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This is a transcript for dialogue with Munch.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0042E32A 0042E3BC Hey, if you don't want to know, don't ask. You eat mutant critters and kill people, so I don't see how this makes a lick of difference.
2 0042E32B 0042E3A3 All this white stuff is poisoned ash and bone, my friend. Yep, when the bombs dropped, this valley became a pool of radiation.
3 No one wanted to touch it, but it became a dumping ground for all the unwanted bodies.
4 'Course all the rot became dangerous and the people knew they had to do something to stop disease from spreading... so they burned 'em.
5 Then a massive fire swept through it that burned for a week straight... And now what you see is all that's left.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
16 003FBBE6 004033DF You look like you've seen some shit out there. Friendly.
17 004033E0 People here think I'm crazy, but I think they just can't handle the truth.
18 004033E1 With as alien as this world is now since the war, living here at OC1 seems about right. OC1 = Orbital Crater-01 = The Crater, Raider settlement.
19 004033E2 Best thing about the war is we all get a clean slate. You, me, this world, and everything in it. Wistful
20 004033E3 Old OC1's looking pretty good these days. Not bad for a scrap heap of space metal. Re-Record: Initial recording missed the "1" after "OC1".
36 004033FB Meg didn't believe me about the Snallygaster, not 'til one wandered in and nearly took her head off. Slightly laughing to himself in the beginning.
37 004033FC That West-Tek story's bland as balls. Super Mutants are just a result of too much spinach. 'Least that I want people to believe.
38 004033FD They say, "Radiation." I say, "Aliens." Speaking to himself.
39 004033FE Good old Outpost Crater-01. I bet space was pretty boring compared to the crazy shit we got going on here. Speaking to himself.
40 004033FF That "Sheepsquatch" wins for best worst name. Although Snally probably ain't far behind. Speaking to himself.
58 0053AFC5 Hey there, kid. Got any new potions to try today?
59 0053AFC6 Lou should start looking at his condition as a blessing and not a curse. We still run from radiation, but he can bask in it.
60 0053AFC7 Ra-Ra's part of the next generation, and I intend to leave her with the best knowledge of history this world has ever known. Proud
61 0053AFC8 Heard you were down in Watoga. You know that place was owned and operated by robots? That's why it was called the City of the Future.
62 0053AFC9 I'll never understand the need to backstab people that've helped you survive in a world like this. Disappointed.
63 0053AFCA When stories of treasure turn out to be true, it makes all things seems possible, doesn't it?
86 0055959D *snores* Player trying to talk to Munch while he's asleep. Sudden interrupted snoring, but continues sleeping.
87 0055959E *mumbles* Player trying to talk to Munch while he's asleep. Just garbled, soft mumbling while sleeping.
88 0055959F *snoring* Player trying to talk to Munch while he's asleep. A gentle snore.
137 0059768F Something tells me you better leave. Slightly threatening. Hostile reputation with the player.
138 00597690 Beat it, kid. You ain't welcome here. Slightly threatening. Hostile reputation with the player.
139 00597691 You want to live to see another day? You better high tail it out of here. Slightly threatening. Hostile reputation with the player.
146 0059EFCC Nice tin suit, kid. Hope you got an oil can handy.
147 0059EFCD I see you got one of them fancy masks. Looking good, kid. Player is wearing a Fasnacht mask, an oversized caricature type mask.
148 0059EFCE Whoa there, kid. You looking for a fight? You keep brandishing your weapon like that, and you just might find one. Player has their weapon equipped and ready. This doesn't phase Munch, he finds it entertaining.
149 0059EFCF Normally, I'd say, "You look like you've seen some shit." But you, kid? I can tell you really have. Impressed. Player is over level 100.
150 0059EFD0 Ae-Ri always says, "You can make anything into a weapon." I got a feeling she'd like you, kid. Player has a strange weapon equipped.
151 0059EFD1 Well, if it ain't the Mistress of Mystery. I consider it an honor. Player is wearing the Mistress of Mystery outfit. Could be male or female. Munch is amused and playing along.
158 0053AF95 0053AFA1 Not like... this... Death line.
159 0053AF96 0053AF9A Let's get this over with. Starting combat. More to himself than to the player.
160 0053AF9B Just when I was getting comfy. Starting combat. More to himself than to the player.
161 0053AF9C I'm getting too old for this. Starting combat. More to himself than to the player.
162 0053AF97 0053AFA4 Pretty brave attacking an old man! Taunting opponent.
163 0053AFA5 Can't we just stop and talk about this? This is a "taunt" category line, but he's really hoping to talk things out.
164 0053AFA6 That's bush league, kid! Show me what you got! Taunting opponent.
168 0053AF98 0053AFAC Ow, damn it! Getting hit by an enemy.
169 0053AFAD Damn, that stings. Getting hit by an enemy.
170 0053AFAE I'm too old for this! Getting hit by an enemy.
182 00553C52 00553C5C Meg told us we had ourselves a Vault Dweller getting their hands dirty 'round here. Welcome to Outpost-Crater-01, kid. Re-Record: "01" is pronounced as "one".
184 00559597 Back already, kid? Figured after that attitude of yours, we wouldn't be on speaking terms.
185 00559598 Look who's back. You open that mind of yours a little wider, kid?
186 0058582F Hey, kid. Heard you got Meg all pissed off over this whole Trove thing. You may want to lay low for a while, if you know what I mean.
187 That whole deal ain't no skin off my back, though. Truth is, we'd survive one way or another.
188 00585830 Hey, kid. Heard you cracked that Vault wide open. Congrats on a job well done.
203 0059F189 Nice to see a new face. Welcome to Outpost-Crater-01, kid. "01" is just pronounced "one".
204 0059F18A Still alive and kicking, eh?
205 0059F18B What's up, kid? Can't stay away, can you? Friendly. Joking around. The second sentence is more of a statement than a question.
206 0059F18C Good to know the old Wasteland hasn't swallowed you up.
220 0055AF4C 0055AF77 You're damn right it is! And it's just a matter of time before they're here in force.
221 0055AF4E 0055AF8C You think I've been runnin' with these mercs all my life? I had my own share of escapades before the war.
222 Government conspiracies, top secret installations. I was in it, kid.
223 0055AF50 0055AF7A You don't? Vault-Tec must've given you quite the brain-washing in there. You gotta open your eyes, kid.
224 It may not be today or tomorrow, but give it time. They're out there.
225 0055AF52 0055AF6A You'd be surprised. Besides, what do they learn from the real past?
226 That killin' and stealin's wrong? Those two reasons are why most of us are alive today.
227 0055AF54 0055AF7E That's the spirit. Why bore someone to death when you can blow their minds?
228 0055AF56 0055AF6D Pfft, semantics. That old world is long gone. There's just us to rebuild all this shit.
229 Why waste time on tellin' 'em how things used to be?
230 I intend to spice it up. Let these kids be amazed by possibility. Those are the minds I want rebuilding this world.
231 0055AF58 0055AF83 Damn right it is. Building blocks of society I tell you. That's why I intend to give the blocks a little upgrade.
232 These kids could care less about anything that really went down. That's why you gotta polish that shit, to keep their attention.
233 0055AF5A 0055AF70 It means these kids don't know jack shit about the world, and I aim to keep 'em interested.
234 I may embellish a bit here and there, but what's the harm?
235 0055AF5C 0055AF86 See ya around, kid.
236 0055AF60 0055AF8A The name is Munch. Most people would probably say I'm just a crotchety old man with a shotgun, heh.
237 But if you ask me, I'm what you'd call the resident historian, story teller, guru type around here.
238 0055AF62 0055AF79 Just look around, kid. Good ol' OC1 was once a grand space station. Sent up on a top secret mission to monitor alien activity here on Earth.
239 In fact, aliens are what brought her down in the first place. They didn't like us trying to spy on them.
240 And after the Great War, you can bet they'll be working to dominate this planet. Slowly but surely.
241 0055AF64 0055AF68 Eh, we got all types here. You think just 'cause we got a reputation for killin' and stealin', we can't be civilized?
242 That's what I call being narrow-minded, kid.
243 0055AF66 0055AF7C Scrappy, ain't ya? Didn't anyone ever tell you, "Respect your elders, or get a bullet in the brain?"
244 This "old man" survived the war, endured the aftermath, and is still standing. And I didn't need no cozy vault to do it. Spoken like an old man telling a tale of walking uphill both ways.
245 Given all that, I'd say I got the right to call you whatever I want, kid. And seeing as how I'm in a good mood, I'll leave your skull intact. Emphasis on the word "kid."