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This is a transcript for dialogue with Murry.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 006FBAA9 006FBAC1 Still d-dark? I wonder if my internal clock is m-malfunctioning too... Morning.
2 00713F86 Cloudy s-still? I do miss having s-stroll under a star star lit sky... Night.
3 00713F87 Feels like I'm f-forgetting something... must be f-faulty memory I guess? You made him confront the truth about the camp members being dead and he erased his memory. So he recalls you, just not why.
4 00713F88 Oh Wesley... if o-only you weren't such a lazy bones. My t-tune up is way overdue now. We are hinting that Wesley is dead, but Murry is oblivious. He has had not had a tune up for some time and assumes that’s why he is stuttering.
5 00713F89 Looks like he let his w-water go stale again. I'll just b-boil up another batch for when he w-wakes up. Here we hint that Murry and his boiled toxic water killed Wesley, and he keeps refreshing it thinking he is sleeping.
6 00713F8A Oh I do hope the o-others will come back one day, after all the w-work James put into keeping the place g-going and what have you. The camp members left because of the storm, and James stayed to keep the trading point going. He went after Jewel after a while, and never returned.
7 00713F8B James surely must have c-caught up with Ms. Jewel by now. I should prepare something nice for their r-return. James stayed behind to keep the camp going, but eventually went after the members that left to bring back the woman he loved. He never returned.
8 00713F8C Just when you t-thought it couldn't get any worse, someone drops a nuclear warhead. *Sighs* It's g-going to get atomic d-dust everywhere... A reaction to a nuke going off, triggering the public boss event.
9 006FBAAA 006FBABD T-though it may not look it, g-good morning! Morning.
10 00713F7B Good e-evening... so says the internal clock. Hard to tell the t-time just by looking around these parts lately. Night.
11 00713F7C You're looking rather p-parched. Why not buy some of our locally sourced w-water, freshly boiled. A hint to the local water went toxic, which he accidentally poisoned Wesley with. Boiling toxic water does not purify it.
12 00713F7D Happy to h-help you with your shopping needs. If you need any r-repairs, unfortunately our mechanic Wesley is a tad i-indisposed right now. A hint to Wesley sleeping… who is actually dead. Hence no tune up on Murry with his speech stutter error.
13 00713F7E Come now, don't be s-shy, browse the stock, w-why not try our the locally sourced Maple Syrup! A hint that the big tree is a maple tree and Murry makes the syrup supply in the shop.
14 00713F7F Nice w-weather today eh? Well, no... but at least no stray l-lighting strikes in this area... lately. Like every British speaker he talks about the weather… which is a toxic red cloud looking kinda... bad.
15 00713F80 So n-nice to see people passing through here lately. D-despite the hazards. The area has toxic red clouds that shoot lightning down in many areas, sparing here for now. So it’s suspiring anyone would still be here.
16 00713F81 Good to see y-you again. You made him confront the truth about the camp members being dead and he erased his memory. So he recalls you, just not why.
17 006FBAAB 006FBAC4 Well I do s-say, you're here bright and... well e-early! So what can I do for y-you? Morning.
18 00713F8D Late night s-shopping eh? Have no fear, the s-store is never closed! What do you n-need? Night.
19 00713F8E Always nice seeing a f-familiar face, though... I haven't the f-foggiest where we met? Anyway, what can I d-do for you? Players made him confront the truth about the camp members being dead and he erased his memory again. So he recalls you, just does not know why.
20 00713F8F Quite the strange w-weather we've been having lately eh? Well... I m-mean more than usual. What do you n-need? Reaction to the nuke going off at the public event.
21 00713F90 N-need something? Generic greeting.
22 00713F91 What can I d-do for you? Generic greeting.
23 00713F92 How can I s-serve you today? Generic greeting.
24 006FBAAC 006FBABB T-ta ta for now.
25 006FBAB0 006FBABF W-well once the weather went bad, we ran into a spot of b-bad luck.
26 Whole region became quite the l-lightning hazard. Though we've been s-spared any direct hits, most of our camp thought it was time to m-move on, I suppose.
27 Except me and Wesley of course. And I'm s-sure James will be back any d-day now with Ms. Jewel.
28 00713F55 00713F84 S-salutations! Welcome to our l-little trading post. How can I, Murry, be of s-service today? The first greeting, says once.
29 00744CF9 Oh, a t-tune up? Finally, please be careful n-now. Player repairs Murry to recover his locked memories, making him recall everything he locked away. This fixes his memory read error stutter.
30 00713F57 00713F75 *Bzzt*
31 Oh... good heavens... they really are dead aren't they? Oh I remember it all now. Then what am I doing? What's the point of even running this shop anymore?! Player recovered Murry's memories, fixing his read memory error stutter and he freaks out.
32 POINTLESS! I'm just rusting away in a... GRAVEYARD! I should just wander off into the storm, awaiting a stray lightning bolt! Player recovered Murry's memories, fixing his read memory error stutter and he freaks out.
33 However, my programming dictates... self preservation. Oh I'll just lock these pesky memory files away again, hmm? Let's just forget we had this little chat, yes? Murry decides to lock away his memories again so he can continue existing without knowing everyone is dead, like before.
34 *Bzzt*
35 00713F6C 00713F7A Oh, w-we have an eclectic assortment! Many t-traders used to pass through here you s-see, fewer now... but enough to keep our s-supplies stocked.
36 W-we also have our own locally sourced Maple Syrup, made f-from the big tree here, c-crafted by yours truly of course.
37 00744CE8 00744CFA A-ask away.
38 00744CEA 00744CF6 James i-is our camp leader who stayed behind to keep the place going while the o-others decided to leave. He eventually left to chase a-after Ms. Jewel.
39 They're s-something of an item you see. Wesley and I are w-watching over the place till he returns with her. I'm certain he will be back any d-day now.
40 00744CEC 00744CFB H-he's our mechanic who stayed back due to f-feeling a little under the weather. No worries t-though, I keep him supplied with freshly b-boiled water.
41 B-between you and me... he's been a tad l-lazy for some time now, sleeping in all d-day and not much for company. Also my tune up is w-way overdue now.
42 00744CF3 00744CF8 *Thud Noise* Player hit Murry like a jukebox.
43 How d-dare you! Responding to being hit by the Player like a jukebox.