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This is a transcript for dialogue with Mr Prize-bot.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 RE_ScenePS03_DeliverPrizeScene 003E1B37 I'm so glad I finally caught up with you!
2 003E1B38 What a day it's been, but I've finally found you!
3 003E1B39 Would you believe it? I've been looking all over for you!
4 0044D4CB Congratulations! Drawn out, making a big show of this.
5 003E1B4D You are a winner of the Great Appalachian Sweepstakes! I have been authorized to deliver your prize winnings! Excited!
6 003E1B4E You have been randomly selected to win a fabulous prize from the Great Appalachian Sweepstakes! Excited!
7 003E1B4F Today is your lucky day! You've won the Great Appalachian Sweepstakes, and this wonderful prize is yours! Excited!
8 003E1B3E The Great Appalachian Sweepstakes is not responsible for paying the required gift tax. Failure to do so may be reported to the IRS. Enjoy your prize! Excited!
9 003E1B3F We at the Great Appalachian Sweepstakes appreciate your continued purchases and subscriptions.
10 However, we would like to remind you that your bill in the amount of $73,428.66 is overdue and prompt payment is appreciated. Have a great day!
11 003E1B40 Notice: we've updated our privacy policy.
12 As a monthly prizewinner, your name, likeness, and other personal information may be used for publication without your consent. Have a wonderful day!
13 003E1B3A Hello, sir!
14 003E1B3B Hello, madame!
15 RE_ScenePS03_GiveUpScene 003E1B35 Oh well. I suppose you really don't want your prize. Consider it incinerated. Goodbye! Passive aggressive.
16 003E1B5A No need to be rude. If you did not want your prize, you should not have signed up for the sweepstakes. Harumph! A little annoyed.
17 003E1B5B Oh, you're just going to run off then, after all I've done to track you down? Well two can play this game! No prize for you! How do you like that? Annoyed.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
18 003E1B42 I am truly sorry, but unfortunately, a winner has already been selected this month, and regretfully, there are no more prizes!
19 003E1B43 My sincerest apologies! The Great Appalachia Sweepstakes has already awarded a prize to our winner. Better luck next time!
20 003E1B44 A winner has already been selected, and the prize has been claimed. I cannot issue any more prizes until next time!
21 003E1B45 I'm dreadfully sorry, but you are not the winner of the Great Appalachia Sweepstakes this time! Someone else already has that distinction.
22 Why not congratulate them! Maybe they will be extra generous with their winnings?
23 003E1B46 No more prizes right now, I'm afraid. They have all been claimed. Perhaps you will win next time?
24 RE_ScenePS03SharedInfo01 003E1B3C Congratulations! Drawn out, making a big show of this.