to the Anacostia Crossing Station at Rivet City. The station is filled with a few raiders and radroaches.

On an advertisement for the metro, it is called Smithsonian. This was removed on the loading screen slide.


The station contains 8 raiders, 7 radroaches, a feral ghoul and a dead wastelander. Four of the raiders will be found in the northern train tunnel leading to Metro Central, along with the ghoul, which is kept at bay by a set of retracting doors in the floor operated via a wall switch. Two raiders patrol the central area, one atop the ruined train cars. One raider, who guards the way to the American History Museum and Underworld will usually be involved in a skirmish with the radroaches. The dead wastelander is found in a nearby restroom. The other raider guards the approach to Anacostia Crossing Station.

Occasionally a super mutant may enter the station from the Mall.

Notable loot


Museum station appears only in Fallout 3.