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This is a transcript for dialogue with Mr Herder.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0045DDFF 0045DF0E Ah yes, it's a herder's life for me!
2 0045DF10 Hurry up now, ladies! We have a dangerous road ahead of us!
3 0045EC25 Myrtle, stop chewing on that grass or you'll spoil your appetite!
4 0046A36E Fresh air and an open road! What more could a simple brahmin herder ask for?
5 0045DF0D 003F460E I say, you should keep moving human. These roads aren't as safe as they used to be!
6 00460740 00460743 Oh my! What on earth was that? My brahmin, they're so very helpless! Help me defend them, I beg of you!
7 00460741 00460744 *Howl*