The Museum of Technology is a former museum located in Washington D.C. in Fallout 3. The building is falling apart in every possible way. The attractions have been smashed and the pillars are falling out of place, there are even visible holes in the roof. The place is filled with Super Mutants most carrying Hunting Rifles. In the atrium, there is a lit "Museum Information" terminal with a message from Prime to Jiggs about a stash in the Security Office Safe. Besides that "Museum Information" terminal, there are three other "Museum Information" terminals where codes need to be entered to obtain a password that is entered into the terminal beside the safe. Inside the safe is the key to the gun cabinet in the planetarium. The gun case contains a Missile Launcher, some Missiles, and 2 Pulse Grenades.

Your Cut (Unmarked Quest)

There is a secret series of codes hidden within access terminals around the museum, as part of a series of security tests for a scavenger, Prime's allocation of loot for another comrade expected to show up at the Museum. The first terminal is in the foyer. The second terminal is in the west wing, on the level at which you exit the vault demo. The third terminal is on the bottom floor near the Delta rocket. The terminal codes are:

  • Terminal #001 - 19
  • Terminal #002 - 53
  • Terminal #003 - 113

Although Prime alludes that he has left '...the usual breadcrumbs' for the player to follow, the clue is actually in Prime's name, as the correct numbers are all prime values (divisible by only themselves and then number 1, for example, 2, 3, 5, 7, etc). Successfully unlocking all three terminals will grant the player the password for the Security Office terminal, allowing them to unlock the safe.

Inside, the safe holds a few hundred caps (200 approx.), sundry other valuables, and a Gun Closet Key for the planetarium office's cabinet. This cabinet contains several firearms, including a Laser Pistol and assorted ammo.

Prime tells his buddy to meet him at the 'usual spot', the Diner near Jury Street Metro Station, which is marked on your map the moment you access the password. By the time you arrive, Prime is dead, torn apart, but is still worth finding, as he is in posession of 300 more caps, explosives, ammo, and a unique weapon, the Xuanlong Assault Rifle, possibly the most devastating Light Gun in the whole game.


  • The original plane successfully flown by the Wright Brothers (the Wright 'Flyer') is the plane shown on the ground smashed
  • The banner on the banister is a Vault-Tec banner
  • There is part of a Vault in the second floor
  • You find at least 3 Stealth boy 3001. One in the first room and two next to each other up the stairs from the first room on your right. All 3 are on display with little plaques that talk about them.
  • There are two hidden areas under the staircase surrounding the large rocket. Instead of climbing the stairs, jump down onto the ledge and follow it back to the corner to find a hidden sleeping area on one floor, and a hidden room on another. The skill book Guns and Bullets is located here.
  • There is a reference to L.A. death/industrial metal band Fear Factory in the museum of technology. There are two separate computer terminals, one in the lobby and one in the planetarium, where you can access the research lead's notes. The first journal entry contains lyrics from Fear Factory's song Archetype:

""The virus that has been plaguing our Archetype Model FF06 Mainframe due to an unknown attack has finally been localized by our research team and identified. After a complete cleanup on the mainframe's core, I am happy to announce that the infection has been removed...the soul of this machine has improved.

B. Bell Research Lead"" Burton Bell is the name of Fear Factory's lead singer.

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