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This is a transcript for dialogue with Robert House (computer).


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 I knew you'd make it. Resourceful, as always. 1
Neutral 50 The override module is functioning properly. I'm rerouting power to the Securitron vault at the Fort as we speak... 2
Neutral 50 I just need you to head over to the east power plant and manually activate the switch. 3
Neutral 50 When you return topside, I think you'll see that my Securitron army is a little more than the Legion was prepared to handle. 4
Neutral 50 Oh, and before you go - grab that print-out spooling from the console here - those papers set the terms for the NCR's unconditional surrender. 5
Neutral 50 I thought you might enjoy the honor of presenting them to the NCR's commanding officer, once the Legion has been defeated. Cheers! 6
GREETING Neutral 50 {FIRST, BUNKER, BENNY FLED} I do wish you'd come and met with me at the Lucky 38 when you first arrived on the Strip. Or after Benny fled, even. 7
GREETING Neutral 50 {FIRST, BUNKER, BENNY DEAD CASINO} I do wish you'd come and met with me at the Lucky 38 when you first arrived on the Strip. Or after you killed Benny, even. 8
GREETING Neutral 50 {FIRST, BUNKER} Quite an honor you spurned, my invite. You would be the first person to set foot inside the Lucky 38 in over 200 years. 9
Neutral 50 {sigh of pique} But... you still wound up here, right where I wanted you. {self-satisfied} I knew I could rely on Caesar to return the Platinum Chip to you. 10
GREETING Neutral 50 {LATER, BUNKER} Well! You're here ahead of schedule! I suppose it's just as well... 11
Neutral 50 This is where I wanted you to end up, after all. {self-congratulating} I knew I could rely on Caesar to give you back the Platinum Chip. 12
GREETING Neutral 50 {LATER, BUNKER, MISSION} I see that you reached your destination safely. Shall we get to work? 13
GREETING Neutral 50 {BUNKER} Have you come to your senses? It's not too late to upload the Platinum Chip's data to the primary computer. 14
GREETING Neutral 50 {BUNKER} Stop wasting time. Go upload the data on the Platinum Chip to the facility's primary computer. 15
GREETING Neutral 50 {BUNKER} As you know, the Platinum Chip upgrades my Securitrons' operating software. Well... there's an army of them here. 16
Neutral 50 The Securitrons policing the Strip are a fraction of the total number manufactured. The rest, I stored here. 17
GREETING Neutral 50 {BUNKER} The Platinum Chip is a data-storage device. 18
GREETING Neutral 50 I need you to manually upload the data from the Chip to the facility's primary computer. There's a terminal at the other end of this facility. 19
Neutral 50 There's a complication. While I can broadcast to this screen, I can't control any of the facility's systems. 20
Neutral 50 That means I can't deactivate its security bots... most of which appear to be active, according to the status board I'm looking at. 21
GREETING Neutral 50 {BUNKER, FORT SECS DEST} {devastated} Do you have the slightest idea of what you've done, of what you've destroyed? 22
Neutral 50 You've doomed Vegas to be ruled by corrupt bureaucrats or fanatical savages. 23
Neutral 50 Singlehandedly, you've brought mankind's best hopes of forward progress crashing down. No punishment would be too severe. 24
GREETING Neutral 50 {BUNKER} Your work here is done. Return to the Lucky 38 so we can discuss next steps. 25
Neutral 50 You have a very bright future ahead of you. Thanks to your actions today, so does the rest of mankind. 26
GREETING Neutral 50 {PLAYER DIDN'T GET CHIP} {Should be Securitron on the Strip} Benny is dead, and yet you don't appear to be carrying the Platinum Chip. 27
Neutral 50 I don't suppose you forgot to search his body? 28
GREETING Neutral 50 {LOST CHIP} Before we go any further - where is the Platinum Chip? 29
GREETING Neutral 50 {FIRST, HAS CHIP, FORT SECS UP} {spoke to player at the Fort bunker first} So, we meet in person finally... so to speak. You did well at the Fort - kudos. 30
GREETING Neutral 50 {HAD CHIP, REFUSED, RETURNED} Have you come to your senses - or will there be a repeat of the last incident? 31
GREETING Neutral 50 {FIRST, HAS CHIP, BENNY DEAD TOPS} You've been a busy courier, haven't you? You take your obligation to deliver an package very seriously - an ethic for which I am grateful. 32
Neutral 50 I will admit, when you ignored my invitation, I predicted... negative outcomes. But - you have a way of exceeding expectations, don't you? 33
Neutral 50 Well enough. Let's have the Chip, then. 34
GREETING Neutral 50 {FIRST, NO TOPS} {even tones, welcoming the player but appraising, too} This meeting has been a long time coming, hasn't it? You've come a long ways, literally and, I suspect, figuratively as well. 35
Neutral 50 {proud of the Vegas you built} I have to ask - now that you've reached your destination, what do you make of what you see? 36
GREETING Neutral 50 {FIRST, BENNY FLED} The point of my inviting you to visit me here at the Lucky 38 {emphasis} before stomping into the Tops on your own was to help you prepare - tactically. 37
Neutral 50 Now, because of your carelessness, Benny has fled the Strip, taking with him the Platinum Chip. 38
GREETING Neutral 50 {FIRST DISCUSS, PLAYER VISITED TOPS} {welcoming player, trying to hide irritation} Well... this meeting has been a long time in coming... longer still, since you took time to {disapproving} charge into the Tops before coming to see me. 39
Neutral 50 {putting aside irritation} Before we get down to details, I must ask - now that you've arrived at your destination, what do you make of what you see? 40
GREETING Neutral 50 {NO TERMS, NO TOPS} {player walked away without accepting terms last time} Can I look forward to a more {beat, emphasis} substantial conversation this time? 41
GREETING Neutral 50 {TERMS, NO TOPS} Have you considered the terms of my offer? There's else little for us to discuss until you have. 42
GREETING Neutral 50 {TERMS YES, NO CHIP} What is the purpose of this delay? 43
GREETING Neutral 50 {LATER, BENNY FLED} Events have transpired in a... {beat} less-than-optimal fashion. Benny has fled the Strip, and the Platinum Chip has not been recovered. 44
GREETING Neutral 50 {LATER, BENNY FLED} Benny must be pursued, and the Platinum Chip, recovered. 45
GREETING Neutral 50 {LATER, HAS CHIP, BENNY DEAD TOPS} So... Benny has been {slight beat} handled and you've recovered the Platinum Chip. Let's have it. 46
GREETING Neutral 50 {LATER, HAS CHIP} I take it you've come to deliver the Platinum Chip? 47
GREETING Neutral 50 {HOUSE RECEIVES CHIP} {tenderly regarding the Chip} Such a small thing, isn't it? And yet so... {capacious = inexhaustibly capable} capacious. So very dear. 48
Neutral 50 Decades of hiring salvagers out west to search for this little {beat} relic in the ruins of a place called Sunnyvale. Back then, anyway. 49
Neutral 50 That's where the Chip was printed, on October 22, 2077. It was to have been hand-delivered to me here, at the Lucky 38, the next day. 50
Neutral 50 But the bombs fell first. Suffice it to say, the delivery was never made. 51
GREETING Neutral 50 {CHIP IN, STRIP SECS NO} {jaunty, eager to share your secret} Come now, come now... get thee to the elevator. 52
GREETING Neutral 50 {CHIP IN, STRIP SECS NO} {growing impatient} To the elevator, if you please... Stop dragging your feet. 53
GREETING Neutral 50 {STRIP SECS UP} {dry} Trips to the basement are rarely so educational, don't you think? 54
Neutral 50 I've since broadcast the upgrade to every Securitron in range of my transmitters, and I must say, it's causing quite a stir down on the Strip! 55
GREETING Neutral 50 {L38, HAS BUNKER MISSION} Make your way to Caesar's Camp at Fortification Hill. Something very interesting awaits you... 56
GREETING Neutral 50 {STRIP SECS UP, GIVES BUNKER MISSION} To secure the future of New Vegas, I must have your assistance. The work ahead is dangerous, but {beat} you weather danger well. 57
GREETING Neutral 50 {STRIP SECS UP} Have you found the courage to do what's necessary? 58
GREETING Neutral 50 {MQN, B4 CHIP} What did you wish to know? 59
GREETING Neutral 50 {MQN, B4 CHIP} What else did you want to know? 60
GREETING Neutral 50 {FORT SECS NO} We'll talk again once you've concluded your work in the bunker at Fortification Hill. 61
GREETING Neutral 50 {FORT SECS UP} The foundation is laid. My Securitrons on the Strip are upgraded, and those at the Fort, ready for action. 62
Neutral 50 Now it's just a matter of adjusting the attitudes of some lesser groups while we wait for Caesar's Legion to attack Hoover Dam. 63
GREETING Neutral 50 {PLAYER HASN'T ACCEPTED BOOMER QUEST YET} The next step is to add the Boomers' considerable firepower to my growing arsenal... or at the very least, ensure their neutrality. 64
GREETING Neutral 50 As I was saying, I need you to enlist or neutralize the Boomers at Nellis Air Force Base. 65
GREETING Neutral 50 {BOOMERS QUEST ACTIVE} Any progress with the Boomers? 66
GREETING Neutral 50 Your next assignment won't take you far. It concerns the Omertas and their den of vice, Gomorrah. 67
Neutral 50 As the decisive encounter between the bull and the bear looms close, my concerns about the Omertas have grown. 68
Neutral 50 I've never expected loyalty, mind you. A reliably underhanded tribe is just as constant to deal with as one that always run true. 69
Neutral 50 But that's just it - lately the Omertas' cooperative silence has been deafening. Not a single complaint? They're up to something. 70
GREETING Neutral 50 Your next assignment would've been to investigate the Omertas, but you managed to foil their scheme before I could put you to the task. 71
Neutral 50 I should compensate you as though it were an official assignment, however. Wouldn't want to {beat} disincentivize your proactivity.{cash out Omerta quest} 72
GREETING Neutral 50 I'd hoped to have you investigate the Omertas, but after the trouble you caused at Gomorrah, they won't let you in the front door. 73
Neutral 50 I'll see if I can make some progress with informants. You're useless in this matter. 74
GREETING Neutral 50 As I said before, I need you to investigate the Omertas, to see what they're up to. 75
GREETING Neutral 50 What do you have to report about the Omertas? 76
GREETING Neutral 50 Your next assignment is to locate and destroy remnants of the Mojave chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel. 77
Neutral 50 The NCR nearly did the job at Helios One a few years ago, but there seem to have been survivors, unfortunately. 78
Neutral 50 Given the Brotherhood's fanatical views on technology, they can be counted on to oppose my regime. 79
Neutral 50 Please - put them out of my misery. 80
GREETING Neutral 50 As I've said, I need you to locate and destroy the Brotherhood of Steel. 81
GREETING Neutral 50 Have you destroyed the Brotherhood of Steel? 82
GREETING Neutral 50 Will you ensure that President Kimball survives his visit to Hoover Dam? 83
GREETING Neutral 50 {ALL REPUTATIONS LEAD-IN} Aaron Kimball, the president of the New California Republic, is going to visit Hoover Dam to "boost morale." 84
Neutral 50 Apparently he hasn't considered the effect on the troops' morale of seeing their beloved leader get his brains blown out by a Legion sniper. 85
GREETING Neutral 50 {GOOD REP LEAD-IN} I need you to make sure that no harm comes to President Kimball. It's fortunate that you've maintained good relations with the NCR... 86
GREETING Neutral 50 {NCR REPUTATION TERRIBLE} Unfortunately, I can't use you to protect Kimball. The NCR won't let you come within a thousand feet of the President. 87
Neutral 50 Odds are that Caesar will launch his assault on the dam after Kimball's visit is concluded, one way or the other - so be on guard. 88
GREETING Neutral 50 Last I knew, President Kimball wasn't scheduled to visit the Lucky 38. Be on your way to Hoover Dam, will you? 89
GREETING Neutral 50 If not for you, President Kimball would be dead. So you needn't feel guilty when the NCR's rout from Hoover Dam demolishes his political career. 90
GREETING Neutral 50 Why in the world did you attack President Kimball? 91
GREETING Neutral 50 Kimball is dead - what a mess you've made! 92
GREETING Neutral 50 {GIVES EL DORADO SUBSTATION QUEST} Between the Strip and HELIOS One lies the El Dorado electrical substation. 93
Neutral 50 Humble as it appears, the substation has immense strategic value, for it's there that you'll jumpstart the Lucky 38's dormant reactor. 94
Neutral 50 Gain access to the substation's control room and install this override module. Just so you know, there are NCR troops guarding the station. 95
GREETING Neutral 50 Until the Lucky 38's reactor has been restarted, we have nothing to discuss. 96
GREETING Neutral 50 As you can see, Vegas is humming along. I've tested my c3i broadcasting arrays. Everything is in order. 97
Neutral 50 And just in time, as it turns out. The forces of Caesar's Legion are on the march, establishing a staging area east of the dam. 98
Neutral 50 Their assault could begin at any moment. So that's where you'll be heading, if you're ready - Hoover Dam. 99
GREETING Neutral 50 The Legion's assault could begin at any moment. 100
GREETING Neutral 50 {MQN, STRIP SECS UP} What did you want to discuss? 101
GREETING Neutral 50 {MQN, STRIP SECS UP} What else did you want to discuss? 102
GREETING Neutral 50 {Player fled combat last time} There will be no repeat of the trouble we had last time, I trust? 103
GREETING Neutral 50 {Player fled combat last time} I'm optimistic that this conversation will go more smoothly. 104
GREETING Neutral 50 {MQN, FORT SECS UP} I'd rather you just dealt with the Boomers, but all right... 105
GREETING Neutral 50 {MQN, FORT SECS UP} I suppose the Omertas can wait a few minutes. 106
GREETING Neutral 50 {MQN, FORT SECS UP} A few questions, and then you'll handle the Brotherhood, I hope? 107
GREETING Neutral 50 {MQN, FORT SECS UP} Questions like "Will President Kimball survive his visit to Hoover Dam?" 108
GREETING Neutral 50 {MQN, FORT SECS UP} Even now? On the brink of battle? 109
[Barter] for better terms.
It's a great start... but well below market price. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Very well... five times your delivery bonus - {with finality} not one cap more. 110
Raise your price or... or... you'll be "chip outta luck." Neutral 50 [FAILED] Is that an attempt at...{beat} {distaste} humor? 111
Neutral 50 I've always taken business negotiations seriously. I advise you to do the same. 112
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseOUTDATEDTopic009 How do I open the hatch? Neutral 50 You can't - but the Chip can. The hatch will recognize the Platinum Chip and "open sesame." 113
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseOUTDATEDTopic016 It's not safe for me to go back. The Legion will attack me on sight. Neutral 50 You'll need a disguise, then. Or overwhelming firepower. Whatever works. 114
Neutral 50 Sorry for the inconvenience, but it can't be helped. This is too important. 115
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic000 I've never seen anything like this place. Neutral 50 Of course you haven't. Vegas always was one of a kind. 116
Neutral 50 What you see down on the Strip is just a fraction of the city's former glory, and yet... {beat} more than an echo. I preserved its spirit. 117
Neutral 50 Or perhaps you were referring to the Lucky 38? The years haven't been kind to her, but still she manages to impress. 118
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic001 A city devoted to vice and sin - what's not to love? Neutral 50 {not buying it} Oh, come now - don't play the fool. Vegas has fools enough, a superfluity of them. They're what makes it so profitable. 119
Neutral 50 They come to Vegas chasing penny-ante dreams of high-living, to feel like they're big shots, like they're winners. 120
Neutral 50 You see that you and I are of a different stripe, don't you? We don't have to {emphasis} dream that we're important. We {emphasis} are. 121
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic002 I prefer the wasteland, to be honest. Neutral 50 {arch} You aren't going to ramble on about the virtues of life out in the wastes, are you? It's a desert, you do realize? 122
Neutral 50 A radioactive desert where humans subsist in a barbaric state? Difficult to glorify convincingly. They are, however, aptly named. 123
Neutral 50 For that's what you'd be out there - wasted. Here on the Strip, your talents can be put to use. 124
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic003 Can we get down to business? Neutral 50 Oh, by all means - yes. That's refreshing. 125
Can we get down to business? Neutral 50 The business is this. One of my employees has stolen an item of extraordinary value from me, and I want it recovered. 126
Neutral 50 Simple enough? 127
Can we get down to business? Neutral 50 You're ready to move forward, then? 128
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic004 Why the VIP treatment? I'm just a courier. Neutral 50 Oh, don't be coy. You've been playing a high-stakes game ever since Victor dug you out of the ground. Don't be afraid to admit it. 129
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic006 I should let you know that I planted a surveillance device on one of your data terminals. Neutral 50 Yes, I know. It was detected immediately and deactivated... let's see... 39.735 seconds after you planted it. 130
Neutral 50 You thought I wouldn't notice? 131
A woman named Emily asked me to bug one of your data terminals. Neutral 50 One of the Followers of the Apocalypse, I'm sure. They're curious about me. 132
Neutral 50 Good luck planting a surveillance device here in the Lucky 38 without my knowing about it. 133
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic008 The NCR will welcome my help. Neutral 50 Precisely. You'll have no trouble joining the battle on their side, and they'll be too distracted to notice why you're really there. 134
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic011 What the hell are you? Neutral 50 {disappointed} A crude question, crudely asked. 135
Neutral 50 I'll be happy to satisfy your {disapproving} rambunctious curiosity at a more appropriate moment. But now, I'll repeat my question... 136
What the hell are you? Neutral 50 What do you make of what you've seen? 137
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic012 Why didn't you intervene sooner when Benny ambushed me? Neutral 50 Why didn't {emphasis} Victor intervene sooner, you mean? 138
Neutral 50 Goodsprings is a bit too far away for me to reliably control a Securitron agent by remote. I can send and receive packets of data, at best. 139
Neutral 50 Victor's combat algorithms determined the proper course of action. Benny and his thugs were more than a match for a lone Securitron. 140
Neutral 50 When he alerted me, I instructed him to approach the site after Benny and the others had departed. 141
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic017 What are your plans for New Vegas?{Securitrons upgraded.} Neutral 50 I've resurrected Vegas, spirit intact. What I need now is the ability to enforce my rightful claim. 142
Neutral 50 Not just against Caesar's Legion, by the way. In fact, the NCR is a more present and insidious threat. 143
How do you intend to enforce your claim on the city? Neutral 50 To enforce, one must have force - a position of strength. 144
Neutral 50 Years ago, when I detected NCR scouts roaming the Mojave, I could tell from their uniforms that these were no mere tribesmen. 145
Neutral 50 I knew it was only a matter of time before an army appeared, to take control of the dam. And I knew my Securitrons wouldn't be enough to oppose them. 146
Neutral 50 And so I recruited the Three Families. Vegas belongs to me because I mustered enough strength to bring the NCR to the bargaining table. 147
Wasn't the NCR's army big enough to defeat your Securitrons and the Three Families? Neutral 50 Indeed it was - and still is. But not without taking significant casualties. 148
Neutral 50 Would Kimball and Oliver have traded the lives of hundreds of soldiers for absolute control of Hoover Dam? Oh yes. 149
Neutral 50 They weren't afraid of me, they were afraid of Caesar - that attacking me would leave them vulnerable to a Legion offensive. 150
Neutral 50 And so they negotiated. Not out of the kindness of their hearts, as they try to make it seem. Because the calculus of power left no other choice. 151
What were the terms of your treaty with the NCR? Neutral 50 NCR forces were permitted to occupy Hoover Dam and establish a military base at McCarran Airport. {not an airport anymore} Well, it used to be one. 152
Neutral 50 They recognized my sovereignty over the Vegas Strip and agreed to supply electricity and water once their engineers repaired the dam. 153
Neutral 50 Written into the treaty were provisions that the NCR do nothing to prevent its soldiers and civilians from visiting the Strip. 154
Neutral 50 That's how I harnessed the NCR to my endeavor. Their occupation has been the engine of my growing economy. 155
You would go to war against the NCR? Neutral 50 The salient issue is that they will go to war with me, if given the chance. 156
Neutral 50 There's just one reason why the NCR hasn't contrived some outrage to justify invading the Strip - Caesar's Legion. 157
Neutral 50 The final battle between those two armies is fast approaching. I can't afford to let either side win on their terms. 158
Say you keep control of New Vegas. What happens next? Neutral 50 New Vegas is more than a city - it's the remedy to mankind's {beat} derailment. 159
Neutral 50 The city's economy is a blast furnace in which can be forged the steel of a new rail line, running straight to a new horizon. 160
Neutral 50 What is the NCR? A society of people desperate to experience comfort, ease, luxury... A society of customers. 161
Neutral 50 With all that money pouring in? Give me 20 years, and I'll reignite the high technology development sectors. 50 years, and I'll have people in orbit. 162
Neutral 50 100 years, and my colony ships will be heading for the stars, to search for planets unpolluted by the wrath and folly of a bygone generation. 163
In the meantime, you'd rule Vegas as some kind of dictator? Neutral 50 I prefer the term "autocrat." 164
Neutral 50 I would rule as a chief executive. I would not answer to a board of directors or any other entity. 165
Neutral 50 Nothing to impede progress. If you want to see the fate of democracies, look out the windows. 166
What's to keep you from abusing your power? Neutral 50 My judgement. 167
Neutral 50 I have no interest in abusing others, just as I have no interest in legislating or otherwise dictating what people do in their private time. 168
Neutral 50 Nor have I any interest in being worshipped as some kind of machine god messiah. I am impervious to such corrupting ambitions. 169
Neutral 50 But autocracy? Firm control in the hands of a technological and economic visionary? Yes, that Vegas shall have. 170
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic018 Sure, off to the dam I go. Neutral 50 I'm sure the assassins will wait for you to show up. 171
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic022 Not so fast, Mr. House. We need to discuss payment. Neutral 50 Our terms were clear. Now that you have the Chip in your possession, any attempt to "re-negotiate" payment would be tantamount to blackmail. 172
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic028 What use would you have for a protege? Neutral 50 To achieve my aims, I require a capable human agent to perform certain... {choosing word} tasks. 173
Neutral 50 I knew Benny was ambitious, even ruthless. But I believed he would do the job, so long as he was incentivized appropriately. 174
Neutral 50 Obviously, I miscalculated his drive for supremacy. But in any case, you've come along - a more-than-suitable replacement. 175
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic029 1000 caps? I accept your terms. Neutral 50 {satisfied} Well enough. Return to me when you have the Platinum Chip in your possession. Any final matters for us to discuss? 176
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic030 What terms are you offering? Neutral 50 My only concern is the recovery of the Platinum Chip. What happens to Benny, I leave to your discretion. 177
Neutral 50 When you bring the Chip to me, I will pay you four times the delivery bonus stipulated in your contract. How's that? 178
Tell me your terms again? Neutral 50 As I said before, Benny's fate is yours to decide. Once you've delivered the Chip, I will pay you the amount agreed-upon. 179
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic031 Tell me about Benny.{alive} Neutral 50 Benny has led the Chairmen ever since I recruited his tribe seven years ago. 180
Neutral 50 Until his recent misbehavior, I'd planned to make him my protege. Maybe if I'd begun grooming him sooner, none of this would've happened... 181
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic032 No thanks. Neutral 50 My offer far exceeds the original terms of your contract, which, I will remind you, already obligate you to deliver the Chip. 182
[Barter] for better terms.
It's a good start... but well below market price. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Very well, five times the bonus. {with finality} Not one cap more. 183
Raise your price or... or, uh... you're "chip outta luck." Neutral 50 [FAILED] Is that an attempt at...{beat} {distaste} humor? 184
Neutral 50 I've always taken business negotiations very seriously. I advise you to do the same. {Duplicate.} 185
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic034 What is the Platinum Chip? Neutral 50 It's a very special item. There's nothing else like it in the entire world. It was lost a long time, and difficult to find. 186
Neutral 50 That's all you need to know about it, for this stage of our enterprise. Fulfill your contract, deliver the Chip, and good things will come your way. 187
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic036 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Well enough. Be on your way. 188
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic038 What was your relationship with Benny... back when he was breathing? Neutral 50 Benny was the leader of the Chairmen for seven years, ever since I recruited the tribe. I considered him something of a protege. 189
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic039 Who exactly are you, Mr. House?{Before Chip turned in.} Neutral 50 I am Robert Edwin House, President, CEO, and sole proprietor of the New Vegas Strip. 190
Neutral 50 I oversaw the city's renovations starting from 2274 onward. The Three Families are my employees. 191
Neutral 50 Before the Great War of 2077, I was the founder, President and CEO of RobCo Industries, a vast computer and robotics corporation. 192
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic043 Tell me about the factions vying for New Vegas. Neutral 50 It's understandable that you'd be curious about this topic, but we'll hold off until the Platinum Chip has been recovered. 193
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic046 I'm not going to give you the Chip. Neutral 50 {drawn out} Hmm... {to yourself} How shall I put this? 194
Neutral 50 {taking time, spelling it out} Delivery of the Platinum Chip is non-negotiable. 195
Neutral 50 I invite you to think carefully about what you do next... standing alone before me, surrounded by my heavily-armed Securitron guards. 196
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic047 Attack me and you risk destroying the Chip. Neutral 50 {restraining anger} By the time I was 30 years old, I was a billionaire 30 times over. I founded and ran a vast economic empire. 197
Neutral 50 {restraining anger} Do you really think I'm going to let an upstart come into my home and ransom my property to me? 198
Neutral 50 {restraining anger, losing it a little towards end} I spent two centuries searching for the Platinum Chip. It's my invention, my property - mine. Now be a good courier and deliver it! 199
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic048 Here it is. <Give the Platinum Chip to Mr. House.> Neutral 50 {sarcastic} Why, thank you so much. You played that {beat} very poorly, you realize? 200
Neutral 50 You're fortunate that I have a certain {beat} tolerance for greed. I expect my business partners to be self-interested - but {unlike you} smartly so. 201
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic049 I'm not afraid of you, Mr. House. The Platinum Chip belongs to me. Neutral 50 {ordering attack} You needn't be afraid of me. It's my Securitrons that are going to kill you. 202
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic050 I think that sounds insane. Neutral 50 Not if you've been invited. You realize that you've made quite a splash here in New Vegas? 203
Neutral 50 I can predict with a high degree of confidence that you'll receive an official summons from Caesar. If you haven't already, that is. 204
Use [Speech] to press Mr. House about the Chip.
The more I know about the Chip, the easier I can find it... Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] You might keep an eye out for any computers that Benny's been using. Maybe even a computer lab of some sort... 205
The less I know, the less I care. Know what I mean? Neutral 50 [FAILED] You have a contract to fulfill, a delivery to make. 206
Neutral 50 If you can't hold to a contract, simply for the ethic of holding to a contract, you're worthless to me. 207
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic055 What do you want me to do there? Neutral 50 I want you to open a hatch in the basement of the derelict weather station atop Fortification Hill. 208
Neutral 50 You'll recognize it on sight. The hatch bears the logo of the Lucky 38, same as the Platinum Chip. 209
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic056 You appear to be a computer, not a man. Neutral 50 Don't let the video screens and computer terminals fool you. I'm flesh and blood, not silicon. 210
Use Medicine skill to surmise House's condition.
The lifespan you're claiming is impossible, except for ghouls and super mutants. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] I see you've made a study of the topic. My knowledge of the science of longevity would fill several text books... 211
Neutral 50 Perhaps, after a decade or two of economic reconstruction, I can commercialize these technologies and offer to others, such as yourself. 212
You must be, like... a brain in a jar! Neutral 50 [FAILED] No. While brains demonstrated some use as organic processors in the robots produced by General Atomics International... 213
Neutral 50 They never retained personality once removed from the human body. 214
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic058 How have you stayed alive all this time? Neutral 50 Let's just say it was very... {beat} costly. But I was willing to make the sacrifices longevity entailed, financial and otherwise. 215
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic061 Caesar has already invited me to the Fort. Neutral 50 I'm not surprised. The Legion has spies on the Strip. 216
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic063 I'll return when I have the Chip. Neutral 50 Until then. 217
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic065 I've already visited Caesar.{Kill Benny at Tops, see CL 1st} Neutral 50 {nonplussed} You have? So you have the means to gain entry? 218
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic066 No thanks, Mr. House. Neutral 50 If you find Caesar's Legion so frightening at this remove, imagine them rampaging across the Strip. 219
Neutral 50 We have a chance to see them destroyed, to see New Vegas become the harbinger of a new age. 220
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic067 I have some questions to ask first... Neutral 50 This is not the time for Q&A. Kindly hand over the Chip. {DUPLICATE} 221
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic070 I have some questions to ask first... Neutral 50 This is not the time for Q&A. Kindly hand over the Chip. {DUPLICATE} 222
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic073 I'm ready. Let's finish this. Neutral 50 We've accomplished a great deal, you and I. One last task, and our work is complete. I'll see you in the control room. 223
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic074 I have some things to take care of before the battle. Neutral 50 {tense} Then handle them with dispatch. The Legion's assault is imminent. 224
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic078 No thanks, not interested. Neutral 50 So you've said before. You're making a habit of wasting my time. 225
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic082 No, I'm still not interested. Neutral 50 You signed a contract in good faith to deliver that Chip. You're going to have a hard time on the Strip if you are so incautious of making enemies... 226
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic084 Never mind. Goodbye. Neutral 50 {impatient} Please focus on the task at hand - for both our sakes. 227
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic085 I've changed my mind. Neutral 50 No, you haven't. 228
Neutral 50 This is the second time you've promised to deliver the Platinum Chip. Even if you don't hold yourself to your promises, I will. 229
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic094 What's my stake in this? Neutral 50 I'm not offering you an incentive as crude as money - though there'll be plenty of that. 230
Neutral 50 What I'm offering you is a ground-floor opportunity in the most important enterprise on Earth. 231
Neutral 50 What I'm offering is a future - for you, and for what remains of the human race. 232
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic103 I think I'll be leaving. Neutral 50 You are the first person to step foot inside the Lucky 38 in over 200 years. It was not an invitation I made lightly. 233
Neutral 50 We have a serious matter to discuss, concerning a contract you have yet to fulfill. 234
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic105 Not interested. I'll see myself out. Neutral 50 You have an "interest" in this, whether you like it or not. You signed a contract to deliver the Platinum Chip to me. {seething} 235
Neutral 50 {you need the player; threats won't work} Now, I could stop you from leaving, but what would that accomplish? If you want to go, go. 236
Neutral 50 See what the Strip I built - the Strip I own - has to offer. Think about what I could offer you. I expect we'll have occasion to talk again. 237
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic106 Why did Benny betray you? Neutral 50 I have to think that he found out about the Platinum Chip and mistakenly convinced himself that he could use it to his own ends. 238
Neutral 50 One of the problems of a tribal work force, I'm afraid. No intuitive understanding of how complex technologies can be. 239
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic109 I have a right to know more. Neutral 50 That's simply not true. 240
Neutral 50 I am the only person to hold any rights pertaining to the Chip. I designed it, and I paid for it - dearly. 241
Neutral 50 To develop that Chip, I spent a sum of U.S. dollars - not the bottle caps that pass as currency these days - but a sum beyond counting. 242
Neutral 50 For decades, I paid salvagers to comb the ruins for it. And when it was finally discovered, tens of thousands of caps spent to have it brought here. 243
Neutral 50 We know how that turned out. Complete your contract and it will be the last time I pay for the Chip. Save your questions for then. 244
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic110 If the Chip's so valuable, why use a single courier to transport it? Neutral 50 You realize you were just one of many couriers, the rest of them {beat} dummies, so to speak? 245
Neutral 50 Add to that many thousands of caps worth of mercenary protection to screen your avenue of approach. 246
Neutral 50 Had I used an armed caravan to transport the Chip, I might as well have been announcing to the world "this is important. Attack this!" 247
Neutral 50 I didn't want to attract the attention of groups like the Great Khans or the Brotherhood of Steel. Alas, the real threat was closer to home. 248
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic112 Why don't you send your robots into the Tops to arrest Benny? Neutral 50 Frontal assaults on casinos? Not good for business. 249
Neutral 50 In any case, Benny would see it coming. And all he'd have to do is hold the Chip up and point a pistol at it. 250
Neutral 50 Our foremost advantage is that Benny doesn't know that I know he has the Chip - let's not squander it. 251
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic113 What happens if the Platinum Chip is never lost? Neutral 50 Then Vegas shall be lost, and with it, mankind's best hope for long-term survival. 252
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic114 Isn't that overstating things a bit? Neutral 50 To your untrained eyes, it may look as though mankind is making a comeback. In the NCR, you have something that remsembles a nation state. {Look around you. How can the human race have a future when it's still living in the wreckage of its past?} 253
Neutral 50 Savage as it is, in Caesar's Legion, you have an organized society. But neither of these offer a future. They're regurgitations of the past. 254
Neutral 50 Bring me the Platinum Chip, and in ten years you'll hardly recognize this city. 255
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic115 How do I get to Benny? Neutral 50 It won't be easy... Benny is always surrounded by at least four bodyguards - except when he's in his private suite on the 13th floor of the Tops... 256
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic116 Say I want to take a diplomatic approach. Neutral 50 If you were to approach Benny in public, you might be able to leverage his fear of exposure to make him agree to meet with you in private. 257
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic117 Any ideas on how I could catch him off-guard? Neutral 50 Sneaking into Benny's suite on the 13th floor would be very difficult... but not impossible. 258
Neutral 50 There might be guards. Certainly there'd be a sturdy lock on his front door. 259
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic118 The Chairmen are your employees. Don't they take orders? Neutral 50 It's more complicated than that. The Chairmen share what you might call a... {beat} tribal affinity. 260
Neutral 50 Look for a man named Swank, Benny's second-in-command. He's always been a reliable, if unimaginative, employee. 261
Neutral 50 Do your best to convince him that you're working under my auspices. If you have evidence of Benny's crimes, show it to him. 262
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic123 Why can't you be the one to tell Swank? Neutral 50 By contract, Securitrons are to enter the casinos only when invited by the Three Families or if other extraordinary circumstances arise. 263
Neutral 50 The moment I send one into the Tops, Benny will know I'm on to him. 264
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic124 How did you establish New Vegas?{Before chip turned in.} Neutral 50 We can discuss this in greater detail at another time. Suffice it to say that when my Securitrons detected NCR scouts at Hoover Dam, I took action. 265
Neutral 50 I recruited a tribal force to supplement my Securitrons and renovated the Strip just in time to welcome the NCR as it marched into the region. 266
Neutral 50 Instead of war, a treaty was negotiated. And the money started to pour in. 267
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic128 Like I said, I'll think about it. Neutral 50 You're making me question your usefulness, you realize. 268
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic131 Whatever happens, happens. Neutral 50 Success depends on forethought, dispassionate calculation of probabilites, accounting for every stray variable. 269
Neutral 50 Your history of aggression towards the NCR has rendered you useless in this concern, unable to influence the outcome of events. 270
Neutral 50 Consequently, I have to "wait and see" what happens. It's... grotesque. 271
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic136 Here, take it. <Give the Platinum Chip to Mr. House.> Neutral 50 Well enough. We can put the past behind us, I think. 272
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic137 I'm still not giving you the Chip. Neutral 50 {exasperated sigh} Then this is a waste of time. 273
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic138 What happens next? Neutral 50 {FORT SECS NO} A great deal shall be happening - a cascade of events, with you taking a central role. 274
Neutral 50 At the moment, however, all you need to do is take the elevator all the way down to the bottom level. You'll understand soon enough... 275
What happens next? Neutral 50 {FORT SECS UP} A great deal shall be happening - a cascade of events, with you taking a central role. 276
Neutral 50 At the moment, however, all you need to do is take the elevator all the way down to the bottom level. 277
Neutral 50 What you see there will help you understand the significance of what you accomplished at the Fort. 278
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic139 What does the Chip do, exactly? Neutral 50 {FORT SECS UP} Yes, so far as you've seen, all it does is change the picture on the Securitrons' face screens from policemen to soldiers. But as you'll see... 279
What does the Chip do, exactly? Neutral 50 Some things are more easily shown than told. Take the elevator all the way down to the bottom level, and you'll see what I mean. 280
Neutral 50 Don't worry, you'll like what you see. We have much to accomplish, you and I... 281
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic140 I'll be on my way, then... Neutral 50 {FORT SECS UP} I must insist that you stay long for me to show you that the Platinum Chip does more than change the pictures on the Securitrons' face screens. 282
Neutral 50 Events of great import are about to unfold, with you taking a central role. To get started, all you need do is take the elevator all the way down... 283
I'll be on my way, then... Neutral 50 I must insist that you stay long for me to show you what the Chip does. I promise you'll like what you see... 284
Neutral 50 Events of great import are about to unfold, with you taking a central role. 285
Neutral 50 To get started, all you need to do is take the elevator all the way down to the bottom level... 286
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic142 Not interested. Neutral 50 Not interested? {louder} Not interested? 287
Neutral 50 You have an interest in this even if you're too stupid to know it. If you have an interest in breathing, you have an interest in this. 288
Neutral 50 Return to the Fort and do whatever it takes to recover the Chip. 289
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic143 Why show your hand like that? Now your enemies know what you're up to. Neutral 50 I'm surprised you can still underestimate me after everything you've seen. 290
Neutral 50 I haven't shown my hand - I've shown one card. I've given my enemies a single, provocative datum upon which to fixate. 291
Neutral 50 They have no idea what other cards I'm holding. It's a strong hand, believe me - I dealt it to myself. 292
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic144 You think your Securitrons can defeat Caesar's Legion *and* the NCR? Neutral 50 Why would I want to go to war against the NCR? They're my best customers. 293
Neutral 50 If their leaders weren't scheming to steal Vegas out from under me, I'd have no troubles with the NCR at all. 294
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic145 I'll be on my way, Mr. House. Neutral 50 No no no, you'll want to hear this out... 295
I'll be on my way, Mr. House. Neutral 50 Disappointing. In the extreme. 296
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic146 I'm listening. Neutral 50 The next step will require you to infiltrate Caesar's camp at Fortification Hill. 297
I'm listening. Neutral 50 You'll have to return to Caesar's camp at Fortification Hill.{Player got Chip at CL Fort, didn't activate bunker army} 298
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic148 The Chip's been delivered. We're through. Neutral 50 Do you have any idea how prodigious is the opportunity you're casting aside here? 299
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic154 I'll do as you ask. Neutral 50 Here, take the Platinum Chip again. You will need it. 300
Neutral 50 Upon arrival at the Fort, it's likely that you'll be searched and the Chip taken from you. Don't worry - it will come back to you. 301
I'll do as you ask. Neutral 50 I expect that if Benny doesn't have the Chip, Caesar will make sure you get it. More on that later. Be off. 302
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic155 I'm still looking into it. Neutral 50 Then look harder. 303
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic157 I've found evidence of an Omerta plot. Neutral 50 I don't employ you to uncover evidence. This isn't a court of law. 304
Neutral 50 If the Omertas pose a threat to the physical or economic security of the Vegas Strip, I want you to do whatever it takes to neutralize that threat. 305
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic159 What's inside the hatch? Neutral 50 Something very important. I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise - so don't bother asking. 306
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic162 The Omertas who were conspiring against you are dead. Neutral 50 Well done. They won't be causing any trouble, then. 307
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic163 What's the next step? Neutral 50 The Legion has nothing left to wait for. Their assault on the dam could begin at any moment. 308
Neutral 50 Before that happens, I'll ask you to complete one other task. It may seem trivial, but that's far from the case. 309
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic167 I've secured their loyalty. They'll do as I say. Neutral 50 Well done. The Boomers' firepower may prove an advantage when the battle for Hoover Dam comes around. 310
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic168 The Boomers and I don't get along. I'd rather keep my distance. Neutral 50 It seems diplomacy is not your forte. 311
Neutral 50 Given the strength of your past performance, I think we can let this go without further comment. I'm pulling you on to a new assignment. 312
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic173 The Omertas had it coming. Neutral 50 {dry} An opinion you expressed with supreme subtlety and finesse. Moving on... 313
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic175 I had to wipe out their leadership. Neutral 50 There's more than one way to skin a cat, as the saying goes. {beat} Or {emphasis} went, that is - cats being extinct. 314
Neutral 50 I don't promote political assassination as a first option, but it has a long and storied history. I'll consider the Boomers neutralized. 315
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic177 I'm surprised you haven't asked what became of Benny. Neutral 50 That's because he ceased to be relevant when you recovered the Platinum Chip. Revenge doesn't interest me, progress does. 316
Neutral 50 Sorry to deny you a moment of primate triumph, but you'll have to go elsewhere to sound your barbaric yawp. 317
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic181 I'll be on my way. Neutral 50 {cross} There's a job that needs doing here, and I'm assigning it to you. 318
I'll be on my way. Neutral 50 {sarcastic} Marvellous work ethic, bravo. 319
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic182 Vouche for me? How? Neutral 50 I'll send a Securitron ahead to meet with the NCR at the security checkpoint and get things started. 320
Neutral 50 Once you get there ask for Ranger Grant. I've used roaming Securitrons to feed him useful information in the past. 321
Neutral 50 If I tell him we've heard of a Legion assassination plot, I believe he'll let you investigate. 322
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic185 The Brotherhood of Steel has been wiped out. Neutral 50 Singlehandedly destroying a Brotherhood of Steel bunker is quite an accomplishment. Platoons of NCR troops have died, trying to do the same. 323
Neutral 50 This welcome news comes just in time, as events in the wider world are coming to a head... 324
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic188 I think I'll sit this one out. Neutral 50 This is not an optional assignment. Kimball may be a grandstanding boor, but I want him protected. 325
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic193 Like I said, I'm not interested. Neutral 50 I'll give you time to think over the consequences of what you're saying. I urge you to reconsider. 326
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic199 Seriously, I'm not interested. Neutral 50 Until you do this, consider yourself suspended... without pay. 327
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic203 When the Legion assaults the dam, the Brotherhood will attack the NCR and weaken them. Neutral 50 Not surprising. Also not acceptable. 328
Neutral 50 I didn't ask you to tell me what they were planning, I asked you to kill them. This was a waste of time. 329
Neutral 50 Go back to the bunker and destroy it. My directions have been clear from the start. 330
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic204 I'm done working for you. Neutral 50 {not buying it} This is no time to be droll... 331
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic206 It was an accident. Neutral 50 Your "accident" has jeopardized the success of this entire concern. 332
It was an accident. Neutral 50 Up to this point, your efforts yielded near-perfect results. But now I'm forced to fumble in the dark - to gamble. 333
Neutral 50 Light must be brought to this darkness. 334
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic207 My only regret is that he got away. Neutral 50 Your impulsivity has jeopardized the success of this entire concern! 335
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic208 I did my best, but the Legion did better. Neutral 50 Your incompetence has jeopardized the success of this entire concern! 336
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic210 So Kimball's dead. So what? Neutral 50 Every step of my plan has been precisely calculated and was, until now, well-executed. 337
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic212 What's the deal with the snowglobe collection? Neutral 50 What of it? I enjoy them. There's something about a little diorama set inside a glass dome that I... {beat} find pleasing. 338
Neutral 50 If you run across any out in the wastes, turn them in to Jane. She'll compensate you. 339
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic213 No thanks. Neutral 50 I much prefer working with robots... 340
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic214 I may know something about that... Neutral 50 You'll have to be more specific. 341
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic216 When the Legion assaults Hoover Dam, the Omertas are going to massacre everyone on the Strip. Neutral 50 {shocked at magnitude of Omerta plot} And how do you know this? 342
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic218 I kind of helped them perfect their plan... Neutral 50 {quiet outrage} I see. So where does that put us? 343
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic220 You want me to kill Caesar? Neutral 50 Absolutely not! Caesar is of great use to me. 344
Neutral 50 I don't want you harming a hair on that man's head - assuming you can find one. 345
<Speech to lie to Mr. House about RACKET involvement.>
I infiltrated the Omertas in order to gain their confidence. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] In that case, I commend you for your initiative. What do you recommend for next steps? 346
Well, thing is... I, uh... they tried to involve me... Neutral 50 [FAILED]{quiet rage} And you assisted them? That's what you mean to say, isn't it? 347
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic223 I have some questions to ask first... Neutral 50 I'll be happy to satisfy your every curiosity once the Platinum Chip has been delivered. 348
I have some questions to ask first... Neutral 50 This is not the time for Q&A. Kindly hand over the Chip. 349
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic224 Not so fast, Mr. House. We need to discuss payment. Neutral 50 Fine - give me the Chip, and I'll pay you four times the delivery bonus stipulated in your contract. How's that? 350
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic227 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Goodbye. 351
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic230 What's the next step? Neutral 50 Outside New Vegas, at what was once called Nellis Air Force Base, resides an unusual tribe known as the Boomers. 352
Neutral 50 They are, shall we say, {understating} aggressively reclusive? They have several howitzers they fire at anyone who dares approach the base. 353
Neutral 50 Artillery of this sort has a range of several miles. If it's going to fire on Hoover Dam, I want it firing at my targets. 354
Neutral 50 If not, then I want to make sure that the Boomers don't sign similar treaties to fire their guns in support of the NCR or Caesar's Legion. 355
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic231 I've done enough work for you. Neutral 50 I offer many benefits, but vacation time isn't one of them. 356
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic232 I've come here to kill you, Mr. House. <Attack Mr. House.> Neutral 50 {first Benny, now the player} Why is good help so impossible to find? 357
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic233 I'll make sure they support the right side. Neutral 50 Use extreme caution when approaching the base. Their firepower is... considerable. 358
Neutral 50 Recently, one of my roaming Securitrons observed a man near the base studying the pattern of its artillery fire. Maybe he's learned something. 359
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic238 If I want more work, I'll come see you. Neutral 50 You laid the foundation for my victory, so fine - I'll permit some {beat, begrudging} latitude in how you schedule your work. 360
Neutral 50 You're welcome. 361
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic242 I'll check into the Omertas. Neutral 50 The Omertas are fanatically loyal to each other. Still, among any group, one can find the occasional degenerate. 362
Neutral 50 Gomorrah's receptionist happens to be one. For years she passed on whispers of what was taking place at the casino, in exchange for payment. 363
Neutral 50 A few months ago, she clammed up. Odds are she's scared, but I've had no way of approaching her. Start with her. 364
I'll check into the Omertas. Neutral 50 The print-out I've given you lists every lead I've been able to uncover. See what you can find out. 365
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic245 I'm going to kill you now, Mr. House. Neutral 50 After all that we've accomplished? 366
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic246 The Omertas were clever, but no match for me. Neutral 50 Arrogance was their undoing. {referring to the player} There might be a lesson in that. But moving on... 367
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic248 It's a good thing we stopped the Omertas in time. Neutral 50 Indeed. Moving on... 368
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic254 What makes you think Caesar gave me the Chip? Neutral 50 {sigh of impatience - oh, the burden of intelligence} The Platinum Chip unlocks this bunker. Hence, you have it. 369
Neutral 50 Hence, Benny was captured or killed - possibly by you, but by my estimates, far more probably by Caesar's Legion. Hence, Caesar gave you the Chip. 370
Neutral 50 Hence, Caesar wants you to destroy whatever you find in this bunker. 371
What makes you think Caesar gave me the Chip? Neutral 50 {sigh of impatience - oh, the burdens of intelligence} That you were searched very thoroughly when you arrived at the Fort is a certainty. And as the Chip is a little too large to be {beat, implying hiding it up rectum} secreted away... 372
Neutral 50 I also regard it a certainty that the Chip was discovered, taken from you, and given to Caesar - who returned it to you. 373
Neutral 50 Two plus two equaling four, Caesar wants you to destroy whatever you find in this bunker. 374
What makes you think Caesar gave me the Chip? Neutral 50 But that's not going to happen, because {confident, not bossy} you're going to work for me. 375
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic255 You wanted me to come down here? Neutral 50 {are you dense?} That's rather obvious, isn't it? 376
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic256 Who are you, exactly? Neutral 50 {don't play dumb} Surely you know that I am Robert Edwin House, President, CEO, and sole proprietor of the New Vegas Strip. 377
Neutral 50 I oversaw the city's renovations starting from 2274 onward. The Three Families are my employees. 378
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic259 What was Vegas like before the war? Neutral 50 It was a place of splendor. As magnificent as today's Strip may seem, it's but a shadow of the neon paradise that was Las Vegas. 379
Neutral 50 I grew up not far from here, and though I traveled the old world extensively, I never found another place like it. 380
You say that you saved Las Vegas. How? Neutral 50 By 2065 I deemed it a mathematical certainty that an atomic war would devastate the Earth within 15 years. Every projection I ran confirmed it. 381
Neutral 50 I knew I couldn't "save the world," nor did I care to. But I could save Vegas, and in the process, perhaps, save mankind. 382
Neutral 50 I set to work immediately. I thought I had plenty of time to prepare. As it turned out, I was 20 hours short. 383
What preparations did you make to save Las Vegas? Neutral 50 On the day of the Great War, 77 atomic warheads targeted Las Vegas and its surrounding areas. 384
Neutral 50 My networked mainframes were able to predict and force-transmit disarm code subsets to 59 warheads, neutralizing them before impact. 385
Neutral 50 Laser cannons mounted on the roof of the Lucky 38 destroyed another 9 warheads. The rest got through, though none hit the city itself. 386
Neutral 50 A sub-optimal performance, admittedly. If only the Platinum Chip had arrived a day sooner... 387
Why didn't the Platinum Chip arrive on time? Neutral 50 The Platinum Chip was printed in Sunnyvale, California on October 22, 2077 - the day before the Great War. 388
Neutral 50 It was to have been delivered by courier the following afternoon... but by then, the world had ended. 389
Neutral 50 The Chip contained vital software upgrades, but not just for my Securitrons. Every aspect of the missile defense grid would have been upgraded, too. 390
Neutral 50 Given that I had to make do with buggy software, the outcome could have been worse. I nearly died as it was. 391
How did you nearly die, defending Vegas? Neutral 50 Software glitches set off a cascade of system crashes. I had to take the Lucky 38's reactor offline, lest it melt down. 392
Neutral 50 For nearly five years I battled power outages and more system crashes until I finally managed to reboot my data core with an older version of the OS. 393
Neutral 50 I spent the next few decades in a veritable coma. But I survived, obviously - and eventually thrived. 394
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic262 What is this place? Neutral 50 {impatient to make progress} It's a facility I built many years before you were born. You might think of it as a kind of barracks. You'll understand soon enough. 395
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic263 What is this place? Neutral 50 It's a facility I built many years before you were born. You might think of it as a barracks. You'll understand soon enough. 396
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic265 Caesar wants me to destroy this place. Neutral 50 Was that meant to be a shocking revelation? Of course Caesar wants it destroyed - he's afraid of what the bunker might hold, and rightly so. 397
Neutral 50 But you're not going to do that. You're going to do the smart thing, and work for me. 398
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic267 Maybe I should destroy everything down here. Neutral 50 {steely} I don't respond well to threats. {moving on} Now, where were we...? 399
<Use Barter to negotiate for higher reward.>
This work sounds important - and expensive. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Fine, you'll receive a nice bonus when the work is done. And speaking of getting it done... 400
I could use a raise! Neutral 50 [FAILED] You signed a contract to deliver the Platinum Chip, and you'll be paid when the delivery is made. 401
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic269 I'll upload the data, as you ask. Neutral 50 Good. I won't hold you up any longer. 402
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic272 We'll see what happens. Neutral 50 I like to think you have enough sense to do the right thing. The rewards for doing so are immense... as are the punishments for not doing so. 403
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic274 The Legion took it from me at the Fort. Neutral 50 So what are you doing here? Return to the Fort at once. 404
Neutral 50 Recover the Platinum Chip. Once you've entered the bunker hidden beneath the weather station, you'll receive further instructions. 405
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic275 <Lie> I'm not sure what happened to it. Neutral 50 Are you a child? The Platinum Chip was taken from you, obviously. 406
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic276 I'll do as you say. Neutral 50 That would make for a welcome change. 407
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic277 You're asking me to commit suicide. The Legion will attack me on sight. Neutral 50 Then gather together the firepower or explosives or whatever else you need and improvise. 408
Neutral 50 I don't care if you have to kill every Legionary at the Fort. Get the job done. 409
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic278 You do know Caesar is dead, don't you? Neutral 50 By my calculations, his death will affect the shape of the battle for Hoover Dam minimally, if at all. 410
Neutral 50 The Legion's aggression will outlive Caesar. Indeed, they'll try to take the dam as a tribute to his memory. 411
Neutral 50 Given a year, they'd have him deified - but by then the Legion will be breaking down, riven by internal conflicts, a monster consuming itself. 412
Neutral 50 It's irrelevant. In the short term, the Legion is still monster enough that defeating it will make me look powerful indeed. 413
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic279 Where does New Vegas get all its electricity? Neutral 50 {stating the obvious} Hoover Dam, of course. A hydroelectric dam? 414
Neutral 50 The NCR had it up and running at 50% capacity within a year of occupying the dam. By treaty, New Vegas receives 5% of its output - more than enough. 415
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic280 I'm still working on it. Neutral 50 I'll expect to see some tangible progress before long, then. 416
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic283 Why is the terminal on the North wall off-limits? Neutral 50 I recommend following the Securitron's instructions. Its programming is... {beat} strict, and I don't have time to change it. 417
<WGS cannibalism>
Did you know I killed some White Gloves who were eating their customers? Neutral 50 Cannibalism was strictly forbidden in their contract. If some of them broke that stricture, they deserved whatever punishment you dealt them. 418
Did you know some of the White Gloves are... eating people again? Neutral 50 {perturbed} No, I was not aware of this. 419
Neutral 50 Is it really so hard {emphasis} not to engage in cannibalism? My goodness... 420
Neutral 50 It's a violation of their contract. I authorize you to deal with them in any way you see fit. 421
Were you aware that the White Glove Society used to be cannibals? Neutral 50 {not going to deny it} Yes, of course. But refraining from those "dietary practices" is a primary requirement of their contract. 422
Neutral 50 They've been good to their word. Put together one hell of a resort hotel, too. 423
Neutral 50 From what I hear, I'd want to eat at the Gourmand every night... if I were ambulatory. 424
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic286 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Goodbye? Is that some kind of joke? You barely understand what I want you to accomplish down there. 425
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic290 Goodbye means goodbye. Neutral 50 I've spent too many years waiting for this moment to see it fumbled by an insubordinate contractor. 426
Neutral 50 I can't reach through this monitor and compell you to follow instructions, but know this - if you disappoint me, you will pay for it. 427
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic291 What are you doing here? Neutral 50 It is obvious to you that I built this place? The Platinum Chip opened it, after all?{sigh - the burdens of intelligence} 428
Neutral 50 In any case, you're here. So let's get to it. 429
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic294 What will you do with your Securitrons? Neutral 50 My army will do what an army does best - defend territory from invaders... and maintain order. 430
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic295 What was that you said about security systems? Neutral 50 The same equipment failure that prevents me from remotely operating this facility seems to have activated its security robots and turrets. 431
Neutral 50 There's a security room near the base of the stairs... perhaps you can deactivate them yourself. 432
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic297 I'm going to do as Caesar asks and blow everything up down here. Neutral 50 Listen to me, very carefully. I've waited too long for this moment for you to go fouling it up on a lark. 433
Neutral 50 Do as I say, and your rewards will be immense. Thwart me, and your punishment will become the purpose of my existence. 434
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic300 Nope, I'm going to blow it all up anyways. Neutral 50 Then there will be no safe haven for you.{monitor goes dark} 435
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic301 Caesar will kill me unless he believes I blew something up down here. Neutral 50 I see - you're in a predicament. 436
Neutral 50 Just off the turbine room down below are three power regulators. It's a redundant system - only one is needed. 437
Neutral 50 Go ahead and destroy one. The explosion will be large enough to be heard and felt aboveground. 438
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic302 What if I destroy all three? Neutral 50 {lying} The bunker will be destroyed, and you'll die instantly. 439
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic304 Who are you to tell me what to do? Neutral 50 I'm the person who will pay you when you complete the delivery contract you signed. Now go get the Chip. 440
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic313 I'll go get the Platinum Chip. Neutral 50 {stating the obvious} Excellent idea. 441
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic314 Goodbye. Neutral 50 By "goodbye," I assume you mean to say that you can't talk right now because you need to go get the Platinum Chip off Benny's body. 442
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic315 I'd like to ask some questions first... Neutral 50 There will time for questions and answers once you've delivered the Chip. Until then, you'll have to tolerate your ignorance... just as I do. 443
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic316 Where do you think Benny's gone? Neutral 50 His destination is hardly a mystery. It's a near certainty that he's making his way for Caesar's camp, at Fortification Hill. 444
Neutral 50 It's one of just two places on Earth that have the hardware necessary to read the Platinum Chip - the Lucky 38 is the other, of course. 445
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic317 He set me up for an ambush! Neutral 50 And whose idea was it to offer yourself up as a sacrificial lamb? Really, what did you expect? 446
Neutral 50 Are you going to keep giving him opportunities to kill you? It's becoming a hobby of his. 447
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic318 Were you aware that he hijacked a Securitron and used it to infiltrate your network? Neutral 50 I suspected he'd found a way to access my encrypted databases, but well - this explains it. 448
Neutral 50 That would be how he learned of the Platinum Chip in the first place... not to mention where to intercept you, on your way in. 449
Neutral 50 Highly resourceful, Benny. He would've made a fine agent, had he stayed loyal. It's fortunate you came along to replace him - and ironic. 450
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic319 Not interested. Good luck getting the Chip back. Neutral 50 As I've told you before, you are contractually obligated to deliver the Chip. Do your job - you have everything to gain. 451
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic320 What do I do next? Neutral 50 I won't lie to you. It'll be dangerous. 452
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic321 What about Benny? Neutral 50 What about him? He has every reason to go to the Fort, so that's where you'll find him. 453
Neutral 50 All I ask is that you recover the Chip. What happens to Benny is up to you. 454
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic330 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Come back when you have something to report. 455
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic335 I worked out a deal where the Brotherhood will help the NCR defend the dam. Neutral 50 {nonplussed} And why would you have done that? 456
Neutral 50 Success depends on forcing the NCR to rout from Hoover Dam. Hmm, does giving then a powerful ally in the battle make that more or less likely? 457
Neutral 50 Your assignment is unchanged - destroy the Brotherhood of Steel. Please get it right this time. 458
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic336 I'm still working on it. Neutral 50 Hidden Valley is the place to keep working, then. 459
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic347 Tell me about the Boomers. Neutral 50 They occupied Nellis Air Force Base a little over 50 years ago. One of my Securitrons got some video of their arrival - and then... exploded. 460
Neutral 50 Odds are they were Vault dwellers. That's everything I know about them, really. 461
The Boomers sound dangerous. Neutral 50 Only if you come within a mile or so of them. 462
Neutral 50 Given their history of extreme isolationism, it's tempting to leave them be. But those howitzers of theirs... 463
Neutral 50 You can't let indeterminate variables rattle around in your equations like that. They have to be accounted for, one way or another. 464
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic348 You recruited the Omertas as one of the Three Families? Neutral 50 Yes, though at the time they called themselves the "Slither Kin." A vicious clan, not that that's changed, exactly. 465
Neutral 50 They were nomads, capable fighters, but their specialty was betrayal. They'd invite travelers into their yurts, drug them, murder or enslave them. 466
Neutral 50 They took pride in their craft. I don't think Omertas saw other people as people at all. Everyone else was just... prey. 467
Neutral 50 They reminded me of a certain criminal element Vegas used to attract. I told them some stories, gave them some clothes - and they ran with it. 468
What were the original names of the other tribes? Neutral 50 The Chairmen, as we know them now, went by the unfortunate appellation of the "Mojave Boot-Riders." They were nomads, too. 469
Neutral 50 As for the White Glove Society, I afraid I'm contractually obligated not to reveal their original name. 470
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic349 Tell me about the Brotherhood of Steel. Neutral 50 They're a terrorist group, basically. Militant, quasi-religious fanatics obsessed with hoarding Pre-War technology. 471
Neutral 50 Not all technology, mind you. You don't see them raiding hospitals to cart away Auto-Docs or armfuls of prosthetic organs. 472
Neutral 50 No, they greatly prefer the sort of technology that {emphasis} puts people in hospitals. Or graves, rather, since hospitals went the way of the Dodo. 473
Why do you hate the Brotherhood so much? Neutral 50 Because they're ridiculous! Because they galavant around the Mojave pretending to be Knights of Yore. 474
Neutral 50 Or did, until the NCR showed them that ideological purity and shiny power armor don't count for much when you're outnumbered 15:1. 475
Neutral 50 The world has no use for emotionally unstable techno-fetishists. Just wipe them out, will you? 476
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic351 Why do you care whether Kimball lives or dies? Neutral 50 I care because he is a known quantity - not the man so much as the political context he inhabits. 477
Neutral 50 Kimball rose to prominence as the "Hero of the Mojave" when he led a campaign of reprisals against tribals who dared to attack NCR citizens. 478
Neutral 50 Ordering the occupation of Hoover Dam was his first act of office. As water and electricity flowed to NCR cities, his popularity soared. 479
Neutral 50 Conversely, his failure to annex the Mojave these seven years, and the immense costs of occupying a foreign land, have eroded his popular support. 480
So why don't you want the NCR President to die? Neutral 50 {Oh, the burdens of intelligence} Kimball's entire political career is inextricably bound up with the NCR's occupation of the Mojave. It's his war. 481
Neutral 50 If I compell the NCR to retreat, Kimball will be the sacrifice offered to the gods, so decent NCR citizens can get on with their lives. 482
Neutral 50 In retrospect, the Mojave and Hoover Dam will seem like one man's misadventure. Kimball will be blamed, not me. Not New Vegas. 483
And if Kimball were to be assassinated? Neutral 50 Then the Hero of the Mojave would become the Martyr of Hoover Dam. And when, subsequently, I force the NCR to retreat... 484
Neutral 50 They lick their wounds, and dream of righteous vengeance against New Vegas. Hello, embargo, farewell, tourist economy. 485
Neutral 50 I've calculated and re-calculated these probabilities. Kimball must live. 486
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic352 What should I expect at the dam? Neutral 50 {amusing yourself} Imagine two snarling dogs fighting over a curve of bone, perhaps the rib of their master, long-dead. 487
Neutral 50 It'll be a pitched battle, that's a certainty. Perhaps the greatest battle the Earth has seen since the human race nearly made itself extinct. 488
Any speculation on Legion tactics? Neutral 50 With Caesar dead, it's hard to know what to expect. The Legate, Lanius, is renowned as a brutal man, not a subtle tactician. 489
Neutral 50 Frontal assaults, wave attacks - these are the sort of tactics one would expect from such a man. 490
Any speculation on Legion tactics? Neutral 50 The Legion will mount a ferocious and determined frontal assault from the east, that much is certain. 491
Neutral 50 Still, Caesar is a capable strategist. I'd be surprised if he hasn't found some way to infiltrate the dam, or the NCR's rear areas. 492
How will the NCR defend Hoover Dam? Neutral 50 General Oliver's {disparaging} strategy - or "tunnel vision," as I like to call it - has been to mass troops at Hoover Dam. 493
Neutral 50 He wants to out-fight the Legion in a straight-forward slugging match, and then, when they rout, pursue and destroy them in detail. 494
Neutral 50 A crushing, decisive victory of this sort would overshadow the tactical ingenuity of Chief Hanlon's defense four years ago, you see. 495
What's your battle plan for the Dam? Neutral 50 A good deal should be obvious to you by now. I won't spoil the rest by talking out of turn. 496
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic363 Nothing I can do. Trying to stop them would be a suicide mission. Neutral 50 Can't put the genie back in the bottle, is that it? Maybe you should've thought of that {emphasis} before you conspired to destroy my property. 497
Neutral 50 {lightening somewhat} That said, I'd know nothing of the Omertas' plot if you'd kept it secret. Perhaps I owe you my gratitude, after all... 498
Neutral 50 The information you've provided will suffice. When the battle for Hoover Dam comes, I'll make sure my Securitrons are waiting for the Omertas. 499
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic366 Wait for them to make their move. Forewarned is forearmed. Neutral 50 I suppose you're right... When the Legion assaults Hoover Dam, my Securitrons will be waiting for the Omertas. They won't accomplish much. 500
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic367 Send your Securitrons into Gomorrah and kill off the Omertas' leaders. Neutral 50 Exactly how many civilians did you want to die in that crossfire? 501
Neutral 50 Still, you raise a fair point. My Securitrons can handle this. When the Legion attacks Hoover Dam, I'll be waiting for the Omertas. 502
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic372 The Brotherhood is holed up in Hidden Valley. Neutral 50 {admiring the player's knowledge} You're absolutely right. You must've had run-ins with them. As have I... 503
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic376 Any recommendations on how to complete the mission? Neutral 50 From time to time, the NCR has assaulted Brotherhood bunkers. In four of the six incidents I know of, the bunkers self-destructed. 504
Neutral 50 I surmise it's standard practice for the Brotherhood to install a self-destruct system. It's consistent with their {disdain} uncompromising nature. 505
Neutral 50 You might use that against them. Or kill them another way, it's up to you. Return when it's done. 506
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic380 There nothing I can do to protect Kimball? Neutral 50 I can't use you. Had you shown moderation in your dealings with the NCR, we'd be in a different position. 507
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic382 I'll be leaving, then. Neutral 50 Oh no, not so quick. I still have work for you. 508
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic383 I'll do it. Neutral 50 Don't attack unless there are clear signs that Kimball's visit is imminent. Cause enough chaos to cancel the visit, no more. Then return to me. 509
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic385 No thanks. Neutral 50 Not so eager to take on a suicide mission, is that it? If you'd shown moderation in your dealings with the NCR, we wouldn't be in this position. 510
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic389 I had my reasons. Neutral 50 Whatever those reasons may be, you've jeopardized the success of this entire concern. 511
<Use Speech to deny responsibility.>
I was set up. The Legion used me as a patsy. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] They knew you were coming? They were better prepared than I anticipated, then. I won't underestimate them again. 512
Neutral 50 Before that happens, I'd ask you to complete one final task. It may seem trivial, but that's far from the case. 513
It... it wasn't Kimball, it was an imposter. It had to die! Neutral 50 [FAILED] Whatever your reasons, you've jeopardized the success of this entire concern! 514
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic392 What more could I have done? Neutral 50 You could've succeeded! 515
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic393 I'll take care of it. Neutral 50 With this accomplished, all preparations will have been made. The battle for Hoover Dam will be upon us before long. 516
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic394 What's this about a dormant reactor? Neutral 50 The strain of defending Las Vegas from annhilation exceeded my power systems' capacity. My primary reactor shut down. 517
Neutral 50 For years, I played a miser with my emergency power supply. I began to run out of reserves around the time I woke the first batch of Securitrons. 518
Neutral 50 Negotiating an allotment of power from Hoover Dam was crucial. That's what's powered the Strip for the past seven years. 519
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic395 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Come back when your work at the substation is done. 520
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic396 Why didn't you restart the reactor earlier? Neutral 50 I needed the operating software on the Platinum Chip to bring it back online. 521
Neutral 50 And to start the reactor itself requires a tremendous jolt of current. Very attention-getting. 522
Neutral 50 The NCR has its hands full now, of course. I doubt they'll raise much of a fuss. 523
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic397 You already have power. Why is this important? Neutral 50 This is not a good time to be dependent on energy from Hoover Dam. When the Legion attacks, the NCR may cut power altogether. 524
Neutral 50 And I'll be needing a good deal more power than the NCR has allotted to the Strip. 525
Neutral 50 Broadcasting encrypted VMQ-boosted command signals to hundreds of Securitrons eats up more power than you might expect. 526
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic401 Why do I need to be there? The NCR has an army. Neutral 50 Indeed they do - an army that'll be too distracted with killing Legionaries to notice the real reason you're there. 527
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic402 What's the goal? Neutral 50 Your objective is to reach a control room halfway across the dam and install an override module similar to the one you used at the Substation. 528
Neutral 50 The override will enable to control the entire dam's power output. 529
Neutral 50 You may remember how the bunker at the Fort was rather dimly lit? Well, just like the Lucky 38, it needs a big jolt of electricity to power up. 530
Neutral 50 You've already uploaded the new operating system to the Securitrons. All they need is power and they'll be in fighting trim. 531
What's the goal? Neutral 50 As I've said, your objective is to install an override module in the control room halfway across the dam. Are you ready perform this task? 532
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic403 Sounds like I get to kill lots of Legionaries. Neutral 50 Indeed you will. Just bear in mind that's not the reason you're there. 533
VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic404 Do I need to remind you that the NCR hates me? Neutral 50 No cause for alarm - you'll have an escort of Securitrons to help you fight your way onto the dam. 534
VDialogueMrHouseTopic008 Where do you want me to start? Neutral 50 Since 2278, I've lost five roaming Securitrons near Hidden Valley. 535
Neutral 50 I didn't receive any clear video of the incidents, but telemetry from the units destroyed indicates they were attacked with energy weapons. 536
Where do you want me to start? Neutral 50 It's obvious that the Brotherhood has a base in Hidden Valley or thereabouts. Finding it won't be easy, but getting inside will be the real trick. 537
VDialogueMrHouseTopic009 Any possibility of a diplomatic solution? Neutral 50 We're talking about a {COAT-ah-ree} coterie of bulging-eyed fanatics who think all Pre-War technology belongs to them. 538
Neutral 50 They'll never accept my using an army of robots to defend New Vegas. While it's a fight I can win, I'd rather sidestep it altogether. 539
VDialogueMrHouseTopic010 I don't want to kill off the entire Brotherhood. Neutral 50 Don't tell me that you've fallen for the stories of noble paladins on crusade, preserving mankind's technology in a benighted age? Dross! 540
Neutral 50 {not unkindly} In any case... this is an employer - employee relationship. I've given you an assignment, and the directions are clear. 541
VDialogueMrHouseTopic011 What do you want me to do? Neutral 50 Simple - an NCR Ranger named Grant is in charge of security arrangements for the visit. Present yourself to him, let him know you want to help. 542
Neutral 50 Given your reputation, it's a near-certainty that he'll accept your offer. 543
Neutral 50 Don't dally. The precise time of Kimball's visit is a closely-guarded secret, but it will happen soon. 544
VDialogueMrHouseTopic013 Let me think about it. Neutral 50 There's nothing to think about. You have a job to do, so do it. 545
VDialogueMrHouseTopic014 I've already destroyed their bunker. Neutral 50 {nonplussed} You have? 546


VDialogueMrHouseSecuritronUpgrade VDialogueMrHouseSecuritronUpgrade Neutral 50 Step closer to the demonstration area, if you would... 547
VDialogueMrHouseSecuritronUpgrade Neutral 50 I expect you're well familiar with my Securitrons by now. 548
VDialogueMrHouseSecuritronUpgrade Neutral 50 The titanium alloy housing that protects its electronic core deflects small arms and shrapnel easily enough... 549
VDialogueMrHouseSecuritronUpgrade Neutral 50 Its X-25 gatling laser, produced to spec by Glastinghouse, Inc., is deadly against soft targets at medium range... 550
VDialogueMrHouseSecuritronUpgrade Neutral 50 And for close-range suppression or crowd control, the Securitron is armed with a 9mm submachinegun. 551
VDialogueMrHouseSecuritronUpgrade Neutral 50 All of this, you probably already knew... 552
VDialogueMrHouseSecuritronUpgrade Neutral 50 What you did not know is that these are the Securitrons' {emphasis} secondary weapons. 553
VDialogueMrHouseSecuritronUpgrade Neutral 50 All this time, my Securitrons have had to get by running the Mark I operating system, which lacked software drivers for their primary weapons! 554
VDialogueMrHouseSecuritronUpgrade Neutral 50 Today, with the delivery of the Platinum Chip, all that changes. Behold, for the first time, Securitrons running the Mark II OS! 555
VDialogueMrHouseSecuritronUpgrade Neutral 50 The M-235 Missile Launcher gives the Securitron the ability to engage ground and air targets at significantly longer ranges... 556
VDialogueMrHouseSecuritronUpgrade Neutral 50 And a rapid-fire G-28 grenade launching system ensures the Securitron is deadly in close-range engagements. 557
VDialogueMrHouseSecuritronUpgrade Neutral 50 The software upgrade also includes drivers for the Securitrons' highly sophisticated onboard auto-repair systems. 558
VDialogueMrHouseSecuritronUpgrade Neutral 50 All together, the Mark II {emphasis} software upgrade confers a 235% increase in combat effectiveness per unit. 559
VDialogueMrHouseSecuritronUpgrade Neutral 50 The city of New Vegas finally has soldiers worthy of protecting it! 560
VDialogueMrHouseSecuritronUpgrade Neutral 50 Return to the penthouse now. We have much to discuss... 561
VHSecuritronHouse VHSecuritronHouse Happy 10 Ah, General Oliver. I expected you would survive. 562
VHSecuritronHouse Happy 10 I see you've met my star employee. {Beat, pleased} A real performer, obviously - and a lot more {emphasis} reliable than the other candidate I considered for the position. 563
VHSecuritronHouse Happy 10 I'd pay very close attention to what she has to say, as well as any official papers she hands over for your perusal. 564
VHSecuritronHouse Happy 10 I'd pay very close attention to what he has to say, as well as any official papers he hands over for your perusal. 565
VHSecuritronHouse Neutral 50 {eager to enjoy triumph} Let's get on with it, shall we? Hmm? 566
vDialogueMrHouseCasinoPissed vDialogueMrHouseCasinoPissed Neutral 50 You dared come here, after what you did? {[Casino floor]} 567
vDialogueMrHouseCasinoPissed Neutral 50 What do you think you're going to do? Fight you way up to the penthouse and assassinate me? {[Casino floor]} 568
vDialogueMrHouseCasinoPissed Neutral 50 You came here to finish what you think you started? {[Casino floor]} 569
vDialogueMrHouseCasinoPissed Neutral 50 This is nothing compared to what's waiting for you up in the penthouse. {[Casino floor]} 570
vDialogueMrHouseCasinoPissed Neutral 50 Vegas will still rise again. Your betrayal won't defeat me! {[Casino floor]} 571
vDialogueMrHouseCasinoPissed Neutral 50 The Lucky 38 will be your grave. I'll finish what Benny couldn't get right! {[Casino floor]} 572
vDialogueMrHouseControlPissed vDialogueMrHouseControlPissed Neutral 50 Hold on, now, hold on. Just a moment... 573
vDialogueMrHouseControlPissed Neutral 50 Turn around and leave, and I'll... I won't attack you any further. 574
vDialogueMrHouseControlPissed Neutral 50 Just... stay away from the console. It doesn't do anything... 575
vDialogueMrHouseControlPissed Neutral 50 You've come back to kill me this time, I assume? 576
vDialogueMrHouseControlPissed Neutral 50 Ironic, how this turned out. The thousands of hours I spent calculating odds, running projections, planning for every contingency... 577
vDialogueMrHouseControlPissed Neutral 50 ...only to be done in by a mail carrier with a grandiosity complex. 578
vDialogueMrHouseControlPissed Neutral 50 Get it over with, will you? 579
vDialogueMrHouseElevatorAlert vDialogueMrHouseElevatorAlert Neutral 50 Aggressive acts on the casino premises will be met with lethal force. Vacate the premises immediately. 580
vDialogueMrHouseElevatorAlert Neutral 50 Vacate the premises immediately. The casino is off-limits for 24 hours. 581
vDialogueMrHouseElevatorAlert Neutral 50 Vacate the premises immediately. All Securitrons are at a state of high alert. 582
vDialogueMrHouseFirstTalk vDialogueMrHouseFirstTalk Neutral 50 Hello. 583
vDialogueMrHouseFirstTalk Neutral 50 Come over and introduce yourself. 584
vDialogueMrHouseFirstTalk Neutral 50 Come now, don't keep me waiting. 585
vDialogueMrHouseFirstTalk Neutral 50 I invited you here so we could talk, not so you can nose around. 586
vDialogueMrHouseLastWillTestament vDialogueMrHouseLastWillTestament Neutral 50 If this statement is being broadcast, I am deceased. Please approach a Securitron and take one of the printed obituaries. 587
vDialogueMrHouseLastWillTestament Neutral 50 I, Robert Edwin House, am deceased. Please approach a Securitron and take one of the printed obituaries. 588
vDialogueMrHousePenthousePissed vDialogueMrHousePenthousePissed Neutral 50 Think you're doing well to have made it this far? {[Casino floor]} 589
vDialogueMrHousePenthousePissed Neutral 50 Your chances of breaking through my defenses, they're... minimal, at best! 590
vDialogueMrHousePenthousePissed Neutral 50 Why are you doing this? 591
vDialogueMrHousePenthousePissed Neutral 50 I would've made you wealthy! You could've helped change the world! 592
vDialogueMrHousePenthousePissed Neutral 50 You're actually going to do this all over again? 593
vDialogueMrHousePenthousePissed Neutral 50 Damn it, will you die already? 594